Citizen has consistently been a significant player with regards to semi-professional plunge watches, the Promaster Professional Diver 1000M, which we’re checking on this time, is no exception.

The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M Eco-Drive

An unquestionably genuine instrument

Let’s make things clear first, no professional or semi-professional jumper needs a plunging watch. For quite a while, divers utilize and depend on their electronic wrist-jump computers, which submit stacks more data than simply the time that they’ve been submerged. Incidentally, does it exist at any rate, semi-professional? It’s either professional or it isn’t, isn’t it? It’s like consistent, either something is consistent, or there are creases. There’s nothing of the sort like practically consistent; that’s simply not consistent. A semi-professional jumper doesn’t plunge for their calling, accordingly it’s a great jumper. Literally nothing amiss with that of course.

So, presently we have that far removed let’s focus on the watch once more. Furthermore, I like to caution you, this will be an affection tune. Also, particularly for this situation in light of the fact that you’ll discover this to be a particularly certain survey, I like to communicate that not the slightest bit Fratello, nor myself, are compensated by Citizen for this audit. All I expound on it are my own totally fair feelings.


It’s colossal! That’s the first you’ll notice while getting the watch in your grasp. Tremendous, as in HUGE! Not colossal like a Panerai Luminor or like an IWC Big Pilot, however truly gigantic. Also, excellent. Be that as it may, let’s adhere to the size first. The breadth of this watch is, as per my own estimations, an incredible 52,5 mm. Be that as it may, the measurement unquestionably isn’t the lone variable which makes this watch show so enormous. That is the combination of its thickness of very nearly 22 mm and a tie width of 29 mm. Indeed, even the strap’s clasp, with a width of 22 mm, adds to it.

In certainty, the size of the watch makes that, sensibly, it’s not appropriate to be utilized as a regular watch. The watch plainly shows it is a genuine instrument, and that is the means by which it needs to be utilized. Against this order, I’ve been wearing the watch on more than one occasion during the day, and I felt like a numbskull. Clearly, individuals around me, seeing me wearing the watch, totally concurred with that. Obviously, there will be consistently individuals – let me name them the glance at-me! individuals – who like to flaunt. They won’t locate a preferred chance over wearing this Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M.

To improve point of view, I’ve imagined the Citizen close to another watch which is viewed as large. A 1000M Seiko ‘Tuna’ Professional. In the event that you thought too a Seiko Tuna is a major watch, look and reconsider. Furthermore, I’ve imagined the Citizen close to my Mares Puck Pro plunge computer. Just a gadget like this marginally dominates the Citizen in size.

Technical appearance and utilized techniques

Besides the amazing size of the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M, it’s the specialized appearance also which persuades. Solid, restless lines. The practically forceful yet absolutely amazing state of the diver’s bezel. Strong, unmistakably lucid numerals on the bezel. Utilization of mechanical typefaces. Dull shaded metals, combining two of Citizen’s elite advancements, Duratect MRK and Duratect DLC.

Citizen’s Duratect MRK is an innovation that keeps up titanium’s unique properties while solidifying the outside of the actual material (instead of applying a covering to it). Two gases are infused into an uncommon vacuum heater and warmth treatment applied to deliver a hard layer around 20 to 30 microns thick on the outside of the titanium. Protection from scratches is expanded in light of the fact that the outside of the titanium material itself is made more enthusiastically. Portions of the watch treated this way have their unique blanc material colour.

And Citizen’s Duratect DLC applies a shapeless carbon covering onto the outside of the titanium through. It’s a cool plasma innovation and includes passing an electric flow through hydrogen and carbon gases. DLC is an abbreviation for ‘precious stone like-carbon’. The DLC covering contains carbon and hydrogen (like a jewel) and does not have any grain limits. Therefore, it’s incredibly hard, smooth and scratch-safe. The Duratect DLC strategy has a more elevated level of adhesiveness than standard DLC advances. The pieces of the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M treated by this method can be dictated by their anthracite colour.

