Introducing the TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition, the third watch in a progression of five to praise the model’s 50th anniversary.

The TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition is here and intently follows the first “green” piece released at the Monaco Grand Prix attributed to the 1970’s and the second “red” piece appeared at Le Mans, which was dedicated to the 1980’s.  This time, TAG picked New York City as its place of presentation just before the Formula E competition to be hung on the city streets.

TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition – 90’s Style

The TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition is indeed limited to 169 pieces and acquires one more arrangement of shadings intended to bring out musings of the 90’s.  TAG compares the watch’s blasted Rhodium-plated dial to the steely road inspired looks that were regularly seen during this decade.  Hmm, I played tennis in my Nike “Bo Jackson” cross-mentors, however the courts were “hard”.  But regardless of what TAG’s PR data says, I’d consider this limited piece the most attractive of the three we’ve seen along these lines far.  Why is that?

Iconic Monaco Colors in Reverse

For me, the shades of blue, red, and silver essentially have a place on a Monaco since, as 99% of individuals out there, I think about the McQueen watch when this in an unexpected way shaped model comes to mind.  And with the TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition, we get those tones yet with a heavier portion of the silver than the other colors.  The unpleasant slashed Rhodium-plated dial rules, yet there’s a dim blue primary minutes track, logo, and every one of the chronograph registers are additionally outlined in the hue.  Red makes its passage with barely a sufficient voice as it appears on the tips of the hands, the focal chronograph hand, and for the external hour markers.  Finally, there’s a red “box” that fits inside the focal point of the dial.  This last part is somewhat of an inquiry, yet TAG may have felt that swearing off it would have left an over the top shiny dark expanse.

A Rally Strap in Blue and Red

The TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition comes on a blue cowhide rally tie with red sewing that functions admirably with the dial.  Inside, obviously, there’s the TAG Caliber 11 programmed with the brand name crown located on the vile side of the 39mm case.  once more, TAG hasn’t bowed to my heap of letters requesting round pushers like the first (I’m joking, who sends letters today at any rate?) and we have the parallelograms that are natural to current Monaco owners.  The case back reveals to us the model name and that the watch you’re holding is “One of 169”.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

As stated, the new TAG Heuer Monaco 1989–1999 Limited Edition is my number one subsequently far.  I’ll concede that the tones on the initial three don’t truly leap out as any multi decade per the brand’s showcasing, however who cares?  If you like the looks, it doesn’t matter.  This piece looks the most adaptable with its somewhat more muted tone scheme.  At 5,950 Euros and with just 169 pieces underway, I’d surmise that they’ll effectively find cheerful owners.

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