Welcome to the Fratello Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Watches!  We have a cool grouping for you that incorporates the two works of art and new watches…enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Over 5.000 Euro (or USD or GBP)

Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8 (9.100 Euro)

Well, you realized a blessing guide structure Fratello would be thick with Speedmasters, so here is our first of two to make the guide: the “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8.  I wasn’t sure about this one when it appeared at Baselworld 2018, however then I saw it months after the fact on the wrist of Roy Davidoff…and I adored it (RJ called it the most awesome aspect the DSotM collection).  What flabbergasts me on this watch is the impressive dial detail that’s made to resemble the outside of the moon.  It’s staggering, yet the other thing that strikes me as great is the utilization of the manual breeze cal. 1869.  I love a manual development, yet it additionally makes the 44.25mm width earthenware case a great deal thinner.  I’d presumably change the tie to something somewhat less lively, however that’s a simple fix.  Oh, and here’s something interesting that may make a Christmas conveyance troublesome: AD’s are reporting 4-multi month stand by times on the Apollo 8.  Yes, it seems like Omega has a hit on their hands.   Head to the for more information.  – Mike

Breitling Navitimer 806 1959 Re-Edition (7.700 Euro)

Tapping into the ‘old-is-new’ market that has acquired foothold with watch buyers in the course of recent years is the  Breitling Navitimer 806 Re-edition . Georges Kern enrolled the assistance of vintage Breitling master, Fred Mandelbaum, to administer and ensure that each detail was devoted to the first 60-year old watch the re-edition depended on. Another manual-winding type B09 was created to keep the measurements thin and even the knurling on the bezel coordinated a similar number of knurls (94) as the 1959 Navitimer. Fred contended energetically to use a plexiglass over Breitling’s more powerful sapphire glass to keep away from the counter reflective covering that radiates a blue sheen on the gem that would ruin the vintage tones. This is a restricted edition of 1,959 pieces yet it’s recently that we have seen the watches being delivered to stores and clients, so those searching for a present to themselves would have the option to get one in the nick of time for Christmas.  If I was one of the fortunate proprietors, I would change the two-fasten lash promptly in any case. The Nubuk ‘vintage style’ calfskin lash the 806 is provided with doesn’t resemble the 1959 tie yet that is effortlessly fixed with numerous reseller’s exchange options.  Head to for more data. – Ben

Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph (10.300 Euro on leather)

When we previously saw the Jaeger-LeCoulte Polaris assortment, this model put a moment bless my face. It’s something a watch ought to do. Furthermore, the sure does that. The assortment is inspired on their 1968 Memovox Polaris and they’ve worked effectively planning a cutting edge rendition. Both case and dial give you numerous subtleties and different completions. Brushed and cleaned for the case, sunburst and grained for the dial with applied markers and slight varieties in stature give it great profundity. It comes with the in-house chronograph development ref. 751H, which has a 65-hour power reserve. Waterproof up to 10 bar/100 meter is advantageous so you can utilize the watch throughout the day, consistently. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph is accessible on a metal wristband, yet I prefer the form on a calfskin lash. Current retail cost is €10.300 on calfskin and €11.300 on the metal wristband. – Bert


Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time (24.200 Euro)

My decision for the watch over 5.000 Euro is a “sacred trinity” piece. presented this form of the Overseas Dual Time as a Pre-SIHH release in 2018. I remember when this came out, and I quickly pondered internally, “this is a cool watch” – particularly as I am not the greatest devotee of the Nautilus or the Royal Oak – the standard top picks of haute horology sports watch devotees. Vacheron offers the Overseas with three tie decisions, which makes it excessively flexible, and I can’t help thinking about why more brands don’t do this. You don’t require an instrument to trade ties, which makes it too helpful and a real competitor for the “one watch” watch. Robert-Jan expounded more on it here .Daniel


Schwarz Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds (7,150 CHF ex-VAT, comprehensive of 2 lashes and a set of  calfskin purse and pockets instead of a watch box)

Yes, it’s a woman’s watch. This is a watch that says she merits the same amount of respect in horological terms as you. So you get a kick out of gifting your extraordinary somebody as well. Watches deliberately created without any preparation for ladies will in general be both rare and significantly better than. Schwarz Etienne’s Fiji assortment is by and large that. Its 38mm case houses the manufacture’s own type ASE 200.00 programmed miniature rotor development with 86 hours of force reserve. It is absolutely no introvert, also the three-section case development, and the multi-leveled dial plan. Readability is high. The completing is exceptional. These subtleties add huge loads of character to the watch while keeping it spotless and female. It offers a fast lash change framework and two ties for decision. What makes this a particularly decent blessing is that it radiates style and cerebrums. Everything is so thoroughly examined. Indeed, even the bundling is a calfskin pocket that comes in a purse. So she gets a bunch of fine calfskin products for functional use on top! This is extraordinary compared to other women’s watches I have seen that can be a day by day watch or dressed to kill. Visit for more. – Sky

