A Patek Philippe watch isn’t your commonplace games watch, despite the fact that they need to make you think in any case with their Aquanaut and Nautilus watches. The new Aquanaut Chronograph doesn’t transform anything about this, however definitely is a fascinating and welcome expansion to the Aquanaut assortment. The Aquanaut is a wonderful and refined very good quality watch, mimicking to be a tough games watch dependent on its appearance: an all steel case and arm band, or elastic tie. You could say the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph is the thing that a Bentley Bentayga is to SUVs (with the exception of being not revolting). You will once in a while come across one in the mountains or desert, as you’ll bound to see a Toyota Landcruiser, G-Wagon or Defender accomplishing the extreme work. Not that a Bentayga isn’t ready, you just don’t need to harm it. The equivalent goes for an Aquanaut, or Nautilus for that matter.

Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A

I can live with that, as I am not utilizing a games watch in outrageous conditions at any rate. Except if a 18-holes stroll on Saturday is being seen accordingly, obviously. Since the time its presentation in 1997, the Aquanaut has been on my radar. It was intended to focus on a more youthful crowd than its sibling that was brought into the world in 1976, the Nautilus. Not certain if this is the authority message, but rather the overall view of the Aquanaut is that it was a more current translation of the Naut. We’ve seen it taking all things together kinds of varieties and with various complications as of now, however now in 2018, for the absolute first time with a chronograph.

Touch of Orange

Whether it is to respect our King (of The Netherlands), Ultraman or simply being intense, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph has a hint of orange. Not just because of the chronograph second hand, minute counter or records, yet additionally by the elastic tie. The Aquanaut Chronograph reference 5968A comes with two elastic ties, one dark and one in orange. I was in reality somewhat astonished to see this from Patek Philippe, as they are regularly exceptionally circumspect in their plan decisions, particularly with regards to colors. Not this year, as the orange components are a long way from being saved. Is it the ‘enfant terrible’ that Patek Philippe delivers on occasion, as the Nautilus was being viewed as such among the more traditionalist authorities for a long time.

At first I didn’t realize what to think, and maybe that is exactly what Patek Philippe needed to set up with the Aquanaut Chronograph’s tones. In any case, when I saw it in the substance, the orange was very cool. Something other than what’s expected. You can generally be (or stay) exhausting on the off chance that you need, rather you can likewise escape your comfort zone on occasion and accomplish something insane. Everything is relative obviously, as we are two or three hands and lists here. Yet, on the off chance that you need to connect the orange elastic lash to the Aquanaut Chronograph, be set up to get a few comments when you are wearing it. It is certainly a discussion maker.

Chronograph Caliber CH 28-520 C

You’ve seen this development previously, as it is additionally utilized in the Nautilus Chronograph reference 5980. The Patek Philippe type CH 28-520 C development comprises of 308 sections, utilizes the most recent Patek Philippe innovation for its equilibrium spring (Spiromax) a has a Gyromax balance (utilizing c-formed loads on the equilibrium wheel edge for fine change). It ticks at 28.800vph and has a force hold of at any rate 45 hours. It has an hour counter at 12 o’clock, for this situation demonstrated with a little orange hand. The focal seconds hand is for the chronograph too, and furthermore in orange. The rotor is done in 21 carat gold.

Amazing Finish

The first thing that comes to mind when putting this watch on the wrist is the flawless completion of the case and development. The bezel has a silk finish on top and the slant has been given a pleasant cleaned finish. A brushed case band and cleaned surface on top of the carry, make it an energetic combination like you’re used to from the Aquanaut (and Nautilus for instance). Indeed, even the rectangular pushers have a few sorts of completing and intriguing looking shapes and points to it. The crown is endorsed by the popular Patek Philippe logo and is not difficult to get a handle on. As you can see on the picture beneath, the thickness of the case is surely considerable (for a Patek), yet gauges just 11.9mm.

A Sportswatch Afterall

The Patek Aquanaut Chronograph reference 5968A will retail for practically 40K Swiss Francs (CHF38.600) however risks are huge that you won’t have the option to source one immediately, as these watches will undoubtedly have a holding up rundown because of the interest by gatherers (or examiners). For that, you will get an intense very good quality chronograph, with a dash of Dutch yet you can likewise restrain it with the dark elastic tie that comes with the bundle. The 42.2mm tempered steel case, being water safe up to 120 meters and the elastic tie make it appropriate for swimming and sports. There’s no gold to destroy or arm band to scratch, it is really a quite respectable games watch. The inquiry is whether you will be prepared to utilize your (nearly) CHF40K Patek Philippe during sports, regardless of whether that’s a 18-opening course or while riding your off-road bicycle. That’s totally up to you obviously, however I am almost certain the larger part will take it off and trade it for another watch that will sting less (monetarily) when something happens to it. Yet, as a proprietor of the Aquanaut Chronograph you will be happy with the information that the watch is up to it.

Of course, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Chronograph 5968A complies with their own Patek Philippe seal. A seal that guarantees not just certain specialized details, for example, a precision of – 3/+2 seconds per day overall, yet in addition meeting the prerequisites of the completion of the case, pushers, crown, arm band/lash and development. It likewise guarantees lifetime ensure that the watch is workable, repairable and – in the far future – restorable.

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