In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo’s grandson, found these valuable plans, which were to become his wellspring of motivation for the formation of the principal U-Boat watch and his new measurement as expected. U-Boat watches are portrayed by their solid character, enormous size, ideal intelligibility in all light and climate conditions, alongside their intense and unmistakable plan: the left crown ensured by a uniquely planned security cover. Much the same as their unique namesake, these watches are striking, forceful and oversized.

The U-Boat U42 watch is an incredible illustration of this combination at work. The thick dials and curiously large numbers make the watch look rough, and it is similarly as strong as it shows up. The case is made of titanium, sapphire precious stone 5.5 mm thick elastic lash, the conventional “left-handed” ensured crown, power hold of 40 hours, water opposition is up to 1001bar, which truth be told gave the name of the model.

we offer a wide scope of different product offerings by reproduction U-Boat. Our company centers solely around acclaimed, top of the line fashioner Designer Swiss copy U-Boat, Every piece is worked by a programmed or physically twisted Swiss ETA development, Company’s devotion to excellent work.