My eyes opened wide when I tallied all the highlights and feelings creator Giorgio Galli wrapped into the skeleton instance of the Timex S1 Automatic.  

When I got a book from individual editorial manager Mike  asking me in the event that I’d seen the new Timex S1, I cheerfully reacted that I’d just requested a press test. Both Mike and I were quite entertained to see the skeleton case, a programmed development, an exceptional crown, and the imaginative lash for only a couple hundred euros. Tragically, Timex couldn’t send in an example for audit. Thus, with no other choice, I did what I needed to do to get my hands on it and purchased it.

Timex S1 skeletonized case

When I addressed Yvan Arpa from ArtyA observes as of late , he said he was constantly captivated by the way that numerous watchmakers regularly disregard the case or overlook it completely. Yvan says the case isn’t just an underlying piece to protect the development, yet in addition a vital component in featuring the personality of the watch. To sideline a particularly fundamental component of the general bundle is a chance time and again missed. Seeing cases like this one, help me to remember this reality. Previously, I just examined cases for what they were, as opposed to what they could be. It wasn’t as of not long ago that I understood how comparable most of watch cases are regarding their essential execution. Having had my eyes opened to the prospects, this contemplation is never a long way from my psyche. Thus you can envision what a startling treat it was to see the new skeletonized Timex S1 for the first time.

Skeletonized beauty

This is one of those watches with a multi-perspective allure. Noticing it at a point, it’s pretty much as cool as a Nike Air Max. Your eyes hope to see a strong mass of brushed metal, however they unearth an entirely breezy steel sandwich that looks as delicate as your cushion all things considered. The side case and particularly the drag gaps are liberal to the point that you in a real sense need to get your eyes through them so they may better float over the completely round case middle.

Designed from the beginning/h3>

The Timex S1 isn’t attempting to trick anyone. This connecting with visual is certifiably not an optical hallucination conceived of elevated plan aspirations and assembling alternate routes. No, this watch has been planned from the beginning to accomplish more than engage your eyes. Or maybe, it has been intended to fulfill the designer in you. Albeit the Timex S1 promptly seems, by all accounts, to be an intelligently scalloped square design, it is undeniably more complex. Four case components opening together perfectly, bringing about a structure that couldn’t be accomplished some other way.

I was captivated by the imaginative methodology of Timex Creative Director Giorgio Galli, so I connected with him to more readily comprehend the beginnings of this plan. “The skeleton is a plan that I’ve had in my portfolio since 1996 when it was made on a Nautica watch. I feel that I am the first that always planned such a skeletonized case. It’s a sort of mark statement.”

Brushed and polished

The greatest test Galli experienced during the assembling interaction was taking advantage of one of those regularly botched chances I referenced before. Watch case completing is again and again underestimated. It is one of the subtleties that can represent the deciding moment a plan, either raising it from the customary or entrusting it to the positions of forgettable indiscretions. In this competitive value section, subtleties truly matter. All the finely-phrased press material on the planet can’t measure up to a job done the right way. Galli perceived this and went to considerable lengths to puts forth the defense completing of the Timex S1 stand out.

“The intense test was the exactness of the skeletonized case and the completions between the brushed and cleaned territories, which are very complex considering the cost point.”  And it is observable. Indeed, even before I had addressed the man himself, it is something I’d spotted and distinguished as the sort of detail you generally anticipate from huge spending watches. It was additionally a strong defense for having made the buy (these are the sort of things that are difficult to appreciate in anything other than the metal).

Creative congruity

The contrast is best valued by peering through the skeletonized hauls. The cleaned surface of within holder looks out through the flanking gaps like a jewel in the earth. Moreover, it is beautified with a screw string design, which is reflected by the insightfully planned crown. A standard stock plan would have executed the disposition, however could so effectively have been the choice picked had the topic of cost bested that of inventive congruity. Fortunately, Galli and his group plumped for an extraordinary screw head-like shape, which isn’t simply exactly as expected however pleasingly useful also. It is sufficiently large to be comfortably worked however set into the case in a manner that doesn’t upset the general plan one bit.

Charismatic statement

As a vintage fellow, the case distance across at first upset me. As of late, I communicated worry over the Marlin DNA being messed with and the watch being reevaluated as a 41mm model. Yet, today I completely feel Galli’s thought, again astonishing myself for utilizing exactly the same words as Galli. “The S1 is a bridge between exemplary watchmaking and modern design.”

