This year at BaselWorld it was difficult to find true novelties. A ton of brands just extended their assortment by introducing “new” models with various tones and materials, a great deal of retro plans also. A number of brands shocked me. klokers was one of them.

A Niche Brand

This is one of the brands you either scorn or love. As I would see it they are very fascinating with their out-of-the-crate vision and plan. Not a bad-to-the-bone watch brand, but rather more somewhere close to watches and plan explanations. Their method of introducing time is unique and they are as yet spearheading less customary grounds. Once more, intensely focussed on plan and stays moderate. Considering this present it’s very legitimate that the watches don’t house make developments. It is ideal to see a hand wound or programmed ‘KLOK’ later on, yet for the time being they are outfitted with quartz movements.

Design and Transform

Klokers is certainly a brand in the event that you like to change the vibe of your watch every once in a while. All the watch heads have an uncommon slide-on framework. Otherwise called the klokers key. This way you can join it to anything which has the assigned clasp. Conceivable outcomes are unending: change the watch into an advanced pocket watch, cut it on your bicycle or join it to a remain to make a work area clock. More frill with the clasp will be delivered later on in 2017.


The first model depended on the old standard of the slide rule. Time was shown through 3 circles. The external plate shows hours, the center minutes and the littlest seconds. We audited it some time prior. Click here to peruse the survey .


Although the arrangement was a gnawed off, we loved the primary model. This year klokers introduced the second model to us. An update from various perspectives. Once more, certainly a shock during BaselWorld 2017. How about we take a gander at the center features.

Time Zones

The second model presentations 24 time regions. By pushing on the 4 o’clock pusher you can show all the zones in the hour window. This fundamentally implies you augment or take away 1 hour in the focal adjusted window. Comparing urban areas are shown close to the hours.


The seconds and minutes depend on the retrograde strategy: just 180 degrees to show time. Following 60 seconds/minutes are slipped by the hands bounce back to the start.

klokers’ Patented Fix System

The KLOK-02 is accessible with 7 diverse shaded ties: dark matte, glossy silk dark, indigo blue, earthy colored, yellow Newport, alcantara orange, and alcantara dim. Trading is simple with the protected fix framework or klokers key. It underlines one of klokers foundations: interchangability. In view of this I do think the definition ‘watch’ doesn’t cover all the prospects and types of this time showing object. You can open the fix framework with the pushbutton at 8 o’clock.

Hidden Date

The watch holds somewhat secret… By holding the 4 o’clock pusher somewhat more (around 5 seconds) you can show the date on the focal window. It is an unending schedule. Despite the fact that it’s a decent additional I keep thinking about whether it is the most viable solution.


The watch is driven by a Swiss made quartz development. One of the greater Swiss makers conveys the development to klokers: Soprod. Intriguing thing is that the development has 5 miniature engines to control all the highlights of the watch. No twisting on this one, simply supplant the 3V battery now and then.

Design breakdown

The particular plan has a ton of decent subtleties and opportunities for future models. Probably the most grounded point as I would like to think. It helps me to remember an old vehicle dashboard and the impersonation calfskin covered lower part adds significantly more to this imagination.

Another nice perspective is the profundity in the upper portion of the watch. By putting layers on top of one another the watch becomes seriously intriguing. In addition, it is a decent answer for abbreviate the moment and seconds hand. A tasteful cleaned metal strip isolates the upper and lower segment in an suitable way. It commits to the vintage dashboard look.

Since the watch has no drags the breadth of 43mm is no issue for most wrists. It sits somewhat high on the wrist, however it’s a light-weight; not shaky by any means. The inconspicuous crown and pushers don’t occupy the watcher from the adjusted edgeless case. The blue hands are truly clear. They endure somewhat on misalignment.

Pricing and availability

The KLOK-02 right now has a holding up rundown and conveyances will begin from late April. It will retail for 865 Euro. Lashes are 119 Euro (KLINK-01). It is likewise accessible with a more drawn out/twofold tie. Costs are somewhat higher on this variant: 895 Euro for the watch and 149 Euro for the more drawn out/twofold tie (KLINK-02). You can purchase the watch straightforwardly by means of  or through one of the retailers.


I’m astounded constantly model. It is a genuine plan proclamation and a special piece. In spite of the fact that it has a quartz development, the retrograde arrangement and time regions are a decent element and will shape a pleasant variety in many assortments. There are likewise focuses which do concern me a piece. The cost has multiplied compared to the KLOK-01 and the misalignment is as yet present. In any case, this focuses are eclipsed by the plan and can be settled by future turn of events. Thus, a friendly exchange with space for improvement/evolution.

Good to know: new arm bands and adornments for KLOK-02 and KLOK-01 will be accessible from September 2017. Significantly more interchangability!

We might want to thank klokers for making them during Baselworld 2017.