We comprehend that an audit of a visit isn’t half comparable to visiting the manufacture yourself. Much the same as a survey of a watch is never just about as great as claiming the watch and exploring it yourself. However, both may assist you with getting a few bits of knowledge which may trigger you to proceed to get your own experience.

So here it is, our photograph report of a visit to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture in Le Sentier. However great as it might have been on the off chance that you could at any point get the likelihood to visit it yourself, don’t spare a moment, go. We began with one more postponed KLM departure from Amsterdam to Geneva however showed up in the nick of time not to miss supper at night. Up in the mountains at , stunning as ever with Cheese Fondue, Rösti, and colossal cowbells. The remainder of the night, finishing off with our lodging in Le Sentier, isn’t especially worth covering, so how about we go straight on with our visit to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture

Starting the manufacturing plant tour

After a satisfactory breakfast, it was just a short drive to the manufacturing plant. Offering appreciation to the organizers of the company and manufacture was simple, entering the structure something else. Fortunately our strong Dutch entertainer, Alexandra, got us all in, and we were all set. Welcomed in the ‘Maison d’Antoine’ relax, it turned out to be promptly evident the number of individuals are utilized here (as a result of the multitude of left vehicles), and that a considerable lot of them have an extraordinary view from their seat. In any case, the climate and view made us rapidly comfortable to plunge into the specialized wonders of The Manufacture.

Our venture began with a visit to the blanking and cutting division. Sort of an unpleasant work, slamming high-accuracy watch parts from a sheet of material. It appears to be there’s not much refinement here, but rather don’t get you tricked. The stepped parts are created exactly to a small portion of a millimeter. Intriguing to learn is that JLC produces the important apparatuses themselves and keeps them in huge, currently computerized stocks. Empowering them to replicate any of these parts from an earlier time, may the need be there.

Fully mechanized creation and hand finishing

Next up was the CNC part of the excursion. Base plates, spans, were made here completely computerized and in huge amounts. All things considered, obviously, to amazingly limit tolerances.

About circular equilibrium springs and more

Then our manufacturing plant visit carried us to the changes of JLC’s modern equilibrium springs. Barrel shaped, round, and semi-circular, as utilized in JLC’s most complicated watches like the models with a Gyro-tourbillon. The equilibrium springs were trailed by various types of processing and completing tasks. Turning of the littlest parts, putting of bearing gems, bed stones, etc.

Atelier des Métiers Rares


In the focal point of the Atelier des Métiers Rares, we had a talk on JLC’s High Complication watches and got the likelihood to give a large number of them a shot our wrists also. A possibility that should not be taken lightly, at whatever point does one see this a significant number of these uncommon pieces in one go?


Last part of this visit, the Heritage Gallery


The last piece of our manufacture visit was Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Heritage Gallery. This display is a combination of JLC’s documents, a historical center including all types JLC has created previously, and a choice of acclaimed Atmos clock. Lastly, the maintenance and reclamation workshop for vintage watches is found in the Heritage Gallery as well.

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