For the third time, NOMOS collaborated with their Amsterdam retailer Ace Jewelers. The outcome is a limited edition of only 25 pieces, the NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit Amsterdam watch.

I clearly recollect seeing the NOMOS Weltzeit – or World time – interestingly, nine years prior, during the SalonQP event in London. Something very not quite the same as their Tangente, Orion, and Tangomat models, for example. By shape, yet in addition because of the complication of this watch. With simply a press on the catch, you can peruse the time in 23 other timezones — a simple to work travel companion.

Ace x NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit Amsterdam

Instead of the shimmering white or 12 PM blue dial, Ace Jewelers and NOMOS chose to go with a matte dark dial. Where you’d ordinarily discover ‘Berlin’ on the GMT+1 time region (as clearly, NOMOS likes to utilize Berlin as their ‘Heimat’ time region), there’s now Amsterdam. Also, to underline the old neighborhood of Ace Jewelers, you will discover the Amsterdam banner on the dial. That as well as the crown has been endorsed with three crosses, alluding to the Amsterdam banner. Alon Ben Joseph, CEO of Ace Jewelers, says: “When we cooperated up with NOMOS a couple of years back, the Zürich Weltzeit was simply the watch I purchased to celebrate. The combination of clean looks and complicated innards addressed me from the second it was delivered. Presently we added a touch of the Amsterdam Ace flavor to this marvelous watch. A tremendous honor .”

It is a lovely cool execution of the NOMOS exemplary, as I would see it. Maybe a matte dark dial with a great deal of little white print isn’t as comprehensible as dark on white printing, yet the hands give sufficient difference, and once the watch is set, it is not difficult to peruse and utilize. The XXX shows home time (in 24-hour design), for this situation, Amsterdam time (GMT+1). It is continually showing home time, and you can set this by utilizing the little corrector for the situation band of the watch at 7:30. With the pusher at 2 o’clock, you advance the nearby time. As composed above, it is a flawless sidekick as it is easy to utilize, and the Nomos Zürich Weltzeit watch is exceptionally adaptable. It will go with a suit, yet in addition with more easygoing clothing. Maybe the dark dial is significantly more flexible than the shiny white dial.

DUW 5201 Movement

Inside this Ace x NOMOS Zürich Weltzeit Amsterdam watch is NOMOS type DUW 5201. An in-house fabricated development that is created in the NOMOS workshops in Glashütte, Germany. It utilizes NOMOS’s restrictive escapement framework and has a force save of 42 hours.

The perfectly completed development with Glashütter striping is noticeable through the straightforward case back so the proprietor can appreciate the internal operations of his Nomos Zürich Weltzeit Amsterdam watch. As you can see over, the bezel of the case back has been engraved with the Dutch capital city name, the one of a kind number of the watch, and, obviously, the name of the glad Amsterdam retailer: Ace Jewelers.

The watch is accessible promptly over at . The retail cost is €4620,- (counting 21% VAT), and comes on a dark calfskin tie with pin clasp. Everything details can be found below.