Recently we discovered our approach to Munich, the Bavarian capital, promptly in the first part of the day. Upon appearance, we joined a few different columnists for a run of the mill nearby dish called “Weißwurst”. Time to begin the genuine Hanhart Primus program.

About Hanhart

We were welcome to join Hanhart for the introduction of their most recent oddity. This little brand that has its foundations in Switzerland and traces all the way back to 1882. Beginning as a watch shop, following 20 years in the presence they moved the business to Schwenningen in southern Germany. Still near the Swiss line they started a watch manufactory. Achievement didn’t come until the most youthful child, Wilhelm Hanhart, joined the company in 1920. Being into sports, he needed to make a moderate and dependable stopwatch. In 1938 they migrated to Gütenbach where they are as yet found today.

In the last part of the 1930s, they likewise began making wristwatches, and in 1938 they introduced a solitary pusher chronograph. This would be the start of another period for Hanhart. From here they planned as awry pusher chronograph which is run of the mill for the brand. The two arrangements are still important for the Pioneer assortment of Hanhart.

During the introduction, we find out about the astounding red catch on their chronographs. Numerous chronographs in the past had a flyback work. So it would reset immediately and essentially, the red catch was to make you reconsider prior to utilizing it. Hanhart accepts there’s a story to it however, about a pilot who ventured out from home to go on a mission. At the point when he was going to venture into his plane, he saw that his significant other had painted one pusher with nail-clean. See below.

Hanhart Primus Nautic Pilot bronze

Looking at the History of Hanhart, they have for the most part been dynamic in aeronautics and dashing. Two fields they are as yet dynamic in today with brand represetatives in the Red Bull Air Race World and Dakar Rally, to give some examples. After the prologue to the brand, it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to the oddity introduction of today. For the Primus assortment, which is the cutting edge understanding of their set of experiences, there is another restricted version. We should examine the Hanhart Primus Nautic Pilot bronze.

As the name parts with, this watch isn’t expressly focused on ocean or avionics, yet both. Maybe it would have been more clear to leave out those points of interest in the model name. At the point when you look into the Primus assortment, they as of now clarify that these watches are ‘energetic and contemporary’. That is exactly what is the issue here. The greater part of the models share similar looks and attributes. Just the jumper stands apart for its turning bezel. The distinctions can be found in the dial plans, lashes and case finish as you can expect inside a model line.

Tough Bronze PVD

Where you would think this Hanhart Primus restricted release is a bronze watch, it’s an ideal opportunity to take a gander at the full specs. The tempered steel case comes with a bronze covering that has two explicit attributes. What the vast majority love about bronze is that it changes tone after some time. Although this cycle can be quickened (and switched) not every person appreciates it. Here’s the primary uplifting news for you as the bronze PVD covering won’t be influenced by the components. So years from now it will in any case have a similar new bronze look.

Another essential thing is the hardness of “1300 Vickers”. Without plunging excessively profound into the specialized matter, it implies that this covering is in any event 5x harder than customary steel cases. Obviously, this is estimated in a research center, so it’s difficult to figure out what the impact will be in every day life. However, we can just supposition that it’s not as inclined to scratches compared to an uncoated watch.


The dark blue shade of the dial connects to the sky and in the water and makes a magnificent combination with the warm bronze DLC covering. The coordinating blue material tie with collapsing catch looks respectable and solid. To cause this watch to conform to various wrist estimates, the case comes with adaptable hauls which adjust to your wrist. Something you can discover on both new and vintage watches. With rather huge hands the time is not difficult to peruse and gratitude to the cut-out focus it doesn’t totally impede the dial under all things considered. Again this watch comes with the red pusher at 4 o’clock and non-pivoting bezel with the red dab at the top. Both connection back to the historical backdrop of the brand.

Through the straightforward case back, the programmed Sellita SW510 development is obvious. It comes with a force hold of at any rate 48 hours. The rotor is open-worked and shows the brand name, which makes a wonderful detail. Another vital thing is that we were shown the model, which has ‘Swiss made’ like current Hanhart Primus models. The last watches will be German made in accordance with the foundations of the brand. Sooner or later, all Hanhart Primus models will be made in Germany.

Final thoughts

As I referenced before, blue and bronze make a magnificent combination. Because of the tightening plan of the case you get the impression that it’s a fairly thick watch while it’s just 15mm in stature. Contacts from the historical backdrop of the brand looking like a red pusher make an excellent and practical detail, albeit most will realize which catch does what on their chronograph. Maybe a concealment with the nail clean of our significant other will make it more close to home? I do like the possibility of that story, regardless of whether it’s actual or not.

Where I like collapsing fastens for the convenience I saw that you must be cautious. The openings in the material lash are pleasantly gotten done with a bolt. In any case, this prevents the tie from snapping onto the pins of the collapsing fasten, and it comes free rather rapidly. Not a major issue but rather something to know of.

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