If you are agreeable to enormous and strong jumping watches, think Deepsea or Ploprof, you can add another to that rundown: the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive. There’s not a lot restrained about this specific watch, yet I expect that this is likewise not planned by the Le Locle based manufacture.

Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive – It Will Not Go Unnoticed

There are more watches available with a case as large as 46mm, or much bigger. In any case, even my approx.50mm Seiko Tuna 6159-7010 looks less striking. The 46mm isn’t that outrageous nowadays, yet the two ‘extensions’ on the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive makes a watch that won’t go unnoticed. Yet, I accept that is actually what Ulysse Nardin’s group of architects had as a main priority. These two augmentations are a helium get away from valve, at 9 o’clock and the enormous crown security framework at 2 o’clock. The helium get away from valve we’ve seen before in the previously mentioned Sea-Dweller (Deepsea) and the post-2009 Seamaster PloProf 1200M models.

Ulysse Nardin to me generally had something ‘Russian’ about them. I realize they are very mainstream over yonder, and when I was going there last May, the primary watch I saw on someone’s wrist was really a Ulysse Nardin. Bias, maybe so yet I was likewise told by watch gatherers there that in Russa Ulysse Nardin is still exceptionally mainstream. It is a strong watch, they have a wide reach in gold and over yonder large & intense (& gold) actually is viewed as a superficial point of interest. One of the primary explanations behind some to purchase a watch, still. With this Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive, you won’t go unnoticed on Nikki Beach without a doubt. It makes me can’t help thinking about the number of these watches (restricted to 300 pieces just) will really see some submerged activity, as it can undoubtedly do this with its water opposition of 1000 meters. All things considered, you can think about the number of the great many Submariner or Seamaster 300M watches got a portion of that equivalent action.

To save some weight, Ulysse Nardin made their Diver Deep Dive of titanium. For the bezel they utilized elastic for the plunging scale in-lay. The bezel is not difficult to get a handle on and to use, because of the scores. Curiously, the dial doesn’t demonstrate the water obstruction of 1000 meters, rather this is engraved (and loaded up with red finish) on the screw-down security crown. That crown framework helps me a piece to remember Panerai’s crown, where this crown is screw-down, of course.


According to Ulysse Nardin, the appearance of the Diver Deep Dive is distinct yet shark. Alright. Sharks in reality, as there are no under 15 hammerhead sharks on the dial, one looking into the issue back and one that swims on the crown monitor. At that point, there’s a little red shark in the subdial at 4.30 and you will likewise think that its composed on the dial ‘Hammerhead Shark’. In red. On Ulysse Nardin’s site, I locate no normal clarification for the utilization of all these hammerhead sharks other than this motto ‘the look is distinct yet shark’. The watch is intended for the individuals who love dynamic recreation and all water sports. At the point when I previously looked at this watch, when visiting the SIHH in Geneva, I thought there should be a going thing on about sharks. Maybe an establishment for these hammerhead sort of sharks, yet there’s no additional data in regards to this. So I simply feel, except if I am ignoring things, there is no story to it other than the hammerhead shark being a plan include. Indeed, let’s say that I incline toward this over some made up stories that we discover every so often. In the event that you like a watch that sticks out, this one ought to be on your list.

Specifications and Price

Besides the presence of the Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive, the watch makes them interest specialized details too. There’s the helium get away from valve that is there to keep the watch in one piece after you did an immersion dive (during the decompression stage), yet there’s likewise this protected crown monitor. I could not be right, however now and again I feel that on the off chance that you make things extremely complicated, or in a real sense standing out something over the top, it will undoubtedly get harmed or hit (bringing about failing). Yet, it feels strong without a doubt, yet striking it against the doorposts is as yet not recommended. With all these plan highlights, you would nearly disregard the general completion of the watch. The Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive has cleaned surfaces just as brushed completions, which looks exceptionally flawless. Indeed, even the little subdial rings are a combination of brushed and cleaned. The brushed titanium looks exceptionally modern, particularly with the crown watch. The hammerhead sharked dial has been applied with Super-LumiNova, just as the huge blade hands, so this watch is entirely coherent in low-light conditions.

Inside, we discover Ulysse Nardin’s type UN-320 development. An in-house development with a silicium twisting and anchor escapement. This development has a force hold of 48 hours and highlights a date work (showed at 3 o’clock on the dial). The case back is screw-down and as opposed to showing the UN-320 development, it has a bas-alleviation hammerhead shark on there. Any remaining pertinent data has been engraved in the brushed case back as well.

The Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive has reference 3203-500LE-3/93-HAMMER and retails for 12.000 Euro. The accessibility is restricted, as there will be just 300 bits of this watch. Each watch has the interesting number engraved in the side of the case, as can be found in the image above. The Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive comes with a 5-years warranty!



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