Seiko presents two new models of their famous Turtle and Samurai assortments, both piece of their restricted version Dawn Gray arrangement. Also, what’s more, these watches are for the European market as it were. All things considered, we are almost certain that Seiko fans outside Europe, can source one in the event that they need. The Dawn Gray arrangement has a decent shading plan of dim and orange, as per Seiko it ought to help you to remember the shade of first light over the Sea. Indeed, there’s that, however these are additionally just wonderful looking watches. They additionally helped me to remember something we’ve seen before however, yet about that later on.

Let’s have a more intensive gander at this new Dawn Gray Turtle and Samuari.

Seiko Automatic Diver’s SRPD01K1 Dawn Grey

A part of Seikos come with epithets, regardless of whether it is the moderate “Turtle”, that is really a “Automatic Diver’s” or the more costly Grand Seiko SBGA211 (or “Snowflake”) , they all appear to have one. Maybe on the grounds that it is simpler to recall a watch by a specific name, at that point by the reference number, for this situation, SRPD01K1. Particularly when you have a ton of references for every model, it effectively becomes confounding or essentially a memorable lot. The Dawn Gray Turtle is my top pick of the two, let’s get that out into the open first. I have a shaky area for the Seiko Turtle arrangement and own various them, including the unique 6309 just as the SRPC49K1 (there you go), otherwise called the Black Turtle (a lot simpler eh?).

Also For Smaller Wrists

Other than the tones, minimal changed about this exemplary Seiko Turtle Dawn Gray arrangement. It is controlled by the Seiko 4R36 development, which ticks at 21600vph and has a force hold of 41 hours. It likewise has a day and date marker, which is not difficult to address with the crown (you set each with their own turning heading of the crown). With a 45mm case breadth, this is certainly not a little watch. In any case, because of the shape, it doesn’t wear as large as you would might suspect. Above you see Gerard (who is liable for all the pictures in this article) wearing the Seiko Turtle Dawn Gray arrangement, and he doesn’t have a major wrist (yet regardless of that he is a pleasant person in any case). As should be obvious, the dark dial coordinates pleasantly with the steel case and wristband. The dim bezel has the initial 20 minutes of the jumping scale in splendid orange. As usual, Seiko utilizes their Lumibrite material for the enormous hour markers and hands. Its an obvious fact that Seiko watches lume like insane during low-light conditions. I locate my own “Black Turtle” regularly on the end table of my 5-year old little girl, as she is by all accounts utilizing it as a ‘night light’. Likely perhaps the most costly ones out there.

Silicon Preferred

The watch has a thickness of 13.4mm which fits the distance across and shape as I would like to think. Seiko utilized their own ‘Hardlex’ material for the gem, which is less expensive than sapphire yet exceptionally impervious to scratches. As indicated by Seiko, the smidgen of additional hardness that sapphire has compared to Hardlex doesn’t legitimize the distinction in cost. Gatherers may complain somewhat about this, and that may be the explanation that Seiko began utilizing sapphire on specific models ( like the green Prospex SLA019 ‘Marinemaster’ that Michael Stockton compared to the Rolex Submariner Hulk in this article ).

The Turtle Dawn Gray arrangement comes on a tempered steel arm band and an expansion silicon lash, which is, as I would see it, the most ideal choice. For the individuals who lean toward it on tempered steel, the arm band is entirely comfortable and the completion is quite pleasant at a watch with this cost tag. It is only the plan that is altogether too strong for an instrument watch as I would like to think. The silicon tie gives the Seiko Prospex SRPD01K1 a more utilitarian look.

Availability And Price

If you like the shades of the Dawn Gray arrangement Turtle watch and your spending plan permits, at that point this Limited Edition Seiko SRPD01K1 fundamentally an easy decision. With a retail cost of 530 Euro, it is a great deal of value for the money. Watches like this Turtle give Swatch Group’s section level brands like Certina and Tissot a difficult stretch, just as a considerable lot of the Kickstarter microbrand watches that are presented consistently. Seiko has a decent after-deals administration, and I can’t help thinking about how microbrands can and will manage administration, particularly in years from now.

The Seiko Prospex Turtle Dawn Gray arrangement is restricted to 2018 pieces and accessible in November, on the European market only. This may set off Seiko authorities outside Europe, yet welcome to our reality for a change… But like us getting JDM (Japan Domestic Models) watches, I expect that there will be approaches to get them abroad as well.

Seiko Automatic Diver’s SRPD03K1 Dawn Grey

Next up is the Samurai. I realize this watch has a significant after among the Seiko gathering community, yet I need to concede that it never made it to my own (humble) assortment of Seiko watches. This may have to do with my inclination for watches that have a smidgen more vintage motivation, however the case state of the Samurai is unquestionably fascinating with its sharp corners and cleaned surfaces. There likewise lies my own ‘against’ maybe, as I feel the watch is all in all too cleaned compared to the Turtle.

