We get a standard stockpile of messages from new watch brands presenting themselves as the following best thing in the watch business. Best an incentive for cash, etc. Typically, it’s better than anything we at any point saw previously. And all that at a deal cost which additionally leaves a lot of room for a commission. Other than those week after week presentations we once in a while likewise get one that triggers our advantage. We connected as of late and attempted the DB Milau Diadem, one of their leader watches.

Dutch Brand Milau

Let’s have a short prologue to the brand first. Albeit The Netherlands is a significant little country we sure have a great deal of watch fans and it’s additionally where our central command is based. For DB Milau it likewise began in the marshes with one Dutch watch fan dreaming about an own watch that is not quite the same as the ‘obvious choices’. From having a fantasy it transformed into reality when he collaborated with two individual business people and Dutch Brand Milau was made. Their motto ‘Why do individuals say anything is possible when you can go after the stars?’ clarifies why their watches all are named after stars in the galaxy.

As referenced DB Milau has a think for deduction unique. Something which shows in their . For a particularly youthful brand they as of now have 3 diplomats connected to their image. First on the rundown is Dutch style fashioner Addy van sanctum Krommenacker who is globally famous. Followed by professional UFC flyweight warrior Jose Shorty Torres from Chicago, Illinois. The third minister is Dutch DJ Sean Hendrix.

DB Milau Diadem

Time to have a more intensive glance at the Diadem Silver release. From the outset sight, you essentially can’t miss the enormous crown and the dial which are attractive highlights on the wrist. While wearing the watch on the wrist the crown wasn’t uncomfortable which you might actually expect because of its size and the case which is still rather thin. Size for the case is 44 mm which is produced using treated steel that is cleaned to a mirror-like completion. Additionally mirroring light is the dial which has different completions both fit as a fiddle and shading. Despite the fact that it has the vibe of a guilloché dial it is delivered in an alternate manner. With a date at 6 o’clock, it’s an even design.

You will discover something completely unique when taking a gander at the rear of the DB Milau Diadem. As though the development is protected by skeletonized teeth or cinches holding the development safely set up. Obviously, it’s just enhancement however without a doubt an innovative method to add something to the open case back. We needed to consider the MB&F Aquapod which has a rotor looking like tentacles. Underneath everything sits an ETA 2824 which is done with perlage and Geneva stripes and comes with the DB Milau logo on the rotor.

We gave this watch a shot a dark calf-cowhide lash with a crocodile finish and cleaned butterfly catch. Upon decision, it’s additionally accessible with a comparable lash in earthy colored at a similar cost. Or then again furthermore, you could go for a hardened steel or lattice arm band which will slow down you an extra 150 euro. Pricing for the DB Milau Diadem starts at 2.500 euro for the model we had on loan. Also available in various arrangements including (rose) gold and dark DLC covered versions.

Dare to be different

You’ll locate this in their media excursions and it shows in their watches. Set out to appear as something else. This goes right from a few plan highlights to their ministers and even into the bundle. Without a doubt it was the first run through ever that I’ve seen an upkeep page in a watch manual. Much the same as your vehicle support record which makes extraordinary provenance in the long run.

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