One of the watches I was anticipating at this year’s BaselWorld, was the Seiko SLA017 jumper from their Prospex arrangement. A restricted version and recognition for the amazing Seiko 62MAS.

Seiko SLA017 Diver

Already before BaselWorld, the news released that Seiko was up to some great with a re-version of the renowned and unbelievable 62MAS, or reference 6217-8000/1, from 1965. We composed a top to bottom article about this first real diver from Seiko, in this article by Michael Stockton. With the exception of certain pictures from some BaselWorld inventory, there wasn’t much data around this watch.

In Basel, we had two gatherings with Seiko. We at times do that. We are with a group of six individuals in Basel, so we need to isolate a few arrangements. Notwithstanding, since the vast majority of us are genuine Seiko fans, we mentioned two arrangement so everything individuals could have a go with the Seiko 2017 novelties.

Comparing to the first 62MAS

Michael Stockton brought his 1965 Seiko 62MAS watch, to have the option to compare to the new Seiko SLA017 diver.

The Seiko reference 6217-8000/1, which is also called the Seiko 62MAS (autoMAtic Selfdater) is the principal genuine jumper from Seiko: period. As Stockton wrote in his article “All proficient jumpers from Seiko owe probably a portion of their plan to this piece and as you can find in the photos, things like bezel textual style, dial tone, and markers somewhat still bear a familial similarity in the present pieces.”. This reference 62MAS was on your rundown on the off chance that you are into Seiko plunging watches. Was. As Seiko presently comes up with another option, the Seiko SLA017 jumper as a feature of their ProsPex (“Professional Specifications”) collection.

Before we get to the new Seiko SLA017 jumper, let’s put in a couple of more words on the reference 6217 or 62MAS. This watch was, as I composed previously, presented in 1965 and focused on the expert market. A market where Rolex was with their Submariner and Omega with their Seamaster 300. As a side note, we saw something very similar later on, when Omega was there with their PloProf and Rolex with their Sea-Dweller, Seiko concocted the “Grandfather Tuna” reference 6159-7010 ( which you can discover here ). In any case, the Seiko 62MAS had a 37mm measurement case, date work, bi-directional bezel, lumed dial and hands, screw-down caseback and a programmed calber 6217 development (18.000vph, non-hack). The Seiko 62MAS had a WR rating of 150 meters.

When Seiko showed us the new SLA017 jumper, we quickly felt mitigated. They managed their work competently. A slight bit greater than the first Seiko 62MAS ref.6217, yet with a diameter of 39.9mm still a truly wearable and unassuming size. As you can see on the picture above, you presumably would require a subsequent hope to see that the Seiko SLA017 jumper is somewhat greater than the 62MAS.

Seiko 62MAS

What I love such a great amount about the first Seiko 62MAS, as you can see above, is the stunning dial tone and finish. A sun burst dial with this anthracite tone, delightful hour markers, applied Seiko logo and an outlined date gap. The new Seiko SLA017 jumper is unquestionably holding confidence to that unique piece. At Seiko, Nobuhiro Kosugi was answerable for the general re-plan of the Seiko SLA017 jumper. Other than the dial, you will likewise locate the thin bezel and thin profile treated steel case to be like the 62MAS. They truly worked really hard. I immovably trust you would deceive a great deal of Seiko fans if you’d come strolling into a vintage Seiko GTG some place with this lashed on your wrist. The imprinting on the dial (200 meters rather than 150 meters for instance) would maybe give it away.

2000 Pieces Only

The new Seiko SLA017 jumper will be accessible from July and is restricted to 2000 pieces as it were. The cost will be 3800 Euro and as of now worked up some on-line and disconnected conversations. There is no uncertainty this cost is somewhat on the lofty side. 3800 Euro will get both of you unique Seiko 62MAS watches truth be told. Notwithstanding, in the event that you can find one that is and maybe more significant, in the event that you will face the challenge of getting a piece that should be fixed or updated. That will either cost you some cash yet certainly some time, as parts will be hard to source.

Of course, this is a cutting edge watch with an uncommon treated case for additional hardness, a sapphire boxed gem and the (well known) type 8L35 development. This development depends on the Grand Seiko 9S55 development and furthermore utilized in the Seiko Marinemaster 300 for instance (of which we investigated both SBDX001 and the current SBDX017 ).