Cool Elements

What I do like about the Samurai Dawn Gray arrangement, is the dial. The hobnail dial makes it especially alive and more lively than the Turtle. Maybe I shouldn’t view at the Samurai as an instrument watch, that could really change the whole impression of the watch I presume. There is a ton to say for this restricted release Samurai, with its strange case shape, dark & orange tones, hobnail dial and calm (once more, compared to the Turtle) planned bracelet.

On the wrist, the Samurai Dawn Gray sits entirely comfortable with its 43.8mm (x 13.4mm thickness), a slight bit more modest than the Turtle. As the drags have this incline downwards, it doesn’t have all the earmarks of being an enormous watch on the wrist as should be obvious. Inside is the Seiko type 4R35 development. This is pretty much indistinguishable from the 4R36 however without the day marker. Furthermore, I need to say, I might have managed without the day marker. The date at 3 o’clock looks a piece cleaner and – particularly – in combination with the hobnail dial, I believe that an extra day pointer would make this dial cluttered.

The bezel of the Samurai is likewise dark and orange, yet clearly, the orange stops here at 15 minutes (and not at 20 minutes, similar to the Turtle). The shadings look extremely decent on the watch, particularly in combination with the dim hobnail dial and the tempered steel case. Compared to the Turtle, the Samurai has a touch all the more a metallic look, likely because of the cleaned surfaces on the case.

I need to say that this watch looks great on a wristband, which has a more calm plan than the one on the Turtle. Still not a devotee of the catch, that consistently feels somewhat modest ish, yet the quality is certainly there, particularly at the cost of this Samurai Dawn Gray. There is no extra silicon tie for this watch (reflected in the cost however), yet I am additionally not certain that this would be a decent fit to the Samurai.

As you can see underneath, the case back has been engraved with the extraordinary number of each restricted version (2018 pieces).

Availability and Price

Just like the Turtle form, this Samurai Dawn Gray with reference number SRPD03K1 will be accessible in November for the European market. With a retail cost of 470 Euro, somewhat less expensive than the Turtle. Ordinarily, the turtle (SRPC23K1 for instance) is somewhat less expensive than the Samurai (SRPB51K1), so the value contrast between the Dawn Gray watches is primarily brought about by the extra silicon tie for the Turtle.

Both Dawn Gray Watches

Before I fail to remember, the two watches have a water opposition of 200 meters. So this makes them entirely appropriate for genuine use in the water, henceforth the Prospex (Professional Specifications) mark. Likewise, the two watches come in an uncommon box that shows you’re managing a restricted version here. We have no pictures of our own of the container, yet it is a pleasant dim box with orange accents. Nothing excessively uncommon, yet something else from the standard Seiko boxes. They end up in the upper room at any rate a large portion of the time.

Both watches are likewise furnished with a screw-down crown, screw on the off chance that back and a uni-directional bezel, making it a legitimate plunging watch.


That I (and Fratello all in all) have a shaky area for (Grand) Seiko is anything but a mystery. We are likewise (and fortunately) in the position that we can expound on the watches we by and by like, and the Seiko Prospex assortment is regularly one of them. Despite the fact that I surely feel the Samurai Dawn Gray is a decent watch, the actual model doesn’t truly appeal to me by one way or another. Which is somewhat off-kilter really, as I do adore the case configuration a great deal. The Turtle is my pick between these two, primarily because of the soberer (and exemplary) plan. All things considered, you can’t turn out badly with any of these and particularly not when you bring the cost into account.

The dim and orange shading plan is engaging, however when Gerard Nijenbrinks and I plunked down with Seiko to have a see of these watches, we promptly both felt we’d seen this previously. Indeed, other than Seiko we additionally realize our Omega models very well, so it didn’t take long to recollect the Seamaster Planet Ocean in comparable tones. This is just a perception and I believe that it looks incredible on any of these watches, and curiously enough all are diver’s watches.

Just like Omega, the assortment of models is very large in the Seiko list, which is regularly viewed as something terrible by certain gatherers (or criticasters). I don’t feel it that way, as it gives more alternatives to purchasers and chances are huge that there will be something pleasant offered that will fit any of us. The solitary thing that frequently disturbs me with these numerous varieties (regardless of whether it is Seiko, Omega, Breitling, Oris or whatever brand) is that the brands want to make a relationship with something (an occasion, an area, an individual, and so on) In the event that it is a pleasant watch, it is only that, a decent watch. I feel there is no compelling reason to come up with a relationship with the shade of a leaf, tree, sea, organic product, sky etc.

And that’s fundamentally how I feel about the Dawn Gray arrangement: pleasant looking jumper watches with an all around done shading plan that will likely pull in numerous Seiko fans. The quality that Seiko offers with these watches, at these costs, is practically brilliant. It is simply an issue of taste, in the then, there are a lot of pleasant executions of both the Samurai and Turtle. Go pick one.