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic (13.900 Euro)

Although we as a whole need brands to come up with new plans that could be a future work of art, actually, it doesn’t happen that frequently. For a ton of brands, there is by all accounts a greater spotlight on vintage-inspired pieces with a story from an earlier time and that has demonstrated to be a sure thing since it is fruitful for a considerable lot of the brands. Despite the fact that I like a pleasant piece with a decent story, I love marks that push the limits of plan and come up with something that is different, causes you to feel somewhat uncomfortable from the outset yet the more you take a gander at it, it begins to develop on you. Furthermore, that’s precisely what Bulgari has accomplished with the Octo Finissimo Automatic. Albeit the Octo group of watches has been around in its current structure since 2012 with a wide range of models (read Robert-Jan’s outline article here ), Bulgari hit gold with the Octo Finissimo Automatic in 2017. The combination of the extraordinary plan, the titanium material and the record-breaking development make this a piece that has the capability of becoming a future exemplary as I would like to think. What’s more, what Bulgari has done incredibly well is secure what makes the Octo Finissimo Automatic so unique. The brand has presented the Octo Finissimo Automatic in different materials (I expounded on the artistic form here ) however every one of them have that trademark sandblasted look. My list of things to get of watches contrasts occasionally yet the one watch that is high on the rundown all the time is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo. The lone thing I need to choose is whether I prefer the hardened steel rendition or the titanium form however there is no uncertainty I will get one in the end. More data . – Jorg


Omega De Ville Trésor (6.200 Euro)

This watch grabbed my eye during the Swatch Group Time To Move press occasion last May when Omega presented their oddities interestingly outside Baselworld. There are sports observes bounty, from a wide range of brands, yet a decent dress watch is a lot harder to discover as I would like to think. At the point when Omega presented their De Ville Trésor a few years prior, it was just accessible in precious metals and had sticker prices path above 10.000 Euro. I have never seen somebody in the substance who got one of those, as this value range opens up a ton of different alternatives. With these new steel renditions, I figure Omega worked really hard to offer something with a more amicable sticker price (underneath 10.000 Euro). In spite of the fact that I love the Globemaster models, I believe that 6200 Euro for this 40mm De Ville Trésor ( I did a review here ) with its Master Chronometer type 8910 is a decent recommendation. Particularly the dial is astonishing and reminds me of those rich dials from the 1950s and 1960s that Omega utilized in their watches. Hands and lists are completely made of 18-carat white gold. The lone Globemaster I would pick over this one is the steel & Sedna gold model with a blue dial, however the retail cost is a lot higher (and gold isn’t for everybody). More data . – Robert-Jan

Between 1.000 Euro and 5.000 Euro

Minase Divido (4.680 Euro on Bracelet)

The Minase Divido was presumably the most astonishing watch I reviewed during 2019 on the grounds that it was so different yet so richly constructed.  The Japanese brand is basically a purposeful venture by a respected tooling producer and the watches show a wide range of proof of this heritage.  The completing is essentially stunning and the arm band is really a work of art.  No, it’s not economical, but rather on the off chance that you need a genuinely special piece of craftsmanship on your wrist, this very well could be some tea.  I picked purple as the review piece and that’s precisely what I’d select on the off chance that I were buying.  Head to for more.  – Mike

Omega De Ville Trésor Quartz 36mm (from 3,570 GBP)

The sentimental difficulties of the Christmas season are coming! In case you’re in the wake of something a smidgen more extraordinary for your cherished one, this watch is all that Xmas dreams are made of.  The Omega Trésor is both useful and shocking. Its 36 mm streamlined case set with precious stones is produced using hardened steel. While the jewels are normally the remarkable feature of this timepiece, the lacquered inclination burgundy dial with the larger than usual Roman numerals offers an in vogue expression for a regular outfit. Moreover, an occasion curve on this watch ensures the burgundy calfskin tie. Addressing reasonableness needs, a quartz development is exact and profoundly solid. Pondering causing somebody to feel additional uncommon? Adding a custom component consistently makes a blessing really extraordinary and sparkles satisfaction – fortunately for you, Omega offers different lashes for Trésor from board determination of shadings to materials. Presently you can without much of a stretch put an individual touch on plan and give your adoration stand-out Trésor.  Head to for more data. – Karina

