Hublot’s capacity to bring the essential tones into extravagance watchmaking while at the same time holding a demeanor of refinement is by and by in plain view with the arrival of the Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic.

It shouldn’t work. Albeit red has appreciated a long profession as the go-to emphasize shading in horology (particularly with regards to sports models), it isn’t extremely simple to get right when sent as the base tone. There are not many brands that can apply a particularly brilliant and strong tone to a case and pull it off.

At a passage level value point, the most red you’re liable to see is when brands settle on a red dial. Indeed, even that is dangerous. It has been excelled now and again, yet infrequently with a red shade. Maroon, claret, or burgundy are more secure wagers. Going full, fire-motor red on a dial takes magnificent execution to look something besides modest. Taking that tone and implementing it for a situation is an alternate ballgame altogether. On the off chance that you need a genuine example of how to do it well, the Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic watch is glad to oblige.

The ultra-extravagance sphere

In the ultra-extravagance circle, there is point of reference for essentially red watches. HYT has particular talent with essential tones. Ulysse Nardin as of late explored different avenues regarding brilliant red epoxy blended in with carbon, bringing about the essential “Magma” model. Richard Mille has oftentimes assumed the test of making red watches new, and succeeded (at any rate according to the brand’s steadfast, and those with profound enough pockets to add one to their collection).

High-tech earthenware production

But with regards to innovative shading use, Hublot is without a doubt one of the brands driving the charge. While the outcomes are not to everyone’s tastes, the brand has committed critical time, energy, and monetary assets to extending the range one can hope to discover in its index. The initial step was to dominate cutting edge earthenware creation. Models, for example, the Big Bang Unico Red Magic and Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski Red Ceramic made ready for this delivery. Hublot has indeed dug into the personalities of their crazy lab rats to present to us the Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic.

Mechanically, this watch is a monster. With 270 components, the HUB9011 manual-winding development is a skeletonized shocker. Seven on a level plane stacked barrels give a delicious 14-day power hold. The compromise for this extraordinary presentation is the tallness of the watch. The MP-11 is no contracting violet: A swelling sapphire precious stone makes space for the connected barrels and builds the tallness on the wrist to 14.4mm at its most noteworthy point. It was, consequently, shrewd for Hublot to make this watch hand-twisted instead of automatic.

100 pieces available

The 45mm width implies that before you assault your stash for the €85,000 asking value, you may have to set a couple of bucks aside consistently for another exercise center enrollment. Expecting, notwithstanding, you either have the lower arms of Zeus or the easy cool of Morgan Freeman, don’t hesitate to avoid that part and head straight for the shop. Rush, however: There may be 100 of these pieces accessible. Study Hublot and its examination into new materials .