In 1960, a hundred years since the first foundation of this revered company, Chopard Watches passed under the control of the youthful watchmaker and skilled goldsmith, Karl Sheufele. He added the gems component to the generally popular Chopard watches combining precise timekeeping with refined tastefulness in the interesting Chopard way. This immortal quality is apparent in the very breathtaking and enormously famous Chopard Happy assortment of watches.

The LUC is a definitive jump/sport watch, with programmed development and a noteworthy force hold. Enthusiasm and development can be unmistakably found in each watch from the L.U.C. assortment. Chopard imitation watches value regard for everything about the 3 years of innovative work that went into the arrival of the L.U.C., and the way that all L.U.C. watches come with COSC confirmation. The L.U.C types are created in-house at the new Chopard office in Switzerland.

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