Compared to 10 years prior, Seiko (and Grand Seiko) accomplished to be on the radar of many watch devotees. Also, where other (Swiss and German) brands used to grin a piece after hearing the name Seiko, they presently pay close attention.

Just before Baselworld, we saw the new Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J under ban. For the individuals who are inexperienced with this, it implies that we could have the official statement ahead of time, however not permitted to distribute before a specific date and time. So we knew about most oddities that were appeared to utilize half a month later in Basel. My advantage went out to the Grand Seiko models obviously, yet I was likewise exceptionally inquisitive to perceive how the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J would resemble in the substance. In details and on press pictures, the new Prospex LX looked fantastic as of now. The proposed retail cost of €6100 was somewhat of a shock to you we saw in our past short article about the new Prospex LX assortment. After such a long time of going to Basel and get press materials, I’ve figured out how to not comment on the cost a lot before really seeing and dealing with the watch face to face. All things considered, it should be astonishing for €6100. Compared to the mainstream and much lauded Marinemaster 300, the new Seiko SNR029J is roughly multiple times as expensive.

Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J

Before I plunge (no play on words expected) into the new Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J, let’s make it one stride back.

What gatherers and fans knew effectively quite a while past, is that Seiko has something extraordinary to bring to the table. They have the legacy (they were among the first to have a self-winding chronograph, they created quartz, Kinetic, Spring Drive and so forth), including various watches that were utilized in space ( Pogue , Spacewalk and the computerized A829-6019 ) and to wrap things up, extraordinary quality. Incredible quality, at a decent cost or if nothing else a reasonable cost. In the event that you need, you can even get some vintage Seiko models at costs that won’t get you an advanced mechanical watch from practically any (genuine) brand. Mike Stockton did an intriguing article on those, the main 10 vintage Seiko watches you should purchase now .

So, is €6100,- for this Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J a decent value, a reasonable cost or just to an extreme? It is the most costly one of the three titanium Prospex LX models. They start at €5100 and afterward there’s the GMT adaptation for €5600. Those are – notwithstanding the additional complication – somewhat less expensive, presumably because of the way that the SNR029J has a water opposition of 300 meters rather than 200 meters and 100 meters. Let’s have a more critical glance at the watch.

Titanium Prospex LX

All the Prospex LX models are made of titanium, and each of the three unique models are additionally accessible in an all dark covering (without titanium wristband). I’m not especially a fanatic of titanium, as I frequently might suspect it is too light on the wrist. Particularly when wearing a generous watch, I want to have this reflected in its weight. It is one reason I purchased the Grand Seiko Mt. Iwate a year ago, rather than the huge famous Snowflake model . For this situation, however, the Seiko Prospex LX is an enormous watch with a measurement of 44.8mm and a thickness of 15.7mm (!). So despite the fact that it is made of titanium, it actually has a critical load to it. I surmise this watch in tempered steel would effectively be a fourth of a kilogram.

The interface with Grand Seiko is handily made with the Prospex LX, not just due to the Spring Drive development (all the more later) yet in addition due to the cost. I read a few comments some place that individuals feel the cost is crazy since it doesn’t have a similar completion as the Grand Seiko. All things considered, that’s not completely evident. The titanium case has been cleaned utilizing a similar Zaratsu (reflect edge) cleaning procedure that is being applied to their Grand Seiko watches. The Marinemaster 300 that I am so attached to, and the remainder of our group too incidentally, likewise has been cleaned utilizing this strategy. So alone doesn’t compensate at the cost without a doubt. The complexity of the case on the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J is higher than on the Marinemaster 300 without a doubt. Seiko recruited previous Porsche (996) and Ferrari (Enzo, 456M and California) designer Ken Okuyama to take care that the 44.8mm x 15.7mm case stays wearable, yet in addition to give it a plan that makes the huge cleaned and brushed surfaces play with light. A job done the right way I need to say, as the watch on the wrist is positively high, yet the 44.8mm is unquestionably not uncomfortable on my 18cm wrist,

It clearly doesn’t wear as large and substantial as a Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller, for instance. Yet, make a point to attempt it first when you aren’t sure about the size. Eventually, my Marinemaster 300 (SBDX001, I evaluated it here ) is additionally 44mm in distance across and that wears fine, really.


If you’ve been perusing our Seiko and Grand Seiko audits, you may recall that I am not in every case especially certain about the wristband plans. Despite the fact that there’s literally nothing amiss with the quality or finish of their wristbands, I am simply not partial to the utilization of cleaned parts (joins) on games watches. Nonetheless, for this situation, I have nothing to complain about really. I was cheerfully amazed to see the wristband on the restricted press material, and considerably more joyful when I had the option to check it out. The plan of the wristband fits the Prospex LX case consummately. The catch has two pushers for delivering it, and there’s an augmentation framework on the off chance that you need to wear it over your plunging suit. By pulling the flip lock in reverse, you can slide the catch and make it longer or shorter.