Feeling and working the watch

The next experience which will intrigue is taking care of the watch. Let’s imagine we’re prepared to plunge, and before we go submerged, set the bezel to the current moment. Before this is conceivable one needs to open a slide lock ring, set just beneath the diver’s bezel. Outwardly of this dark Duratec DLC’d ring there are two scores, showing ‘< FREE  LOCK >’ in white print on top of them. Outside measured 55,5 mm, they marginally stick out from the bezel. Very instinctive you’ll turn the ring towards the ‘< FREE’ bolt, and you’re ready to pivot the diver’s bezel. Indeed, even in the ‘FREE’ position of the locking ring, the bezel just turns uni-directional.

When set to the ‘FREE’ position, a dull orange shading component becomes obvious. It’s cautioning the client that the bezel could be turned and the watch ought not be utilized for plunge time estimation in that position. The sensation of pivoting the locking plate is totally superb. To start with, it needs an all the more firm power to deliver it from its present position – be it  ‘FREE’ or ‘LOCK’ed – at that point it slides like nothing else to its opposite end. It’s something which feels so great, that you could play with it the entire day 🙂

Looking from the highest point of the watch the crown shows a dim orange ring when opened. Here it’s closed.

In line with the watch’ different measurements, the crown with a breadth of 9 mm is reasonably estimated. It has a generally excellent grasp and obviously, it’s of the screw down sort. Loosening up it from its string an equivalent dull orange shading component underneath the crown becomes noticeable. Cautioning the client again that the ought not be utilized for making a plunge this position. For the rest, the crown works like some other crown. Hauling it out one position sets the date, two positions empowers to set the time.

The Eco-Drive J210 caliber

And here’s the first run through I’ll notice the development utilized in this Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M. While at generally programmed/mechanical watches not pulling out a crown is a situation to hand wind the development, we won’t see that here. In the wake of unscrewing the crown from its string, and not pulling out by any means, it tends to be turned yet nothing occurs. That’s in light of the fact that Citizen chose to utilize an Eco-Drive quartz development in this robust watch, their demonstrated type J210.

While I’m not toward the finish of my affection melody for this watch by any means, this is a point I’m not absolutely sure of. Presumably it’s a gigantic accomplishment, I don’t know. The Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M is ISO 6425 affirmed and it’s likewise appropriate for immersion jumping at extraordinary profundities. The watch even has a constrain balance valve to deliver gas from the internals of the watch during immersion inundation to forestall harm or breakage. Also, Citizen reasonably states “Thanks to the Eco-Drive innovation, there is no compelling reason to change batteries consistently. The force hold marker advises divers about the leftover battery power so they can appreciate the jump without worrying.”. Furthermore, for the accomplishment part of where I began this passage with, the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M is the principal ISO 6425 compliant watch at any point to be furnished with a sunlight based controlled movement…

9 mm enormous crown, wonderfully emblazoned and with awesome grip

Electric power and water

But still. While absolutely pointless, other than being extraordinary amusing to wear an overall quite lovely plunge watch when jumping, I can consider one minuscule down to earth motivation to wear a jumping watch while submerged. Furthermore, that would be the way that a mechanical plunging watch is autonomous of electric force. Power and water consistently have been adversaries, and only for that, I could concoct the rationalization that a mechanical watch is more water-accommodating than an electronic one. Psyche you a waterfilled suffocated mechanical watch wouldn’t run any longer also, yet we’ve all seen watches damping up on the grounds that some dampness entered the watch’ packaging. In that circumstance, an electronic watch will quit working immediately, while a mechanical watch actually runs and will simply require a decent cleaning at the closest watchmaker when it’s surfaced.

However, without a doubt, the vigor and clear unwavering quality of the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M make it feasible for me to overcome this hesitance, to utilize an electronic diver’s watch, without any problem. Completely sun based charged the development has a force save of one-and-a-half year (540 days). A, compared to any remaining pieces of the watch, little force measure is obvious at the three o’clock position on the dial.

