“Re-issue! Re-bundle! Re-bundle!” as warbled by Morrissey of The Smiths in “Paint a Vulgar Picture” was really what rung a bell when I first read about the present watch, the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. In case you’re at all acquainted with the tune (or in case you’re not), it, more or less, talks about the perpetual promoting of a dead pop star by delivering a wide range of restricted release variants of similar tunes. Thus it was the point at which I initially read about these new Black Series (there are three – a sun oriented chrono jumper, a sunlight based jumper and the mechanical piece you see here) motivated around evening time plunging, I sort of moaned and excused the watch with nary a look. Truly, I thought, Seiko is beginning to match Nike and its Flyknits with the quantity of colorways accessible either as an ordinary delivery or as some kind of restricted run. Yet, and I’m glad to concede this, I wasn’t right to excuse the most up to date offering out of Japan.

A few weeks back, I began to see the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series on Instagram as one of the people I met at a Time4APint gathering posted one subsequent to discovering one by chance at a London store. At that point, in what I can just portray as a complete half a month prior, Robert-Jan educated me that he was getting one and that these things were selling fast. It was plainly an ideal opportunity to take a nearer look.

Fast forward to about seven days prior when I halted into the Seiko Frankfurt Boutique to drop two or three watches that had serious room for improvement and I chose to get some information about the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. For one thing, in case you’re ever in Frankfurt, you should visit this shop. The group there is inconceivably cordial; they love Seiko’s and are quite darn proficient about new and vintage pieces. In the event that they served brew, I’d most likely wind up there each Saturday! Back to the story… I was informed that the Black Series was unavailable, however they expected to get in more and that I could add my name to the rundown. All the more critically, however, they additionally showed me and permitted me to deal with a piece that was on save. Did I need to add my name to the rundown? Of course! Lo and see, the unexpected call, or email, came around four days after the fact as the store got an unexpected shipment of a couple of the watches.

Aside from my underlying reasoning that the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series was simply one more showcasing ploy, I was genuinely killed by the prospect of a dark covered case. It’s difficult to clarify why this isn’t my thing, yet my wallet has just casted a ballot toward this path twice previously: once on an Obama-period Bell & Ross jumper and later for a 70’s LeJour chronograph. The two watches get precisely zero wrist time since I basically discover the case shading altogether too strategic, I’m constantly worried about harm, and I will in general wear earthy colored cowhide frill (indeed, I’m the American who wears earthy colored shoes in Europe after 8pm). However, as we’ll see, I think this Seiko is a piece different.

Let’s beginning for certain nuts and bolts on the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series. The watch is precisely and actually indistinguishable from the SRP7xx models commonly known as the “Turtle”. This implies you get the equivalent ~44mm treated steel case as consistently alongside 200M of water obstruction and the strong, hacking and hand winding, 4R36 programmed inside. The watch is showcased as a Limited Edition and is set apart as such on the impeccable case back.

What this implies is somewhat indistinct as the watches aren’t numbered, so it “appears” that either Seiko will make these during 2018 until request evaporates or has some chosen yet unshared number as a top priority. You likewise get an extraordinary black box with an orange inside expressing Limited Edition as well.  Compare this to the PADI Turtle (SRPA21) which conveys the terminology and etching of “Exceptional Edition”, which is a normal piece however by one way or another unique. It’s somewhat befuddling, I know.

What you do get with the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series is, obviously, an extraordinary case tone. Seiko considers it a hard dark covering, so we’re left to ponder somewhat about precisely what’s utilized, yet the main thing to note is that it’s not uniform across the case. Basically, picture a spotless form and any place there’s a matte surface, the dark covering is matte on the Black Series.

The same can be said about the cleaned divides, for example, the case sides, crown and bezel. What this winds up doing is adding much more profundity and detail to what in particular would some way or another end up as a case that vanishes. In certain lights, I even locate the brushed surfaces to take on a dull dark tint or to look like artistic. The utilization of various surfaces alone causes this watch to show up definitely more costly than its price.

With the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series, the brand accepted the open door to utilize another bezel embed with a dull dark area during the initial 20 minutes. The matte dark dial is combined with the utilization of what resembles matured LumiBrite. When referencing matured lume, some may denounce its utilization, yet I really think Seiko picked it to “warm up” the look a piece as opposed to utilizing unmistakable white markers. It works and it’s a plan decision that sells the watch.

Likewise, Seiko picked a splendid differentiating orange hand for the minutes hand that echoes some serous jumpers, for example, the Doxa 300 and Omega Seamaster Ploprof . Once more, it functions admirably and gives some truly necessary tone. Peculiarly, the hands appear to utilize white lume, which carries on a practice of Seiko not continually coordinating the two. Generally speaking radiance is awesome compared to anything beside a spotlight, however the hands certainly sparkle more brilliant than the dial.

With the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series, I’ve at last bought the option to go active with one of the brand’s silicone lashes. I’ve perused a wide range of shining reports about these lashes and everything appeared to be exaggerated. Truly, Robert-Jan sparkled about these things to a similar level as though he’d found another André Hazes collection! Indeed, after at long last finding the opportunity to wear one, I can disclose to you that these ties are amazing.

Fine, it helps that these lashes supplanted what were apparently the most exceedingly awful elastic ties ever with the polyurethane things that Seiko recently sent. (Side note: I’ll be consuming those unceremoniously.) Yes, the silicone forms get some genuine residue (particularly as it’s so dry this season), yet they don’t pull hair and they feel so light. Length-wise, the tie even works for me. A dark covered, marked steel manager and clasp are equipped as well.

At 450 Euros in Germany, the Seiko Prospex SRPC49 Black Series strikes me as more than sensible. The way that it’s selling great probably implies that it is not difficult to flip should you conclude that it’s not the lights out hit that most think it is. Indeed, Seiko has presented numerous minor departure from the Turtle subject, yet this one is sufficiently distinctive to warrant your interest.  While we have no clue about when Seiko will quit creating these, I’d believe it best to act rapidly before it’s too late.

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