I won’t lie to you, I love gold. Subsequently, the new Rolex GMT-Master II Everose was a wonderful amazement for us. I will return to the bi-shading adaptation later obviously, yet first let’s view the Rolex GMT-Master II Everose reference 126715CHNR.

You know the watch without a doubt, the Rolex GMT-Master II with earthenware bezel. There was a yellow gold form as of now of this model, yet now Rolex chose to take the shade of earthy colored back to the watch. I delivered a brief and quiet moan when I saw that they didn’t want to give it an earthy colored dial (like it used to be with a portion of the vintage models), yet upon additional examination the dark dial isn’t terrible. At all.

Rolex GMT-Master II Everose

We’ve discussed Everose previously, Rolex’s answer to guarantee that rose keeps up its lovely tint and won’t turn yellow-ish over the long haul. This new GMT-Master II is made entriely of Everose gold and gauges a ton. However, it’s a comfortable ton, we may add.

The measurements and particulars of the Rolex GMT-Master II Everose are generally comparable with the Rolex GMT-Master II that we discussed here (new Pepsi). It’s a 40mm width watch with bi-directional bezel and the Rolex in-house created type 3235 development. The arm band, for this situation, is an Oyster wristband with cleaned focus connect (like the one on any remaining GMT-Master II models aside from the new Pepsi) with Easylink framework and fliplock Oysterclasp. There is little to advise that we haven’t as of now disclosed to be honest.

However, the utilization of Everose gold is new to this model (and the bi-shading variant) and this, in combination with the dark and earthy colored earthenware bezel, makes it an exceptional watch. Shouldn’t this be yellow gold with an earthy colored dial (maybe even with some areola hour markers), I requested myself when taking a gander at the showcases from the Rolex corner. Once on the wrist however, I felt that the Rolex GMT-Master II Everose is truly simple on the skin: less ‘hard’ than a yellow GMT-Master II would be. Since one of our folks has an earler model and for comparing, we put it close to the new Rolex GMT-Master II Everose.

New and Old

As you can see over, these watches are unquestionably related. Where the GMT-Master on the right ( ref.16758 ) shows the old style case, in gold, and the earthy colored dial with areola hour markers, you nearly think the new Rolex GMT-Master II Everose gold is a lot greater. The hauls are beefier, however the width is actually the equivalent at 40mm. The earthy colored tone is not the same as the vintage GMT-Master, and has more a cappuccino tone on the new reference 126715CHNR. The bezel with its two-shading earthy colored and dark Cerachrom embed in earthenware, engraved numerals and graduations, brings about the ideal result. The current component feels a lot more pleasant and preferred designed over the bezels from the past times. The shading plan of the new Rolex GMT-Master II Everose is extremely decent, however miles from the previous earthy colored dialed (and bezel) GMT-Master model.

The picture beneath shows the distinction in thickness just as a decent exhibition of how extraordinary the gold tones are. The new Rolex GMT-Master II Everose has, obviously, a Triplock crown to guarantee water opposition (up to 10ATM).

My introductory excitement was not so large for this model, since it didn’t have the earthy colored dial and was not made of yellow gold. All things considered, this vanished quickly whenever I got the opportunity to attempt it myself. It’s an even watch, and the utilization of the earthy colored and dark on the bezel coordinates consummately with the Everose gold case and arm band. The gold subtleties additionally come back in the dial, in the composition of ‘GMT-Master II’ just as in the lists and hands. Did you likewise see the little crown among Swiss and Made? The new Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi with Jubilee likewise has this feature.

The cost of the Rolex GMT-Master II Everose reference 126715CHNR is , including charges. That makes this watch not for everybody, which it as of now presumably isn’t in view of the gold material and the utilization of earthy colored in the bezel. I for one like it especially as it is quietly done as I would see it, moderately discussing course for a full gold Rolex model.

With this Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi, the GMT-Master II Bi-shading (steel and Everose) and this GMT-Master II Everose, there’s a serious intriguing line-up of new variations. Let’s likewise not disregard the new white gold GMT-Master II Pepsi, with blue dial. Shockingly we didn’t have the chance to shoot this specific reference. Additionally great to know is that the Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ (blue & dark bezel) will remain in the assortment, regardless of different gossipy tidbits on the lookout. We checked this with Rolex and they affirmed that this model will remain in production.

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