Ready for underwater!

For a watch, as I would like to think, barely appropriate to sensibly wear ashore, a survey of it submerged is fundamental. Thus, as referenced in the heading of this article, I have attempted the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M submerged too. I wore it in the comfortable luke-warm waters of the Mediterranean while finding moderately shallow close seaside waters nearby Monte-Carlo. Close waterfront, since, something relatively few individuals may understand, the Mediterranean ocean around there, two or three hundred meters seaward rapidly arrives at profundities of more than 100 meters. Something the watch wouldn’t care yet not a spot for most sporting divers.

The Citizen Promaster Professional 1000M in its regular habitat

How does it wear?

So here we go, prepared for submerged! Putting on the wrist is genuinely simple. As may be clear at this point, everything is satisfactorily estimated and subsequently can be dealt with without any problem. The elastic lash is fairly firm, precisely as you would need for an instrument which will accompany you in plausible unforgiving conditions. The length of the tie is adjusted to use on an uncovered wrist (as I did), just as utilized lashed over a plunging suit of any thickness. It tends to be worn very close as the waved expansion part of the elastic compensates for contrasts in measurement of the wrist/suit and wrist developments. On account of its weight, its better to wear the watch very close surely, it won’t wobble on your wrist like that. A real weight being less by the route than you would expect as a result of the size of the watch. Once on your wrist it has a place there and doesn’t hamper in any way.

And how’s the functionality?

Once submerged, looking through damped plunging goggles, one understands that even the boldest arrangement of hands and record markers, as we discover them on this watch, stay hard to peruse. Prior to plunging with it I previously referenced that the measurement of the dial, with just 29 mm, is pretty much equivalent to a Rolex Submariner. In any case, I’m sure I couldn’t ever have expected it when I hadn’t utilized the watch submerged. That is to say, take a gander at those hands, take a gander at those list markers. They’re like LEGO-blocks. What’s more, even in faint circumstances, they gleam like the internals of a thermal energy station. How is it possible that one would potentially confound them?

Well, fortunately it’s not that awful to be sure. It helps a lot of that the moment hand is fluo-orange, while the hour hand is simply white. Quickly where to take a gander at. All things considered, and in any event with my visual perception, the force save marker and date sign are near non-existent taking a gander at the watch while plunging. Once more, precisely what you need. This is no data which is genuinely necessary around then. One could even contend about the need of a date sign on a particularly unadulterated jumping watch this way. In any case, being an immersion diver’s watch, immersion divers who regularly stay for a few days in their immersion tanks could without much of a stretch profit by it.


At the finish to me, the Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M is a close to consummate jump watch. On the off chance that there’s the chance of such a watch by any stretch of the imagination. The flawlessness for me comes from the degree of specialized completion, the materials utilized, the manner in which the watch looks and positively feels and works. It’s a particularly lovely item, I can envision that somebody simply needs to possess it, regardless of whether when they will most likely never truly plunge with it. The materials, the resistances it’s fabricated with, the etchings, the tones, the extents. I’m a major fan and totally can see myself adding this watch to my collection.

Specifications and price

Make & Model: Citizen Promaster Professional Diver’s 1000M Eco-Drive

Reference: BN7020-09E

Case size: 52,5 x 22 mm

Material: Titanium, Duratect MRK and DLC treated

Caliber: Eco-Drive, sun oriented fueled, type Citizen J210 with 540-hour power reserve

Price (in Europe): € 1.995,= incl tax

More data can be found at

The Citizen Promaster Professional 1000M in it’s regular environment The Mares Puck Pro close to the Citizen Promaster Professional The crown shows a dim orange ring when opened The crown shows a dim orange ring when opened 9 mm huge crown with perfectly emblazoned An indisputably genuine instrument