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M (€ 4.600/€ 4.900 relying upon tie/bracelet)

It’s difficult to turn out badly with a jumper, even with the information that most likely will not draw near to testing water profundities. In any case, they are extremely mainstream, along with chronograph watches. Where a portion of the large brands have increased their game on the sticker price (or made them close to difficult to acquire) this doesn’t go for the Co-Axial Master Chronometer. Still high on my list of things to get, as I additionally own two previous models which I appreciate a great deal. With the most recent model, you outwit mechanical watchmaking, combined with the sturdiness of a jumper. What’s more that it basically looks, and wears great. The ‘standard’ variant in treated steel will hamper you 4.600 Euro on an elastic lash, or 4.900 Euro with a coordinating tempered steel arm band. – Bert

Omega Speedmaster Professional (4.600 Euro)

I’m presumably taking the roar of the greater part of my colleagues with this pick, yet there’s minimal preferable in the watch world over a bone stock, “normal” Speedy Pro.  I looked at the for this watch and at 4,600 Euro here in Germany on a wristband, it actually qualifies as a hell of a deal.  The straightforward, yet successful cal. 1861 ticks away and requires your help like clockwork or something like that, which is a charming quality indeed.  The Hesalite gem likewise adds an uncommon warmth to a present day watch.  Sure, none of us love the arm band, however it’s more than presentable and in the event that you genuinely can’t live with it, the Speedy looks great on in a real sense any strap.  We TRULY have no news on how Omega may or probably won’t change the Speedy in the following year or something like that, yet with the co-pivotal cal. 3861 discovering its way in more and more Speedmaster watches, we wouldn’t be astounded if we’re getting towards the stopping point for the current model.  That’s not a reason in itself to purchase reference # 311. yet think of it as a little nudge.  – Mike


Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight (3.090 Euro/3.380 Euro relying upon tie/bracelet)

I just purchased this watch – nothing more needs to be said.

Since the time Tudor presented this watch at BaselWorld in 2018, I have been a major fan. I already enjoyed the plan on the predecessor, however the measurements weren’t for me. The previous manifestation of the Black Bay had and still has a major after, and it was a prompt hit when they released it back in 2012. Be that as it may, many say, as huge as the plan and the quality at the cost are, the measurements are problematic. Particularly, as the in-house development variant of the Black Bay turned out to be much taller than the previous ETA adaptation (14.8mm versus 12.8mm). The piece sided flanks didn’t help by the same token. Tudor somewhat fixed this issue on the Black Bay GMT with a slight slope at the lower side of the case flank to give it less “visual haul” yet the regular Black Bay models do not have this. In any case, the elements of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight are ideal for me and the sitting tight rundown for this watch demonstrates that numerous others suspect as much too. A victor in my book.  Mike expounded on it here .  Head to for more data. – Daniel

Sinn 206 Arktis II (beginning at 3490 Euro, 3670 Euro with the steel bracelet)

I love Sinn watches and I figure they did a decent work with this refreshed Arktis model. The ice blue is essentially staggering and something very surprising from all the dark dial sports looks out there. Like most Sinn watches, it is intensely outfitted with a wide range of specialized arrangements and developments to prevent the watch from breaking down. Practical between – 45 and +80 degrees Celsius, a hostage bezel, Ar-dehumidifying innovation, resistant to 30 bar, etc. Sinn additionally ensured it complies with various German norms for jumping watches. Obviously. The development inside depends on Valjoux’s 7750 and even here Sinn ensured it complies with some German norm (DIN) for against attraction. It is all exceptionally German, so great constructed and reliable. Frequently, that doesn’t work out positively for an appropriate plan, however Sinn pulled it off in this awesome looking chronograph you can wear consistently. In spite of the fact that you can bring down the value a piece by purchasing this Sinn 206 on a cowhide or silicone lash, the steel wristband is the best approach. More data through . – Robert-Jan

Under 1.000 Euro

anOrdain Model 2 (950 GBP)

The anOrdain Model 2 is a real breath of fresh air inside an ocean of what regularly feels like very much like watches.  Both Tomas and I reviewed a Model 2 (Tomas a white lacquer adaptation while I went with a more costly green fumé edition) and we adored them.  Everything from the case shape, the 36mm size, the utilization of a manual breeze development and those unimaginable dials transformed us into outright fans.  These pieces from the little Scottish free brand would make for a genuinely unforeseen gift…I’d take mine in Torr Blue.  Visit for more information. – Mike

