There wasn’t much Longines news this year. After their move from Baselworld to ‘somewhere else’, it stayed exceptionally quiet and the ‘somewhere else’ is yet to be discovered.

Instead of ‘somewhere else’, we got an email for certain curiosities: the new Master Collection. Downloading the press unit in English leaves us with a specialized particular sheet in Turkish (bravo!). As I can peruse some German, I’ve attempted that one all things considered, and it worked. Enough with the complaining, however it simply confounds me how a brand like Longines gets outperformed in demonstrable skill by the normal Kickstarter brand with regards to these things.

We got two new models, however obviously, there are very a few references accessible. The specialized spec sheet in German, shows there are 15 new references for these two new models. These distinctions are fundamentally to be found in the dial execution and the decision for lash or arm band. Every one of these models can likewise be seen on the authority Longines site. However, click on them, and it prompts an outline of all Longines Master Collection models, and not the new references. All around done. There’s an answer for this, however. I was on the “international” site, click a nation (like the United Kingdom for instance, or the USA), and it is fixed. Be cautious, however, not all nations ‘work’. Let’s trust they will fix this soon.

Anyway. In the wake of having gone through 20 minutes and 200 words on this, let’s proceed onward with the watches.

Longines Master Collection Moonphase

Longines is known for making watches in the reasonable fragment. What’s more, what’s more fun than to have a moderate watch with a delightful complication? Probably the most pleasant complication in my book is a moon stages pointer. It isn’t exceptionally valuable, however it addresses one’s creative mind without a doubt. Another cool thing, which you may differ with, is that Longines offers them in 15 references, so there’s enough to pick from.

There are three dial colors accessible: blue with a sunray finish, silver with a barleycorn theme and dark with a barleycorn theme. The silver and dark dials are maybe a smidgen more work of art, where the blue dial is somewhat more perky. The Longines Master Collection Moonphase is accessible in two sizes, 40mm and 42mm.  On top, for the 40mm form, Longines added dials with jewel hour markers. Once you’re finished with those, you need to choose your preferred lash shade (dark, blue or earthy colored) or go with the tempered steel bracelet.

My most loved variant is the 40mm version with blue sunray finish dial and a blue gator cowhide lash. The Longines Master Collection Moonphase watches with a cowhide tie, likewise come with a twofold collapsing catch. As no valuing in Euro was accessible (or possibly not without clicking multiple times), I will utilize the USD cost. This model beginning at an extremely alluring (and forceful) $2350USD.

All Longines Master Collection Moonphase models come with a similar type development, notwithstanding whether you go for the 40mm or 42mm adaptation. Since 1984, Longines depends on its ETA developments and quit utilizing their in-house developments. As indicated by CEO Walter von Känel , Longines won’t return to building up their developments (soon. All things considered, Longines will be supplied with developments by ETA and once in a while, as for this situation; it will be a development only created by ETA for Longines. I’m discussing the type L899 development (in view of ETA’s A31.L91). Type L899 has a force save of 64 hours and ticks at 25200vph, yet generally significant of all, it has the moon stage pointer complication. Other than that, it has a pointer date at 6 o’clock (around the moon stages marker). The development is noticeable through a straightforward case back.

Prices start at $2350USD for the 40mm adaptation ($2750USD for the ones with precious stone files) and $2450 for the 42mm form. The decision for a tie or treated steel wristband has no effect in cost. In the event that you go for the wristband, you can without much of a stretch add a tie later on (haul size is 21mm).

For $2350/$2450USD, you buy an awesome exemplary looking watch, with a moon stages pointer. A trendy piece, particularly on a cowhide tie. Difficult to beat at this price.

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