Remember the principal Omega Seamaster Professional 300M ‘Bond’? The 2541.80 (quartz) and 2531.80 (programmed) to be exact. Those watches weren’t restricted releases, yet part of the customary Omega assortment and worn by Bond in 1995 and onwards. Today, we acquaint with you the Seamaster 300M that Bond will wear quickly To Die, and it will be in the customary assortment as well.

I love the Seamaster 300M 2531.80. I had many, sold many, and repurchased one two years prior, acknowledging I shouldn’t have sold the first that I purchased in 2000. The Seamaster 300M was, and is, the bread and butter piece for Omega. It generally offered a great deal of value for the money and still does. Particularly the as of late presented models, with the in-house created and delivered Master Chronometer movement.

Seamaster 300M Bond

For quite a while, the inquiry was which Seamaster 300M model Daniel Craig will be wearing in the upcoming ‘No Time To Die’ Bond-film. It was at that point clear that it would be a Seamaster 300M dependent on the photos taken on the set that are drifting near. Today, in New York City within the sight of Daniel Craig, Omega divulged the Seamaster 300M that will be on the wrist of Bond. No one anticipated an altogether new delivery for this, I surmise, yet Omega (with contribution from Craig) accepted the open door to make something exceptional for James Bond. Daniel Craig wore the 300M previously, in Casino Royale (2006). In that equivalent film, Bond wore a Seamaster Planet Ocean and continued doing as such in the motion pictures that followed. In Specter, James Bond wore a Seamaster 300 model (not to be mistaken for the 300M).

This Seamaster 300 was a restricted version of 7007 pieces. What’s more, on the off chance that you think that’s not restricted, the market can’t help contradicting you, they were immediately sold out, and you need to pay a significant premium to get one today. For No Time to Die, James Bond is back with the 300M.

Meet the new Seamaster 300M Bond watch

This 42 mm Seamaster 300M is made of Grade 2 titanium and highlights a wonderful Milanese arm band, likewise in titanium. This was the watch that individuals previously saw on a portion of the Bond-set pictures, and attempted to ‘imitate’ by putting a Milanese wristband on their Seamaster 300M watch. What likewise was seen on a portion of the photographs, was the wide bolt over the six o’clock marker, giving it a clear military reference. Ideal for Bond.

What I additionally especially like is the domed gem. It somewhat brings about a touch of mutilation under specific points, yet it gives the watch this extraordinary vintage look & feel.

The tropical earthy colored (aluminum!) dial is pleasantly finished with rich looking lists and composing. Over the MoD bolt, you will discover the ‘Co-Axial Master Chronometer 300m/1000ft’ composing, or more the middle pinion, there’s the Omega logo and composing. The red printed ‘Seamaster’ gives brilliant difference and matches the red tip of the second’s hand. We locate the smooth shading likewise on the plunging size of the aluminum bezel.  As you can see, there’s no date opening on the dial. Where the first Seamaster 300M Bond had a date window at 3 o’clock, Omega chose to skirt the date for this watch and kept it as perfect as could really be expected. I cheer Omega for forgetting about the date, I don’t care for a date (window) on my watch in any case. What remained is the Helium valve at 10 o’clock. Some will like it, some won’t, yet it has a place with the Seamaster 300M, in my opinion.

007 References

The new Omega Seamaster 300M Bond is certainly not a unique or restricted version, however it contains a few references to 007. On the off chance that you don’t like Bond, however like the watch, I suppose you should figure out how to live with it. Or on the other hand don’t focus on them. Other than the bolt on the dial, there are a few references to 007 looking into it back, also. There’s the 007 brand name logo working on this issue, with the firearm. In any case, you will likewise discover a reference to ‘007’ in the number etching (more on this beneath the image) in the focal point of the case back, underneath the wide arrow.

Omega’s Seamaster 300M Bond has the Naiad lock case back, guaranteeing that the etching is constantly situated evenly and ‘correct’. The carries are additionally engraved, concerning the utilization of titanium, and afterward there’s the Omega globe logo. This logo has to do with copyrights and the utilization of copyrights to control explicit business sectors ( ).

The numbers looking into it back which follow the arrangement for certified military-issue watches. “0552” is the code-number indicated for Navy faculty, with “923 7697” being the number for a jumpers’ watch. The letter “A” will be a code used to mean a watch with a screw-in crown, while “007” is James Bond’s notable specialist number. At last, the number “62” is the time of the absolute first James Bond film.