Seiko SPB103J1 ‘Sumo’ (830 Euro)

This pick really was an easy decision for me. As I would see it, there is no greater watch accessible under 1,000 Euro than the new or Sumo as it’s more commonly referred to. At the point when Seiko presented the new Sumo recently (we covered it here ) I was glad to see they changed my greatest plan issue with the previous age Sumo and that’s the style of the numbers on the bezel trim. A few puritans may contend that the old textual style type is the thing that made the Sumo hang out in the Prospex assortment, yet I like the more genuine look of the SPB103J1 much better particularly in the green colourway. Close to refreshing the style, Seiko likewise presented the new Seiko 6R35 programmed development with an increased force reserve of 70 hours and fitted the new Sumo with a sapphire precious stone. Sure, the cost of the Sumo increased fundamentally from 595 Euro to 830 Euro however the upgrades make it worth each Euro of its cost. The new Sumo is definitely the most amazing watch your available anywhere under 1,000 Euro. – Jorg



Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm Black PVD ($545)

This is a no nonsense device watch, and the plan has stood the trial of time. I love the components of this field watch that comes in at 38mm; add that there is no date, the penetrated hauls, and you have a great watch loaded with an impressive 80 hours of force reserve. I nearly purchased this watch, frankly, however in the wake of buying the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, my stash was vacant. There are four new forms of the exemplary Khaki Field Mechanical, yet the secretive dark PVD adaptation is my pick of the part. Our companions over at . – Daniel

Seiko 5 Sports (269 – 329 Euro)

I gave the Seiko 5 Sports a pretty difficult stretch when it was first released this previous summer for donning a very SKX007-like case without a screw-down crown.  My colleagues, then again, reminded me that there’s almost no in the watch world today made with comparable quality at this cost level.  And, furthermore, while a screw-down crown is a terrible oversight, the watches are fine for 100 meters of water resistance and that’s around 90 or so meters more than what the majority of these will see.  The way that there are something like 26 different variations of this watch makes it almost Swatch-like and a portion of the alternatives resemble a response to longtime Seiko lovers.  Head to the for more data or your nearby Seiko boutique.  – Mike


Casio Vintage Edgy, ref. A700WE-1AEF (€ 39,90 incl VAT)

It’s protected to say that the dark resin  is thé most sold watch on the planet. Furthermore, I think we’ll locate the tempered steel varieties of this model, similar to the , on a strong second spot. These watches appear to be with us forever; yet truth be told, the F-91W ‘only’ has its 30th birthday celebration this year. While the F-91W didn’t change a lot throughout the long term, the treated steel models had somewhat of an advancement. Gold tone and an electroluminescent backdrop illumination framework are the most important. Presently, be that as it may, Casio chose to really enter the universe of refinement. They figured out how to realize the most recent posterity of this famous watch with a tallness of just 50% of that of the previous models. On thickness, with its stature of just 6 mm, it nearly competes with the Bvlgari Octo Finissimo . This blessing won’t break the bank and is confirmed to be a triumph. More data on the new Casio Vintage Edgy can be found here:  – Gerard

Casio G-Shock Origin ‘Square’ GW model (Starting around € 129)

Back in 1983, the primary G-Shock was dispatched looking like the DW-5000C. With its square case and coordinating resin lash, it stood the trial of time. You don’t need to break the bank for a , they are truly sturdy and basically, cool. Actually I prefer the GW form of this watch. At the point when you take a gander at the G-Shock models you will see how they come with different codes. DW, for instance, is short for advanced water resist where GW is short for ‘G Wave Ceptor’. The last one is ideal for incidental wear as these models get the precise time through radio signs. So it corrects itself regularly, if important that is. Combined with ‘extreme sunlight based’, you never need to stress over an unfilled battery. Presently the hardest part, which model to get? In the event that you need to draw near to the principal unique G-stun, the is the one to get. In any case, contingent upon taste, there are such countless choices. From straightforward dark to a wide range of splendid tones and combinations. Indeed, even restricted editions, similar to the one pictured (GW-S5600-1JF) from my own assortment. New models in metal have been released, yet these come at a different value level. The G-Shock square models come loaded with valuable capacities like an alert, stopwatch, timer, programmed backdrop illumination, etc. Other than that, they are almost indestructible. The G-Shock Origin GW begins around € 129 — Bert


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