The Seiko Marinemaster 300 is one of the best watches I got in recent years. That is all. Feelings aside, this watch is such a lot of value for the money, that it wins gives over from other jumping watches by brands like Tudor, Oris, Longines and maybe even IWC, Omega and Rolex thinking about what you’d get for the cash. A significant striking assertion, however when I received it in January 2015, it had a rundown price of €2000 and there was nothing that approached the determinations the Marinemaster 300 had at that cost. Presently, they ceased the Marinemaster 300 (SBDX017) and introduced this Seiko SLA019J1 or ‘1968 Automatic Diver’s Limited Edition’ as it is formally alluded to. Is it still as great and ass-kicking as its predecessors? Let’s have a look.

Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex

Officially, the Seiko SLA019J1 isn’t a Marinemaster, however we as a whole realize it is, obviously. This reference is a commemorative (restricted) release to the main model from 1968, Seiko’s reference 6159. Beneath, the SBDX012 (2015’s commemoration model) and the vintage 1968 reference 6159-7000. Photograph credit to Stefan Mollin ( ), who is a collector and master on Seiko watches.

With this 1968 Automatic Diver’s restricted release, the Seiko SLA019J1 is not the first nor just commemorative model that Seiko made for an authentic watch. Much the same as numerous different brands, they discover motivation in their documents to come up with new watches for aficionados and collectors. What’s more, that’s not something terrible as I would like to think, as these verifiable models are very pursued and profoundly popular. People like these demonstrated plans a ton. Collectors may somewhat pursue the first references, yet on the off chance that these are just not available or madly costly, a restricted version is the following best thing, right?

Marinemaster 300 Discontinued

Just before the presentation of this new Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex, the gossip was at that point out that the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017 (find our two surveys on it here and here ) would be ended. This gossip was affirmed to us during our gathering with Seiko in Basel, it would be truly halted. This Seiko SLA019J1 is a restricted release to commemorate the Marinemaster 300, yet for the most part for the reference 6215-7000. All things considered, I don’t accept that the Marinemaster 300 will be ended forever.

The SBDX001, the one that I have and checked on top to bottom back in 2015 ( read it here ) had a few shortcomings, yet without a doubt, little ones. The SBDX017 references that succeeded the SDBX001, had subtle updates. These were essentially with the development (from 8L35 to 8L35B), that had the new MEMS innovation and with the DiaShield covering of the case. A DLC treatment you could say, to shield the case and bracelet from being scratched too without any problem. At that point, there was the expansion of the Prospex logo on the crown and the utilization of another Lumibrite composition on the dial and hands to make it significantly more brilliant (and more). What didn’t change, was the utilization of Seiko’s Hardlex crystal. When asked, Seiko said that utilizing sapphire rather than Hardlex would expand the price of the watch a considerable amount, while the additional hardness of the sapphire compared to Hardlex was not worth that much difference. Nonetheless, the interest stayed to exist, and for the new Seiko SLA019J1 they appear to have tuned in to the purchaser. It presently utilizes a sapphire crystal.

8L35 type, utilized in the Marinemaster collection, is additionally made in Morioka.

What’s New About The Seiko SLA019J1

But the sapphire gem isn’t the lone thing that changed compared to the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017. The plunging bezel on the Marinemaster 300 may have appeared as though it was ceramic, because of its exceptionally clean shine, yet it was simply metal. Presently with this new restricted version Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex, it is at last made of ceramic. The utilization of sapphire and a ceramic bezel is obviously reflected in the price, to which I will get back later.

Most notable are of course the green shade of the dial and bezel on this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex jumper. Very mass ish, albeit the 44.3mm case remained, so it is just the tone. Green looks great on the Seiko Marinemaster 300 SLA019J1 and I can possibly envision the run it will cause when the watch hits the stores this month. Just 1968 pieces will be made, to feature the time of the first Seiko reference 6215-7000 diver’s watches. A couple of a bigger number of pieces than the other commemorative version to the 6215, the 1968 Automatic Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition. We referenced that observe momentarily in our Seiko BaselWorld 2018 overview , where you can peruse that this model just has a creation of 1500 pieces and is clearly a re-release of the 6215. It utilizes the 8L55 development, which is a high beat type (36000vph). The Seiko SLA019J1 is a cutting edge understanding, or maybe the developed model of the 1968 watch, much the same as the SBDX001 and SBDX017 Marinemaster 300 watches.

