This year it’s 350 years prior that well known Dutch painter Rembrandt died. He is known as perhaps the best craftsman in history and Holland’s most eminent expert. During the year of Rembrandt the craftsmans at Jaeger-LeCoultre re-made the ‘The Night Watch’. Moving the fundamental characters of this notorious work of art on the dial. Along with shop accomplice GASSAN they present the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in accolade for Rembrandt.

Rembrandt van Rijn

Born in 1606, Rembrandt grew up becoming an inventive expert and is considered as probably the best craftsman. During his profession he caused numerous scriptural and fanciful situations. A considerable lot of them in dull, high difference and huge sizes. That’s likewise the style he utilized for his most renowned composition. Commissioned for a musketeers shooting range he made a gathering representation of common state army watches. This work of art was made at an incredible 393 x 515 centimeters and it was in plain view in the ‘Kloveniersdoelen’. In the 1700’s it was moved to the municipal center of Amsterdam. To make the gigantic artistic creation fit it was marginally changed in size. Because of a dull stain this work of art was named ‘ ‘ (the night watch) and these days it is in plain view at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rembrandt died in 1669 at the time of 63.

This year points the passing of the Dutch expert 350 years prior and he is being commended for in . During this year there wil be presentations and extraordinary occasions to commemorate Rembrandt van Rijn. However, we’re an online magazine and not on craftsmanship so let’s arrive at the point. To praise this uncommon year GASSAN Diamonds needed to make something extraordinary, combining workmanship, craftsmanship and legacy. So in close participation with , the and the focal point of the ‘Nachtwacht’ has been repeated on the dial of the Reverso.


Art in enamel

One of the difficulties for this watch is to move the enormous artistic creation onto the restricted space of the dial. During a visit to the Jaeger-LeCoultre make  we did a few years prior we had the opportunity to perceive how the miniature canvases are made. While having a more critical look you can perceive how staggeringly itemized the lacquer painting really is. Furthermore, when comparing it to the first work of art you will perceive what an extraordinary occupation the craftsmans at Jaeger-LeCoultre have done.


Having covered   Reverso commonly previously, including other craftsman editions there isn’t much need to jump excessively profound into the specialized specs of the watch. The Reverso Rembrandt will be restricted to 5 shop pieces with a retail cost of 100.000 Euro including tax.