Titanium Milanese bracelet

Omega’s exemplary 9-column wristband that they have been utilizing for the Seamaster 300M since 1993 vanished for this event. All things being equal, there’s this cool looking Milanese arm band made of titanium. The arm band is entirely comfortable and is exceptionally simple to change, fundamentally a similar way a regular lash is measured by openings in a single piece of the tie. The collapsing clasp has the recognizable Omega shape and is utilized similarly. Two delivery catches to open the fasten, and to close it; you push until you hear the clicking sound.

The titanium wristband is pleasantly wrapped up. There are no closure connects that fit precisely to the case, and they leave a little hole between the wristband and the watch. Maybe not that little, but rather pretty much equivalent to a leather lash would do. It underlines the utilitarian look, as I would like to think, and I am not even sure how it would have looked when the Milanese arm band would have bended closures that fit the case.

Caliber 8806 movement

Inside is Omega’s type 8806. From one perspective, a pity that you won’t have the option to see the development yet then again, a cool etching is something I can appreciate also. The type 8806 development for the Seamaster 300M Bond watch is a monster jump from the main (programmed) reference 2531.80 Bond watch, obviously that utilized the ETA based Omega type 1120. It has been guaranteed ‘Master Chronometer’ by METAS, of which everything subtleties can be found here . Despite the fact that you can’t appreciate taking a gander at the development with this watch, you basically realize it is acceptable and pleasantly got done with Geneva waves in Arabesque. The profoundly hostile to attractive development (and hence watch) is something a legitimate spy needs, obviously, with all that hardware he’s frequently uncovered to.

Available in Two Versions

If you aren’t much for a Milanese wristband, Omega chose to offer this Seamaster 300M Bond with a NATO tie too. The value contrast of almost 1000 CHF may likewise assist you with settling on an even choice. I would actually consistently recommend purchasing a watch like this on an arm band and add the NATO independently. When you bought the watch on NATO, it will be somewhat of a problem (and a costly one) to add the wristband separately.

That said, the Omega Seamaster 300M Bond unquestionably looks great on the NATO lash. Omega chose to utilize a colorway for their NATO lash that will help you to remember the one utilized by Bond in Dr. No. The attendants on the NATO lash have been engraved with the 007 logo.

No Limited Seamaster 300M Bond

We saw the restricted version Bond observes effectively a couple of months prior, and detailed about them here . We saw that those unique, or restricted, versions are especially preferred by the individuals who love anything Bond. Watch aficionados were a touch more hesitant to all the Bond marking, including me. With only a couple minor references to 007, this new Seamaster 300M Bond will address an expansive crowd, including the watch devotees. I have given this watch a shot, tinkered with the titanium Milanese wristband, and it truly started my craving to make a buy (once more). I never got one of the Seamaster 300M reference 2531.80 watches (I think I had 4 altogether in the previous 19 years at present actually own one)  due to the connection with James Bond. Nonetheless, I likewise realize that numerous individuals purchased this watch due to its job in the motion pictures of 007. It may even have made numerous individuals become a watch devotee after they bought the watch that Bond was wearing during the 1990s films. This new Seamaster 300M Bond watch may do something very similar once more, despite the fact that the cost is somewhat more extreme than those 2541.30 and 2531.80 references back in 1995 when they showed up with 007.

I love the way that this watch is definitely not a restricted release, and will be essential for the ordinary Omega assortment. Every individual who needs this watch can essentially get it (in the event that they have the methods) without becoming baffled about shortlists or crazy premium costs by flippers and dealers.

Pricing and Availability

The new Omega Seamaster 300M Bond will be accessible according to February 2020. The variant with NATO tie will have a retail cost of CHF 7500 (ex tank)/8100 USD and the adaptation with titanium arm band will be CHF 8500 (ex VAT)/USD 9200. As composed above, I generally encourage you to purchase with arm band and add the NATO yourself if you’re after this specific look. Fratello being in New York during the divulging and sufficiently fortunate to attempt this new Omega Seamaster 300M Bond watch, I need to admit that this watch is high on my list of things to get. It ticks a ton of boxes for an ideal games watch, including typical accessibility. My flow Seamaster 300M 2531.80 and 2296.80 will, shockingly, see somewhat less sunlight when this new Omega Seamaster 300M Bond has been added.

In actuality, however much I was infatuated with the Seamaster 300M model with the dark & Sedna gold combination here , this Seamaster 300M Bond is my new most loved execution of this model. The distinction in cost is huge, however this new 300M in titanium with the Milanese wristband is the one to have if your financial plan allows.

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