Back to the green, as indicated by Seiko it has been enlivened by the Yakushima Island. On this island, you will discover the Japanese cedar, known as yakusugi, with its dark green shaded leaves. Because of its great woods, Yakushima Island is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. Yakushima is known to have a ton of submerged fortunes also, making it a mainstream place for scuba jumping. Presently you know why Seiko picked the ceramic bezel and dial to be green.

A fascinating plan include is the utilization of the gold shaded seconds hand and the ‘300m’ imprinted in gold. My colleague Mike previously commented on it in one of his BaselWorld 2018 reports, as he didn’t like this to an extreme, yet I need to differ with him. I really like the gold on green. Honestly it isn’t energetic maybe, however nor am I and I think this combination is somewhat similar to the picture above (from Seiko), where you can see the gold shades of the sun beams in combination with the green of the woods on Yakushima Island.

Inside the Seiko SLA019J1, we discover their type 8L35B development that was additionally utilized in their SBDX017 reference. Despite the fact that my own Marinemaster 300 SBDX001 has the past cycle of this development, I never noticed any deviation that irritated me. The 8L35B depends on the Grand Seiko 9S55 type, however comes up short on the level of finish of the GS development and doesn’t have the particular guideline that a GS watch receives. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean it performs noticeably more terrible. It is a decent and reliable development and fits a games watch. Since you don’t see it in any case, I can manage without the nice(r) GS completing anyway.

Bracelet and Strap

What didn’t change is the bracelet for this watch. Despite the fact that there’s qualitywise not a lot amiss with the stainless steel bracelet, my standard complaint about them is as yet legitimate: the catch. The fasten of the bracelet tends to ‘extend’ when you open it, as the flip-lock additionally ‘unlocks’ the bracelet augmentation when you move it excessively far in reverse. At the point when it is on your wrist, nothing can turn out badly. It is a decent strong bracelet, however this undesirable conduct when release the collapsing catch consistently disturbs me. Other than the stainless steel bracelet, Seiko will toss in one of the comfortable silicon straps.

The Seiko SLA019J1 The End of an Era?

As I composed prior, with the suspension of the Seiko Marinemaster 300, the Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex can be viewed as the finish of that. The reprise of a notorious jumper. In any case, I don’t and won’t accept that to be straightforward. The Marinemaster 300 has been too successful to possibly be halted at this moment. Despite the fact that I do accept that the less expensive jumping models (like the Turtles, SKX007, Scubas and so on) presumably sell in higher volumes, they don’t come near the expert determinations of the Marinemaster 300 and this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex. This great diver’s watch is being produced in a similar area where Grand Seikos are conceived, utilizing a development that depends on one of the previous Grand Seiko types and let’s not disregard the monobloc case development. No, this watch is maybe the finish of the Marinemaster 300 as far as we might be concerned, yet I am convinced that Seiko will come up with a commendable successor. Maybe the Seiko SLA019J1 is only a herald of what will be coming. Saphire gem, ceramic bezel, monobloc case and the incredible 8L35B development. The Marinemaster 300, and this Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex diver’s watch is, as I would see it, only one stop before Grand Seiko.

Final Thoughts On The Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex

With a retail price of €3200, the Seiko SLA019J1 Prospex is certainly more costly than the SBDX001 that I checked on back in 2015 (and recorded for €1200 less), yet it actually is a dreadful parcel of significant worth for cash. I have no questions that this watch will be before long sold out. Additionally, I am almost certain that the end of the previous Marinemaster 300 models will make somewhat of a sudden spike in demand for those that are as yet available on the lookout (counting used). Particularly when you can discover one used at a fascinating cost (there’s at present one on Chrono24 for just shy of €1700), there’s not a single uncertainty in my psyche that it is the best diver’s or sports watch you will discover there.

Assuming that a possible successor will be more in the €3000 area, you should snatch one while you still can.

That said, on the off chance that you are searching for a diver’s watch that offers a ton of value for the money (even at €3200, the Seiko SLA019J1 ‘Marinemaster 300’ actually does) and you discover one of these green restricted version models still available, pull out all the stops. It is an amazingly gorgeous watch and besides, genuine competition for (Swiss) watches that are priced a lot higher. For collectors of anything ‘underwater Seiko’: this watch is a no-brainer.

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