At 41mm, the Timex S1 wears incredibly well. I was apprehensive I would wind up with a nonexclusive watch without an unmistakable character, however the inverse is valid. Had the watch been estimated at 38mm it would look somewhat senseless. That little additional weight adds to its contemporary character in spades, which figures out how to hold the smallest retro appeal on account of the pared-back dial.

Jewel on the dial

If you turn the watch face up, other than three hands and the twelve markers, you can see an abnormal glossy purple dab over six. It’s a gem. It doesn’t have any extraordinary capacity as the also found glimmering red speck we saw on the Mondia Top Second. However, in any event it represents something: “The gem on the dial addresses the programmed development inside the watch,” Galli clarifies. Obviously, for a man of Galli’s demanding norms, the position of the gem caused some consternation: “I had the whole dial revamped only a month prior to the dispatch of the watch because of erroneous extents between the gem and the dial. The little contrast among this and the first plan, however extremely huge for me.” And, as Galli and Timex know, exceptionally large for an insightful customer base also.


Looking at the caseback has a mitigating impact. The screw-string design is proceeded here, with the content one may hope to discover surrounding a presentation window covered up underneath the glass. A shrewd move to cushion out a smallish development so it fits a cutting edge case distance across, the steel ring encompassing the Miyota type records the designer’s name and the gem tally. There isn’t an excessive amount to think of home about behind the glass, yet the skeletonized rotor with Timex marking is a pleasant touch. At this value point, the degree of adornment is, in any case, a gigantic positive.

Industrial at its best

Okay, so rotor clamor may not be at the highest point of your list of things to get, however it isn’t consistently a terrible thing. The sound is remarkably jingly and metallic. It seems like I have the direction of my 1984 Volkswagen Golf II shaking around my wrist at whatever point I’m wearing the S1. Also the way that the rotor swing appears to be limitless. It’s difficult to say whether any other person would be disturbed/enchanted by this characteristic, yet I wound up in the last camp. Beside the modern symbolism the humming gadget tied to the furthest limit of my arm summoned in my psyche, I sort of enjoyed the ordinary update I was wearing a mechanical machine.

Twelve long periods of cooperation

Are you pondering who Giorgio Galli is? His was purchased by Timex Group twelve years prior. Notwithstanding that, the Timex S1 is the principal Timex watch to authoritatively bear his name. So what took such a long time? Galli was, as could be, exceptionally discretionary. “We expected to construct the right plan way for Timex first to begin to conceptualize different freedoms, incorporated an item bearing my name. Timex should have been experienced both in plan/thought and in the contest.”

Innovative strap

There is yet more confirmation of the individual methodology taken by Galli in the inventive tie of the Timex S1. I was amazed to learn it is the aftereffect of long periods of disappointment. “It is a unique thought, only intended for the S1. Everything began because I don’t care for managers on the lashes. I chose to supplant it with something much more clean, that doesn’t move around all the time.” The engineered elastic lash is meager with a shallow opening on the sides. The tie has no design on the top, simply a smooth matt surface. To keep the watch safely on the wrist, all the wearer should do is pop the mushroom-formed pin, which is joined to the last part of the tie, into the bore opening on the top of the tie and presto! It holds well. It looks great. Approved.

Shotgun notes

Subtle and droning tones spread everywhere on the Timex S1 dial exchanging between a smoky pearl and a sharp sunburst impact when under direct light. You can see the skeleton thought likewise reflected in the elevated hour markers and entirely formed hands with their fingertips loaded up with great quality luminant. Minute track markers appear to be scratched into the dial, fortifying the moderate modern look and feel. To some degree shockingly, the Timex S1 offers only 50 meters of water obstruction, however given the shrewd as opposed to lively plan, it is probably not going to be tried as far as possible. Also, for those hoping to spruce up this wonderfully accommodating material, new lash tones will come to the store in 2020.

Final thoughts

I was considering what amount of time it requires to carry such a watch to the market. “Prototyping normally takes somewhere in the range of 4 and a month and a half. From the primary sketch to sequential creation, it took us one year,” Galli uncovers. A couple of moments prior I checked the accessibility and, as Giorgio commented in our conversation towards the finish of 2019, the . I’m not shocked truth be told, which is the reason I wasn’t anxious about snatching one. It ceaselessly kept me drew in with a great deal of subtleties to be investigated. Following fourteen days of nonchalantly becoming acquainted with each other, it appears I have ended up in (another) drawn out relationship. On the off chance that you end up spotting one, I profoundly support getting your hands on it. It’s an uncommon monster and will doubtlessly not disappoint.