Caliber 8L35 which was uniquely intended for diver’s use and is made by Seiko’s gifted skilled workers in the Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio in Morioka in the north of Japan. I’ve visited this assembling in Japan in 2015 as a feature of the Seiko Media Experience outing and I can just say (yet did that frequently effectively) that it was noteworthy all together. It opened my eyes in regards to the commitment, quality and eye for subtleties that (Grand) Seiko seeks after. All things considered, the Seiko Marinemaster 300 with a similar 8L35 development has a retail cost in The Netherlands of 2300 Euro. The Marinemaster is just about as much as a diver’s watch as the SLA017, so I can’t truly clarify the colossal distinction in cost. I additionally saw the increment in costs of the Grand Seiko brand furthermore, there are very a few contrasts in cost among Europe and the USA (a lot less expensive) for instance. It appears to be that Seiko (and Grand Seiko) utilize distinctive valuing around the globe. I’ve told (and asked) this to Seiko also, yet no answer could be given at the time.

What I can say, is that there will be individuals who will seize this Seiko SLA017 jumper immediately. Just not many will be conveyed to Europe for instance, so the Seiko fans among us who are adequately lucky to both get and manage the cost of one, will be upbeat in any case. This may become a future collectable watch, with a particularly number of pieces accessible. This may make up to the high retail cost of 3800 Euro. A value that you will get back (or maybe a touch of premium also) when it gets collectable and pursued later on. For the present notwithstanding, the value stays to be very steep and I basically can’t clarify or legitimize why this is the case.

Silicon Strap

Back to the actual watch. As you would recollect, the Seiko Marinemaster 300 comes with this long elastic lash with hobnail example, or accordion-style as Seiko alludes to it. The Seiko SLA017 Diver likewise comes with this kind of tie, however now made of silicon. I generally found the elastic tie of the Marinemaster to be cool looking, however somewhat firm when wearing. The huge ‘Tuna’ Marinemaster models previously accompanied silicon lashes that wear substantially more comfortably (I have one on my Tuna 6159-7010) and I am glad that Seiko chose to make this accordion-style tie likewise from silicon. The watch likewise comes with a hardened steel wristband though.


Let me disclose to you that Seiko worked really hard to make a re-version (or re-creation as they call it) of the incredible 62MAS. The Seiko SLA017 jumper is an extraordinary looking watch that will likely need a second or third hope to see that it is not the first 62MAS. Seiko worked really hard in honoring that first expert jumper they made. The 8L35 development is an incredible decision, a profoundly applauded development that discovers its foundations in the Grand Seiko 9S55 development. Seiko expanded the size of the watch a piece, from 37mm to 39.9mm. I keep thinking about whether I would have enjoyed the watch if they’d sticked to 37mm. I feel that it would have been too little, so 39.9mm is simply awesome. A size that will fit most men.

This watch brings about a ton of piercing oohs and aahs when it was appeared to us in BaselWorld, just to bring about lower pitched oohs and aahs when we heard the retail cost. Prior to BaselWorld, talk was that it would be around 3000 Euro. What’s more, that was at that point somewhat of a failure to some when we checked the reactions. 3800 Euro is simply excessively steep, yet I have no uncertainty this watch won’t be long in the shops and at approved sellers. They will discover their approach to authorities in any case, I am sure.

I would wouldn’t fret claiming this watch myself, yet to be mercilessly legitimate with you, I may go for a unique 62MAS rather for a large portion of its cost (and have an advanced Marinemaster as an afterthought). For the individuals who are baffled by the cost of this watch, Seiko likewise offers a comparative looking model as ‘modern re-interpretation’ of the 62MAS, reference SPB051 and SPB053 for respectively 1100 and 900 Euro. These have a comparable appearance as the SLA017, however with a 6R15 development and a bigger measurement case. Nonetheless, for perfectionists, these are presumably all in all too unique in relation to the first 62MAS.


First Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition: SLA017

Caliber 8L35


Vibrations: 28,800 vibrations each hour (8 beats for every second)

Power hold: 50 hours

Number of gems: 26


Stainless steel case with super-hard coating

Box-formed sapphire gem with hostile to intelligent coating

Screw case back. Screw-down crown

Water obstruction: 200m diver’s

Magnetic obstruction: 4,800 A/m

Diameter: 39.9mm, Thickness: 14.1mm

Silicone lash. A hardened steel wristband is included.

Approximate recommended retail cost in Europe: 3,800 Euro

Limited Edition of 2,000 pcs

The Seiko SLA017 from 2017 Seiko 62MAS