I can consider not many brands blasting onto the scene that made a wash in as of late years, not to mention one that arrived with a blast. Singer Reimagined is one that has showed up on my radar since the very first moment, boisterous and clear. An autonomous brand acclaimed for its 2018 GPHG grant winning Track1 chronograph, it hit Planet Horology like a super hot shooting star.

Founded in 2016, Singer Reimagined made an imprint with the debut Track1 model and continues to leave a follow with 4 additional versions. The watch immediately accumulated a GPHG nomination in the chronograph category. Back at the beginning, Balazs invested some energy with co-founder/architect Marco Borraccino and acquainted you with the initial two releases HERE . Inside the space of 2 years, Track1 has developed into the brand’s signature collection and won a GPHG prize for its Hong Kong release in 2018.

Singer Reimagined Track1

What’s the fuss?

Track 1 comes with a retro case which houses a cunning, current development, called the AgenGraphe. Dissimilar to traditional chronographs that come with two sub-dials for time following, the AgenGraphe places the chrono capacities in the focal point of the watch. This completely rethinks central rules that have stayed unaltered for quite a long time and gives a natural method of survey time. It bodes well, you can’t help thinking about why nobody had at any point considered it before!

This horological advancement is the consequence of a time of improvement and has five patents for its construction. Under the hat, while an ordinary chronograph would have its component worked atop the stuff train, the AgenGraphe has its twofold origin barrels, wheel train, and escapement situated on the boundary of the development encompassing the chronograph system in the center. Albeit an automatic development, its rotor is actually covered up on the dial side beneath it (made conceivable on the grounds that the hands are on a focal pivot), so the staggering inward operations, comprised of 477 hand-completed components, are in full open back view.

Who’s behind?

Singer Reimagined is a sister company of Singer Vehicle Design (SVD), a Californian outfit that rebuilds the 964-arrangement Porsche 911s. The watch company is the lovechild of Rob Dickinson, founder of SVD, and Geneva-based watch architect Marco Borraccino, conceived in the heat of shared energy for the two vehicles and plan. It has acquired the ‘Reconsidered’ quality from SVD, breaking new grounds in high-watchmaking and transforming the 60s/70s iconic game watches into what Track1 it is today.

Marco Borraccino

Borraccino gained genuine horological accreditations in the fields of Art and Industrial Design and was head of plan for Officine Panerai in Milan. In 2009, Borraccino quit the corporate world and set up his free plan consultancy in Geneva with an emphasis on watch plan for Swiss brands. He was an educator at HEAD, the Geneva Design University, and was instrumental in the creation and the board of the primary Chair of Watch Design in Switzerland.

The establishing couple collaborated with a strategic accomplice and expert watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht for the mechanical info. Wiederrech’s various honor winning workshop, Agenhor, had been dealing with a clever plan to improve the decipherability of the chronograph. That prompted the development of the AgenGraphe, and would in the end give a progressive development to understand the pair’s vision for another watch.

While by far most of chronographs are likely more worn for their looks than utilized as timing instruments, the Track 1 is above all else a chronograph that is intended to be utilized as a driver’s watch in the soul of SVD. Time is indicated at 6 o’clock by rotating hour and moment plates, so it’s not difficult to peruse while driving without moving your hand on the wheel, and the focal coaxial chronograph indications are among the most decipherable chronograph displays on the market.

I smell honesty here rather than BS. Most people are sufficiently keen to see through the single direction relationships among vehicles and watches on absolutely promoting or commercial premise, as I partook in my other column: . Singer Reimagined is an exemption for the pack in light of the fact that the union is natural and organic.

What’s New?

This year, Singer Reimagined has been occupied with leaving follows around the world. They have created not one, but rather two exceptional runs of their Track1 chronograph: London Edition and Emirates Edition. Also the perfect irregular Only Watch Edition that went on a 3-month world visit prior to getting sold for a noble cause in Geneva in November (which we covered HERE ).

The London Edition was uncovered in September at the kickoff of Phillips Perpetual, another shop concept in Mayfair (London) inside Phillips the sale house to sell used and vintage pieces (more about this in another article to come). Singer Reimagined is as of now the lone watch brand on permanent display to introduce new watches there.

The new model has been given an illustrious blue range, fitting for the capital. It wraps its 43mm evaluation 5 titanium case around a dim blue dial and gives 100m water opposition. Similarly as with all Track1s, the watch features the AgenGraphe development that fills in as the core of the chronograph with a 55-hour power save. The opposite side is a screwed caseback with a twofold sided against intelligent sapphire precious stone. The watch is worn on a dim blue calfskin leather tie with anthracite sewing and perforated with brushed evaluation 5 titanium screw-down bolts, gotten with a collapsing buckle.

The London Edition comes in 50 pieces, each at 45,000 CHF.

In the Middle East, the latest Track1 has been newly dispatched to coincide with Dubai Watch Week and to respect its topic “Innovation and Innovation”. The Emirates Edition has a natural khaki overlaid dark range that plays with contrasting colors and materials. It flaunts a matte dark, 43mm ceramic coated aluminum case with gold accents in ZRN grade 5 titanium. This gives the case a hard, scratch-safe surface while keeping it lightweight. The brilliant subtleties stretch out to the bezel, dial, tachymeter spine, while the middle is in khaki green, and the hands are orange. The tie has a matching colourway with brilliant ZRN brushed evaluation 5 titanium bolts. The watch is generally precisely indistinguishable from any remaining Track1s.

The Emirates Edition comes in 25 pieces, each at 50,000 CHF.

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