It’s difficult to monitor all the Timex discharges. There are a great deal of them, yet don’t freeze, here at Fratello we have picked what we think about the three best models from their new presentations. The Timex x Pac-Man T80, Timex x Snoopy Space Traveler and Navi XL Automatic.

There is something about watches with a $250 sticker price. What’s more, it’s not just the way that you can have in any event four of them inside a $1000 dollar spending plan. Wizardry math, right? They don’t burn up all available resources, and they can be loads of fun! Today we will investigate three curiosities from a brand that dominates in this specific value range: Timex.

Timex x Pac-Man T80

The first watch I have here is the Timex x Pac-Man T80. It is a nostalgic religion from the primary computerized period, a style consumed into the minds of everybody brought into the world during the 1970s and mid 1980s. An ideal present for your young kid(s), however we will excuse you in the event that you simply keep it yourself. At the point when I saw this new Timex x Pac-Man version, I quickly saw the Didactic M computer we purchased along with my siblings. They buckled down for quite a long time to set aside the vital 110 euros to support the machine. I, being the most youthful, ‘just’ added the significant missing one euro.

Haute couture watch

So, what does this retro watch from the eighties have coming up for you? It includes all the capacities you’d anticipate from a T80, similar to an alert, stopwatch, and date show. It was uncovered early November at ComplexCon in Long Beach alongside the wide range of various significant drops in shoes, garments, and frill. The outdated screen format contains the company’s signature Indiglo enlightenment and obviously, a Pac-Man etching on the back.

Black or gold Timex x Pac-ManT80?

If you would have asked me this 20 years prior, I would have settled on the dark one. Indeed, even seven days prior, my answer would have been the equivalent. Be that as it may, taking a gander at it today while composing this, I am so near squeezing the BUY NOW button on the brilliant one. The brilliant model brings back all the recollections from modest swap meets that my father and I used to meander through some time ago. Also, this is definitely why you should get it. Or on the other hand perhaps due to the reward, the notable PAC-MAN song that’s fitted in as well! For 79 dollars, it is a nostalgic bargain.


Timex x Snoopy Space Traveler

I think it is simply around a year prior when Timex delivered the past Timex x Silver Snoopy version. The brushed dial wonders with a serious huge Marlin figure over the six vanished sooner than workers from the workplace on Friday evening. This 40mm measurement watch fueled by a not-so-alluring programmed Miyota development affirms that there are a great deal of watches you don’t require, however need to have anyway.

Evolution, not revolution

The late facelift praises the 50th commemoration of the lunar landing. Of course… the likeness to its archetype isn’t a mishap. The significant plan reward comes with a more obscure case and red focal second hand underneath the domed acrylic precious stone. The commonly illustrated Snoopy comic figure has been supplanted with a dark & white drawing, this time likewise wearing a cap. Dim tones can likewise be spotted on the hands. The crown remains marginally sunk into the case, a detail I truly like. I likewise appreciate that the Snoopy figure is marginally more modest in this version, making space to fit piece of the 6th hour marker. Get it while you can. I have that believing that with the 249 dollars sticker price, the red BUY NOW button will not be dynamic for long.

Timex Navi XL Automatic

If the past Timex model may in any case be for available to all, that, sadly, doesn’t matter to the principal mechanical “G. I. Jane” watch from Timex anymore.

The likeness is simply random

The dull green dial with enormous lume plots encompassed by silver rings gives the style of a Rolex Submariner, as numerous different jumpers do also. The cyclops on the date gap, the styling of the crown watchmen, and bezel may underline this much more. Is that fortunate or unfortunate?! Not significant, I surmise – the Timex Navi XL actually has its very own great deal beguile. The blade hands on this 41mm Timex appear as though they could without much of a stretch cut your fingers. In the event that you are searching for a specific detail that will make you give up to this watch, the straightforward plate on the hour hand will most likely be the one. It permits one to peruse the inward dial numeric track checking from 13 to 24.

Careful diving

„The best motivation is constantly found while looking our archives,” you can’t contend with the authority Timex articulation. Timex shows that the motivation for this specific model came from their most punctual jumper style watches. Yet, don’t confound it as having jumper capacities. With a 100m opposition and cowhide lash, I wouldn’t recommend going in the water with this watch. Retail cost is $259USD, yet by pursuing their bulletin, you as of now get a decent discount.


More data can be found on the authority Timex .