We investigate the MING Abyss 18.01 Abyss Concept, another invasion for the detail-fixated miniature brand.

Today we’ll give you take a gander at the MING Abyss 18.01 Abyss Concept, a model that acquires a few firsts for the little miniature brand that plans its watches in Malaysia, yet principally uses Swiss providers for their construction.  It’s been almost a long time since we previously investigated a MING watch, the titanium 17.01 , yet they’ve unquestionably stayed on our radar.  With an emphasis on subtleties, genuine quality, and frequently working with top of the line watch creator , these aren’t your average Kickstarter miniature marked watches.  truth be told, their ebb and flow arrangement of watches start at 7,500 CHF, so that should give you a smart thought of the brand’s target customer.  MING’s observes up to this point could maybe best be depicted as dressy with a bit of modern.  With special dials and what has become a trademark for the brand carries in the utilization of erupted hauls, the watches don’t show up as sensitive, however they positively couldn’t be named device watches.  All that changes now with the MING 18.01 Abyss Concept, however, as the brand really dunks its toe into the water.

A Careful Step into Dive Watches

To read the press data on the MING 18.01 Abyss Concept, one comes away with the conviction that this new jumper was made essentially to check whether the brand could come up with a watch that addressed the issues of authorized jumpers on its own group while avoiding imagining a “me-too” piece.  After buying a pressing factor analyzer appropriate for 1,250 meters, the brand set about planning the watch.  various cases were made and to lodging straightforwardly from the official statement, the screw backs were “bookmatched” to the case.  Each was tried and made due to 1,250 meters and, despite the fact that, MING was not at first set after delivering any of  these to the general population, their worship for their creation at last won out and the concept will be sold.  But there’s a catch: just 10 of these will be accessible for purchase.

The MING 18.01 Abyss Concept is Novel for the Brand

At 40mm, the MING 18.01 Abyss Concept utilizes hardened steel as a case material, which is a first for the brand that typically picks titanium.  The watch will come in at under 14mm in thickness and 46mm long; this is wearable with regards to the remainder of the MING collection.  Also, in its utilization of an ETA 2824-2, this becomes the primary MING with a running seconds hand.  Of note, notwithstanding the sapphire gem, the external edge of the dial is really made of composite sapphire – like what has been utilized in the earlier 17.01 and 17.03 models from the company.

A substantial portion of Super-LumiNova X1 discovers its way to the dial, hands, and cleaned clay bezel insert.  The bezel is a 60-click unidirectional undertaking that’s particularly attractive because of the internal curve of its edges and the way that it needs knurling.  Some should think about this an undeniable gesture to frame over capacity, however MING states that the smooth edge was not difficult to grasp with wet hands.

Details at Work

Coming back to the development inside the MING 18.01 Abyss Concept, the ETA 2824-2 was picked because of its dependability and on the grounds that it is not difficult to service.  Work was finished by La Division du Temps (a sister brand of Schwarz-Etienne) to eliminate the date detent regularly found on the ETA and the developments have been acclimated to five positions.  Related to setting the time and crown, it is screw-down and the cylinder contains shading that makes it clear to the wearer in the event that it has not been shut correctly.  The watch will transport with a pure wristband containing a twofold deployant clasp just as five cowhide straps.  Rounding out the decent subtleties is a calfskin pocket made by Studio Koji Sato and a Pelican case.

Pricing and Our Thoughts

Now that we’ve swam through the particulars, what’s my opinion about the MING 18.01 Abyss Concept?  Honestly, I love the vibes of this watch.  Somehow, the brand figured out how to come up with what I believe is a genuinely crisp looking jump watch that actually holds MING’s plan DNA.  It’s neat, clean and brilliantly sized.  indeed, the lone prompt that I disagree with is the fairly largish utilization of the brand’s name on the bezel.  But I can move beyond this and I’d love to give one a shot for size.  At 6,500 CHF and accessible by means of the brand’s site at season of distributing (conveyance will be quick as every one of the 10 of the watches are prepared per the image over), this is certainly not a cheap diver.  But, as a plan that really works by and by, I don’t think they’ll have a lot of issue in selling this run of concept watches.  MING was incredibly hesitant regarding whether they’ll put a jumper into sequential creation or if this run of 10 will end things similarly as they’re beginning.  Let’s expect the previous as this is a genuine looker.

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MING 18.01 Abyss Concept


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