Our last unique Watch Strap Review; Legendary Vintage Bracelets article was generally welcomed by you guys.

Thanks for that. We figured it would be cool in the event that we proceeded with the arrangement with one more famous embellishment. This time we investigated a brand a large portion of us at Fratello feels weak at the knees over. No, it’s not Rolex neither Seiko. It’s the “other” brand. I’m discussing Omega obviously. With regards to George Clooney’s #1 image, we can look over a lot of various bracelets. One of the unequaled works of art were the 1171s that Omega utilized on both Speedmaster and Seamaster models. I’m certain we’ll discuss that reference number soon. Nonetheless, something more unordinary, as it were, is a previous reference that Speedy fans partner with vintage 321 Speedmasters.

Speedmaster 1039 Bracelet

A too uncommon and mid 2915-2 with the first ref. 7077 bracelet (not the short fasten, giveaway of the mid 7077 bracelets)

The lashes and bracelets individuals utilized on the Speedmaster back in the day were adaptable to such an extent that you could essentially compose a book about them (and on the off chance that you do, recall that I gave you the thought). From corfam lashes to JB Champion bracelets to different Omega references and even Tropic ties, the rundown is unending. However, most 321s I see at social affairs have a bracelet on that is entirely different than the 1171 and that is the 1039. It’s seemingly the coolest glancing vintage reference in the Omega line up from that time. It’s likewise a hair puller, as most vintage bracelets, however more about this later. However, the 1039 was by a wide margin not the principal bracelet on early Speedmasters. It’s likely the one that was made in the most generous amount, so regardless of it being unstable, numerous models endure that near a long time since they were made.

One of the two renditions of the 7077 fasten on a mid 2915-3

The other references

This article isn’t about vintage Speedmaster bracelets, yet the 1039 is dominatingly known to be one. Subsequently the rundown that I’ll be giving you depends on Speedy bracelets. What associates them other than the model, however, is their plan. This is the point I’m coming from. They all had slight, level connections in 3 columns (2 restricted as an afterthought, one wide in the center) and growing connections – to a specific number. That framework is fairly like the Doxa Expandro bracelet we discussed before. The first of such bracelets (just as the main Speedmaster bracelet) is the 7077. As indicated by explores, Omega delivered it until 1961. At that point came the 7912/6 and 7912/12 (1961-1966). As opposed to mainstream thinking this was not a select Speedmaster bracelet. To such an extent, that I once made some little memories just Seamaster that came at first on such a bracelet with No. 5 end links.

7912 bracelet

7912’s are elusive these days also, and when you do, they typically command an excessive cost. It had twice as numerous semi-extending joins (10) as the past reference (5). Same plan as the 7077 however the catch was longer. 1506/16 (1964-1966) was the following reference (though there was a too uncommon reference 1501-1035, yet that is pretty much as uncommon as hen’s teeth) which was the replacement of the 7912.  Very like the 7912 and furthermore has the semi-growing connections. We’re nearly there, yet there is one more reference here, the 1035/506. One thing I likewise need to make reference to is that the numbers after the/allude to the end joins. So the bracelet reference, for this situation, is 1035, the 506 reference is for the end joins. This was underway somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1972, again looks a great deal like the 1506 with longer catch cover.

7912 bracelet with a date stamp (2 – 64) note the level plates you need to eliminate when you need to measure your bracelet


Finally, we show up at the 1039/516. Notwithstanding its moderately short creation season of 5 years somewhere in the range of 1966 and 1971/1972 (compared to reference 1171’s time of 12 years), this is the reference you can discover regularly. From eBay to vendor sites and different For Sale advertisements in watch discussions the 1039 is all over. Compared to the 1035 the bracelet is indistinguishable. While the 1035 initially had 19mm end joins (506) the 1039’s end joins are 20mm (516). The initial 1039 turned out in the final quarter of 1966 and most likely made until the finish of 1971/mid 1972. Obviously, the 1039 had semi-extending joins that have springs inside them. They are, much the same as the connections on the recently referenced reference, break without any problem. So often you see immense holes between the connections, this is on the grounds that the little metal pieces that go about as spring inside the connection break.

Omega Speedmaster vintage Ultraman on a 1039 bracelet


Most present day Omega bracelets have a push pin or a screw which you need to eliminate to have the option to estimate the thing by taking out or adding at least one strong connections. The 1039, then again, has no strong bracelet joins. They are slight, consequently light and shaky, metal plates that are collapsed together. On the off chance that you need to change the size by taking out or adding a connection you need to flip the bracelet over. You see two sorts of connections; on a few (typically towards the finish of the bracelet) you can see the metal plate being collapsed together over an edge that keeps the type of the connection. On others, there is a level center plate. You need to slide this plate out, and you can unfasten the connection. Often once the plate is off, you can see the extending springs too.

Given that they are not broken. Often when the springs are gone, they are taken out from the connections. This is the reason once in a while you see the bracelets with enormous holes between the center connections. You need to eliminate another plate so you could unfasten that connect from the bracelet. When you had the correct size, you should simply to snare the bracelet parts together and slide the plate back. The connection that you took out ought to be a full connection with the back plate and all.


You may be considering how we can decide the bracelet’s date so definitely? Indeed, Omega (‘s bracelet maker) utilized no numb-skulls back in the days. They made a point to stamp each catch with the date of creation. This isn’t an Omega thing, Rolex among numerous different brands have a comparative framework. With regards to Omega and as such the 1039s too, the catch ought to have two numbers; 1-2-3 or 4 showing the quarter of the assembling year and a 2-digit number for the specific year. In my bracelet’s case, for example, the numbers are 4 and 71. This implies that the bracelet was made in the 4th and last quarter of 1971, which was additionally the most recent year 1039 bracelets were made. Obviously, one can trade the fasten on a bracelet, and it’s difficult to decide the age exclusively by the links.

The last delivered 1039 bracelets are from 4/71

New bracelet

After the 1039 the bracelet configuration changed essentially. The connections turned out to be more round and strong. The 1039 was the last level connection Omega bracelet… until 2017. For the 60th commemoration of the Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Railmaster the brand reissued their absolute initial 1957 models with coordinating level connection bracelets. They looked extraordinary on photographs, and I delighted in wearing the Railmaster I checked on some time back as well. Be that as it may, the sensation of the 1039 was not there. As you’d envision, the new bracelets are weighty and strong. In this way, in my book, but they were very much made bracelets, it was somewhat of a hit-n-miss. Until this year. Not certain if Omega heard individuals discussing the 2017 bracelets or they understood themselves that it was not the best approach. Notwithstanding, the bracelets they put on the new is a clear hit.

The bracelet on the 2017 Trilogy Speedmaster. Close enough however not a hands-down winner

Or volltreffer as our German perusers would say. It’s light enough not to add critical load to the watch yet feels tough. It’s not unstable but rather truly adaptable. It looks and wears extraordinary, and I can yet urge you to go to your nearby Omega AD and give the watch a shot. You probably won’t care for the model (that is something emotional, I surmise) yet it merits checking out the bracelet as I would see it. For those of you who need a vintage, peruse the standard places and do the schoolwork prior to getting one. Ensure you are not over-paying for it. 1039 bracelets in great go for €800-1200 relying upon the quantities of connections, the presence of end joins (for this sum they ought to) and if the semi-extending highlight is working or not. Each vintage Omega fellow (Speedmaster or Seamaster proprietor) ought to have a 1039 in its lash box.

That’s what I’m discussing. The new Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th Anniversary bracelet is a banger.