Besides being water safe, there is various things that are significant for an expert diver’s watch. Since Prospex represents ‘Professional Specifications’, you should just anticipate the best from Seiko in such manner. There’s, obviously, the uni-directional bezel with jumping scale on the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J. No ceramics utilized, however a titanium bezel with a high shiny completed decorate. The hour long marker has a glowing spot, for better perceivability in low light conditions. For the brilliant material, Seiko depends on their own LumiBrite material, which appears to give a preferred outcome over my very own considerable lot watches utilizing Super-LumiNova for the hour markers and hands.

One of the main parts of a jumpers watch is the dial. You should have the option to peruse the time under troublesome conditions. You additionally should have the option to peruse the situation of the moment hand (in combination with the bezel). That’s no issue with the Seiko Prospex SNR029J.

The huge hour and moment hands are completely brushed and loaded up with LumiBrite too. The second’s hand likewise has a glowing speck. The dial of the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J is maybe the cleanest of the LX arrangement (along with the all-dark form with reference SNR031J) on the grounds that it has no additional time region scale and no extra (GMT) hand. It has 12 enormous and brilliant hour markers. A twofold one at 12 o’clock and none where the date gap is positioned.  Personally, I figure the watch might have thusly been managed without the force hold marker, yet I likewise comprehend it is something or other that have a place with the Spring Drive movement.

On the dial, we discover the Prospex logo (X) and the sign that it without a doubt is a Spring Drive development that controls this watch.

Spring Drive 5R65

Where the Marinemaster 300 previously utilized a self-winding 8L35 development dependent on a Grand Seiko type (9S55), the Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J makes it a stride further by utilizing one of the Spring Drive developments. I feel that this is another perspective that develops the value, the Spring Drive 5R65 type is unquestionably a stage up compared to an ordinary mechanical development. It makes the watch just more very good quality. This development has a force save marker as you can see on the pictures, as most other Spring Drive fueled watches in the assortment. It has a force hold of 72 hours, enough to put the watch a couple for a couple of days to wear something different and get it again without setting the time and date. The Spring Drive development I’ve clarified and examined commonly before, I simply need to ensure that you comprehend that it is a mechanical watch with quartz exactness (so without utilizing a battery to store energy, all things being equal, the energy is utilized straightforwardly for controlling the speed of the watch). The outcome is, that this watch has a precision of max. a 1-second deviation each day on average.

Sadly, the development isn’t obvious through a sapphire case back as you can see above. By one way or another we didn’t take a picture of the case back of the SNR029J, yet here’s one of its dark PVD covered partner, the SNR031J. However, you’ll get the thought. The Tsunami logo in the focal point of the case back, and some important and less fundamental data is engraved in there also. Rather than some other Prospex models, the Prospex LX has no monobloc case. As should be obvious, the situation back is screw-down.


This watch didn’t frustrate, by any means. The components of the watch frightened me a piece from the outset, yet once on the wrist, those 44.8mm x 15.7mm determinations on paper are pardoning. At that point there’s the plan of the watch, unmistakably impacted by the plan code that is utilized by Seiko and Grand Seiko for a portion of their different models also. Many surfaces, sharp lines, the combination of Zaratsu cleaning and brushed completion, it gives the watch a modern look. Same goes for the wristband, one that actually emphatically astounded me, as I frequently scrutinized Seiko for those. The dial is decipherable and that’s what it ought to be, all things considered, it is a jumpers watch.

As for the development, the Spring Drive 5R65 can’t be appreciated through a straightforward case back, however you will promptly realize it has one, as a result of the excessively smooth development of the second hand on the dial. Despite the fact that I am basically centered around mechanical developments without quartz innovation, Spring Drive is innovation that I regard and respect. I wouldn’t mind possessing one myself later on, for sure.

Then there’s the cost of €6100,- . That’s genuine cash, particularly viewed as that quite recently, the costs of Seiko Prospex jumpers were a lot more amiable. In any case, actually, when we performed surveys on the Marinemaster models, we generally said that the cost was a stunning suggestion for the quality advertised. Presently, the quality improved (and a Spring Drive development ready), however so did the cost. Also, that came a piece as a stun. I feel that the Prospex LX line with a beginning cost of €5100 is unquestionably not very costly, yet Seiko needs to understand that this value range likewise gives the watch aficionado/customer significantly more choices. The Marinemaster 300 was and is an easy decision at +/ – €3000, yet this Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J at €6100 additionally gives the shopper the choice to take a gander at some genuine Swiss competition. I expect Seiko put some idea into that too and is by all accounts sufficiently certain to put these sticker prices on them. It is additionally just €100 under the cost of their Grand Seiko Sport SBGA229 ( we inspected its titanium form here ), and afterward for me actually, the  with its Spring Drive 9R65 development would win it, notwithstanding the cleaned joins on the bracelet.

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