Finally, the Omega Constellation got some important consideration! In 2018 we saw the presentation of the new women’s models, yet now the gentlemen’s form has likewise been refreshed. Formally, it’s Omega’s 5th age of this kind of Constellation (in spite of the fact that I can’t help contradicting that and trust it to be the 6th). We should have a nearer look.

But first, let me disclose to you why this assortment implies a great deal to me ( I additionally composed it here on Fratello Magazine ). It may astonish you to realize why I’m so amped up for a watch that hasn’t been included much here. The Omega Constellation is the primary genuine watch I at any point got. It was back in 1998 when I graduated, and my mom realized I’d been profoundly enamored with this particular model for a couple of years. She gave me a Constellation from the ’95 assortment and she purchased a ladies’ model for herself. The Omega Constellation is a watch that has been in my family since the 1960s when my extraordinary granddad bought a pie-skillet Constellation . A couple of years after the fact, in 1969, my granddad additionally got a gold Constellation , which accidentally began a tradition.

Those models were completely unique with respect to the plan, obviously. The whole star grouping range appreciated a genuine purge in 1982 when Omega’s creator Carol Didisheim and Omega’s Product Director Pierre-Andre Aellen thought of the Constellation “Manhattan.” With the renowned hooks that pushed on the sapphire precious stone becoming a notorious and basic part of the model, things could never again be the equivalent for the Omega Constellation.

Omega Constellation Manhattan

My 1982 Constellation with the ordinary hooks. Additionally utilized for the box.

The Constellation Manhattan got an update a couple of years after the fact. Omega chose to dispose of the gem over the bezel and to move the Roman numerals from the dial, onto the bezel. I would likewise say that these progressions establish the second era of this Constellation, in spite of the fact that Omega sees the Constellation ’95 as the second generation. The Constellation’95 was in reality a more thorough update without losing the state of the case and paws. The dials were fancier (with extra surface), and the developments were moved up to the Omega type 1120.

My Constellation ’95 watches, on the left in quartz, on the privilege with the programmed type 1120.

In 2003, Omega presented the Constellation ‘Twofold Eagle’ assortment. More strong, more round. It wasn’t for me, actually. The following update came in 2009, where the plan was somewhat more keen once more, and the plan a touch more restrained. A week ago, Omega presented another arrangement of Constellation. Maybe the most adult form since the Constellation ‘Twofold Eagle’ in 2003.

Omega Constellation Gents 39mm

Omega changed various plan parts of this Constellation. Generally significant, I believe, are the progressions to the case, paws, and arm band. The plan has become somewhat more honed, with a pleasant combination of cleaned and brushed surfaces, the utilization of angled edges working on this issue and arm band and slimmer bezels and hooks. The tapered crown is another expansion, and the hands and hour markers have additionally been given a redesign. Supposedly, the hour markers got motivation from the three-sided aspects of the Freedom Tower in New York.

Then, there’s the new wristband (and the new ties). A calfskin lash isn’t by and large new for this Constellation (the 1990s “Manhattan” watches had a cowhide tie choice). Today, nonetheless, it becomes more coordinated today with the uncommon end interface. The wristband on this Constellation has another plan too. The edges are slanted, and you’ll discover a recently planned focus connect. Likewise significant, the wristband would now be able to be somewhat changed in accordance with have a touch more give in it. That’s truly helpful toward the day’s end or during warm summer months.

Dial Designs

What I loved such a huge amount about the Constellation’95 appears to have returned. Dials with surface are a major in addition to for me. These new forms aren’t precisely equivalent to the Contellation ’95 from the ’90s. It’s conceivable they’ve been propelled by the dials of the  Constellation C-case from the 1960s and 1970s . I truly like the blue dialed form, with the Sedna gold case, however the silver/dark variant is additionally pleasantly done. Altogether, Omega comes up with 26 distinct setups of the Constellation 39mm gent’s form. From all treated steel to full gold (Sedna and yellow gold).

Prices go from €5,500 for the steel watch on a calfskin lash (the all hardened steel rendition is €5,700) to €30,000 for the full gold Constellation watch on a wristband. The costs for all combinations are recorded toward the finish of this article. As I would see it, a Constellation ought to consistently have a little dash of gold some place, and the bi-shading models (steel and Sedna gold or model) are satisfying for the eyes. These designs retail for €8,500.


The past 38mm Constellation for men were outfitted with Omega’s in-house created type 8500. The new references have the type 8800 (and 8801 for the gold models) development inside. There wasn’t a lot of amiss with the 8500 development. Truth be told, it gets a ton of positive comments from watchmakers, yet the type 8800 has a brisk set date (the type 8500 had a free hour hand that should have been utilized to propel the date) and is Master Chronometer ensured by METAS. Being chronometer-affirmed is an unquestionable requirement for any Constellation, in my opinion.

It used to be their lead assortment that had the observatory on its case back (and a star on the dial) for an explanation — exactness. The star is still there, however sadly, the emblem with the observatory has been taken out. You can in any case discover it on the Constellation Globemaster arrangement , however. Those models show a smidgen more likeness to the early pie-dish Constellations however with contemporary looks and the most recent specialized specifications.

Some thoughts

I am completely mindful that the advanced Omega Constellation may be one of the most un-well known Omega models outside Asia. Since the 1990s Omega is too solid in China and the Constellation ’95 and later cycles are a lot of appreciated there. Dissimilar to in Europe for instance, where you see them just a single time in some time in nature. It’s about Seamasters and Speedmasters here, it appears. Be that as it may, in spite of my adoration for the Speedy, I do feel the shortage fo Constellations is a pity. The Constellation is perhaps the most seasoned assortment and it gets little appreciation by lovers. It appears (from an observational viewpoint in particular) that the models after the Constellation ’95 didn’t do well in Europe and the USA, compared to the Seamaster and Speedmaster collection.

I need to concede that the 1982 variant is as yet my actual top choice, trailed by the Constellation ’95. It is mostly founded on nostalgic sentiments, yet I end up preferring the plan, particularly when the plan was somewhat more honed (and more slender) back then. The new Constellation looks encouraging, and I can hardly wait to check it out on the wrist for half a month. My anxiety isn’t the plan (by any means), however the thickness of the watch. I trust that the new Constellation 39mm models for gentlemen are somewhat more slender than the two past generations. More data by means of the authority Omega .