Social media isn’t consistently fun. Jasper Lijfering of Amsterdam Vintage Watches learned that the most difficult way possible. While being ceaselessly (and posted about this via online media), his home was looted. As you would know, Jasper Lijfering utilizes web-based media unnecessarily to show his passion for watches and advance his shop in vintage watches. His live-sessions on Instagram and his recordings on YouTube are definitely entertaining and educative.

However, by showing the world that he’s not around, it additionally brought the danger of getting the attention of the slime buckets of this world with less honest goals. During his absence – and other than other significant things – they took his Rolex Datejust reference 6305. Keep your eyes open for this watch please, all things considered of emotional incentive for him.

So, on the off chance that you are into watches and like to hang-out on the different web-based media channels also, if it’s not too much trouble, consider or understand the following:

Public or Private?

Is your profile open for everyone? Or then again do you only permit individuals you know (and trust) to see the content you distribute? Ensure you know about this, and settle on a rational decision. With Facebook for instance, you can likewise choose to whom you want to show the post you distribute on your timeline. On Instagram for instance, you can likewise choose to utilize a nick name that doesn’t lead to your genuine name.

Participating in Facebook Groups

Do you know who else is in the gathering? Is it a public or a mysterious gathering? Can individuals see your profile and timeline and so forth? (see above) Make sure you know about what you distribute and in which gatherings and what different individuals are in this group.


Sure, it is cool to label a geo location in a post, on Instagram or on Facebook. In any case, additionally understand that either individuals can find out where you reside or notice that you are far away from home (which enables individuals with terrible intentions to check it out). Be extremely cautious with this option. The equivalent goes for pictures of where you currently dwell. It is chill to show occasion pictures, however it may likewise uncover that you are not at home (nor is the remainder of your family etc.).


I really two or three persons from my Facebook and Instagram profile to ensure they can’t see any pictures of my family (indeed, I do distribute private photographs a few times) as I certainly don’t trust explicit individuals with these photos. Tragic, however obvious. Even if my suspicion is ungrounded, or false, it is my decision and option to do so anyway. You likewise don’t show your actual photograph collection to only anyone out there, right?

Also, on a more materialistic note. Think of what you want to distribute on your watches and what not. Do you want individuals to know precisely what is the issue here? Or then again that you keep everything at home (Please, never do this. Get a store box at the bank or concentrated company who can encourage this). Know about what you distribute and additionally think of this in combination with different angles I tended to. Publishing a picture of your entire watch collection on a public profile with the location set to your place of residence. Most pessimistic scenario scenario.

For a few group however, similar to watch sellers, online media is of extraordinary importance to do their business. In the event that you do want or need to utilize online media in combination with your passion/interest or business in watches, ensure you know about security issues and the sort of content you distribute and what kind of attention this may attract.

Awareness is key.

In the meanwhile, in the event that someone offers you this Rolex Datejust 6305, try to contact Jasper Lijfering of .

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