Desiring an elaborate, yet unfathomably proficient diver?  Look no farther than the new Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite on strap.

Malachite and Azurite… My Grandfather and Father delighted in a reasonable piece of lapidary work as a diversion I actually review being tested about various gemstones.  When it went to that incomplete stone in blue and green, there was just one answer: malachite and azurite.  And so it was with incredible joy when I flipped through Omega’s 2019 oddities and ran over one perfectly venturesome watch, the yellow gold Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite that is currently accessible on strap.  It’s wild to such an extent that it nearly makes the new 300M in Sedna Gold appear to be a touch normal.

Yellow Gold Seamasters – Our Soft Spot

You very well could review an article I wrote barely two years prior on a full yellow gold Seamaster 300 .  The article happened after RJ, Balazs and I chose to test the persistence of some honestly amiable staff members at one of the Omega Boutiques in London.  We took a stab at some genuine equipment that day and during our ludicrousness, I acquired a pulverize on that all-gold 300.  I at that point chose to audit it.  It’s amusing, I actually review the sensation of getting something via the post office on credit that retailed for almost 30,000 Euros. In this way, alongside my set of experiences with a specific green gemstone, it shouldn’t astonish anybody that the Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite is of interest.


The Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite, to get an expression from the BBC’s Kermode & Mayo film survey, is the gold Seamaster 300 went up to “eleventy stupid”.   And let’s face it, the typical gold 300 isn’t short on decadence.  The utilization of stone as a dial medium on the 300 isn’t new to Omega; truth be told, a comparative piece was presented a year ago, yet with a full gold arm band. Platinum variations with one or the other malachite or lapis lazuli dials were additionally introduced.  So the solitary genuine change here is the presentation of a lash on deployant clasp, yet this improve is as the tie permits the dial to become the overwhelming focus more so than when coupled with the arm band. With its smooth green South African malachite dial showing those flawless concentric striations, every one is destined to be an extraordinary piece.  To keep the green topic, Omega matched the staggering dial with a similarly alluring green ZrO2 earthenware bezel with Ceragold numerals.  Within the bezel and on the dial we have the utilization of “vintage” SuperLuminova and it works delightfully with the gold case..

But Still Highly Capable…

Where the Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite bows to its lavish aims is through the accompaniment of a coordinating green cowhide tie with deployant buckle.  Everything else on the Malachite remains equivalent to the yeoman’s gold 300 and that implies an exceptionally wearable 41mm case with a reasonable 20mm haul width (Isofrane anyone?).  The dateless Omega 8913 Co-Axial programmed with Master Chronometer accreditation works away commendably and is distinguishable through a presentation case back.

Final Thoughts and Pricing

I used to disdain watches like the Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite as I suspected they were liable of and culpable for taking a games watch and transforming it into what might be compared to a lap dog.  Those days are finished, however, as I frequently appreciate the inventiveness when it’s progressed nicely (hello, Rolex – those appalling Daytonas being pushed by certain “influencers” are close to toy poodles in my book) and that Malachite looks damn good.  I have no clue about who might purchase or wear this watch, yet I like to be surprised.  Oh, and the price?  Try $26,500 on for size (statements of regret for the non-Euro pricing).  Maybe if the Hulk would quit tearing shirts adequately long to set aside some money, this would be his choice.

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