HYT, in the same way as other free watchmaking brands, pursued SIHH and deserted BaselWorld. Bert and I took an early ride to the SIHH display on Thursday and a little over 9am we were at that point at the HYT corner. The oddities they introduced to us were, as usual, extraordinary, cool and bearing the ordinary HYT DNA. The brand offered two models: the HYT H0 Gold and H2O. Both totally different watches as far as estimating and plan. While the H0 Gold is a less difficult, traditional on the off chance that you like, way to deal with the HYT the H2O is an insane looking haute horlogerie piece. In any case, they are watches many couldn’t want anything more than to claim including me. Let me elaborate.

H0 Gold

Out of the two new oddities the H0 Gold is the less excessive yet a smidgen showy. This is because of the yellow gold case. The H0 is a basic – on the off chance that you can at any point utilize this word regarding HYT – time just watch with power hold. To offer differentiation to the gold case the fluid demonstrating the passed time is black, much the same as the matte aligator lash. It is a somewhat enormous watch with a 48mm breadth and a thickness of 18.7mm. Like most HYT manifestations, the H0 Gold additionally has a case domed sapphire precious stone. This permits you to have an incredible perspective on the dial from the front as well as from all around as well. The gold opaline dial has engraved files and numerals loaded up with Super-LumiNova. The counters are microblasted. The H0 Gold is water impervious to 30 meters and game a screw-in, show case back.


The H2O (H-Two-O as in the substance recipe for “water”) plays in an unexpected group in comparison to the H0 Gold. The measurement is bigger (51mm) the case is thicker (19.95mm) and the general look of the watch is simply… more. Same box-domed precious stone as on the past models that permits the wearer to have a superior perspective on the watch, and for this situation, the development. Additional highlights like crown position pointer (H for quite a long time, N for unbiased and R for Rewind) and warm marker make the H2O more complex. As usual, an extraordinary pair of immiscible fluid shows the time and stage move the minutes.  Power hold pointer is additionally important for the dial. The H2O is a restricted version of 25 pieces with green liquid and 25 with blue liquid. The instance of the green form is black with DLC covering, brushed and cleaned. Tempered steel case comes on the blue version.


While the H0 has a shut face the dial of the H2O is unguarded with skeleton numerals, markers with rhodium plating in precious stone cut. For simpler coherence, the moment hand got red canvas much the same as the crown marker hand otherwise known as “HNR”. Super-LumiNova covering is applied to two hands. The ties are too delicate however rough elastic with titanium collapsing catches on the two models. Additionally, worth referencing that the development is a 28-gem, manual breeze type with 192 hours or force save (!). The type has sandblasted titanium spans, black DLC or blue PVD covering, silk and rhodium wraps up. It is an extraordinary half and half type grew explicitly for HYT.

Closing Words

When we visited the Panis-Barthez Competition (you can discover our photograph report of the occasion here ) a year ago their watch was as yet really taking shape. From that point forward, the watch woke up and to sweeten the deal even further we got the opportunity to play with it a piece. It isn’t care for the HYT H0 Gold and H2O yet an exceptionally enchanting watch none the less. The tones address the Panis-Barthez Competition while for the general look of dial motivation was taken from the LMP-2 vehicle Fabien Barthez was dashing with. All things considered, we were unable to complain about our HYT meeting. During our short experience, we could deal with the HYT H0 Gold and H2O, looked at the previously mentioned hustling motivated watch and had an extraordinary beginning of our last day at SIHH.


If you need to see the past models from HYT, look at their site .