When I began gathering watches around 20 years prior, I wanted to peruse those huge books that showed an immense measure of watches that were either classified by brand name, cost or complication. The moonphase (and schedule) complications spoke to me most at that point, as I love that huge gold moon on a dial. Maybe it isn’t the most helpful complication on the planet, yet that additionally is essential for its appeal. The issue is, as with numerous pleasant things that are available to be purchased, that these mechanical moonphase complications don’t come modest a large portion of the time.

The MeisterSinger Lunascope is a programmed watch with moonphase marker, and retails for just underneath €3000. The Lunascope combines the well, in spite of the fact that I don’t like over-utilizing the word excessively, a notable plan with perhaps the most outwardly appealing complications, the moonphase indicator.

MeisterSinger Lunascope Automatic

The MeisterSinger Lunascope was introduced to us during Baselworld this year, and it comes in two flavors fundamentally: a dim blue dial and a shiny white dial. The dull blue dial is certainly my top choice of the two, despite the fact that it involves individual inclination, obviously. What I like such a great amount about the dull blue dial adaptation (reference LS908), is that the moon circle mixes in so pleasantly with the remainder of the dial and the photograph sensible moon and stars give a particularly decent difference. The gleaming white dial adaptation, reference LS901, has a blue moon circle, which gives an exceptionally enormous difference. The numerals on the dial are likewise in a similar blue tone. By one way or another the dull blue MeisterSinger Lunascope sings more to me.

Automatic Movement

Inside this MeisterSinger Lunascope Automatic we discover the ETA 2836-2 development, with a moonphase module added. The moon needs precisely 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2,9 seconds to turn around Earth. Most watches with a moonphase complication adjust this to 29,5 days. Not at MeisterSinger. It would imply that the moonphase indication has a deviation of 8 hours out of each year and would require a change of a whole day at regular intervals. For the MeisterSinger Lunascope, they ensured that it is considerably more exact, just requiring a little change interestingly after 128 years.

MeisterSinger’s Lunascope is generally thick for a dress watch (because of the development module), with its 12mm. The case distance across is 40mm, so the measurements are still acceptable as I would like to think. As you can see over, the case back is connected to the situation by 4 screws and fitted with a sapphire precious stone. Inside is the ETA-based development, with Geneva-stripe completing and ‘MeisterSinger’ engraved and golded. All fundamental (or not, I tend to disagree) subtleties have been engraved on the bezel of the case back.

Oversized Moon

Although numerous individuals will appreciate taking a gander at the mechanics of this development, the dial is the place where it occurs for this MeisterSinger Lunascope. The lovely enormous, curiously large even, moon is on the dial, encircled by stars. From very close, you can see the ‘pixels’ of the photograph practical moon on the dial, however from a more normal distance (>30cm) everything looks fine. We’ve additionally seen this with different brands that utilization these photograph practical moon stages. A huge moonphase additionally requires an enormous gap, and that is by and large what MeisterSinger did. An opening between the Arabic 12 o’clock numeral and focus pinion nearly, and its width from 10 to 2 o’clock. It is tremendous! Particularly on the dim blue form, this mixes taking all things together pleasantly. The shiny white MeisterSinger Lunascope really has some contrast.

One Hand

Besides the energetically planned dial of the MeisterSinger Lunascope, there’s, obviously, the one hand time marker. On the off chance that you’re inexperienced with this, which we can scarcely envision since these watches have been around since 2001, the MeisterSinger watch from Münster (Germany) got celebrated because of this fascinating method to demonstrate the time. You can peruse the hours and minutes, simply by utilizing one huge hand. In the picture over, the time is right around 2 o’clock. On the watch in the picture beneath, it is 10 o’clock. 10:30 would be the point at which the hand is on the marker somewhere in the range of 10 and 11 o’clock. By utilizing little markers for at regular intervals, it isn’t conceivable to peruse the specific time on these watches obviously, however you will come close. Particularly for a dress watch, I think it is a rich answer for show the time and during exquisite events, you most likely don’t should be definitely concerning time.

Elegant Shape

You could say that the MeisterSinger Lunascope is very enormous for a dress watch, yet it is an advanced piece and 40mm is still essentially acknowledged as I would see it. Most significant is that you feel comfortable with the size of a watch, every wrist is unique and some can deal with a 40mm somewhat preferred on the wrist over others. The instance of the Lunascope has pleasant surprising drags and a wonderful formed (and marked) crown. Besides, we discover a pleasantly domed cleaned bezel on top of the case. There’s little to reprimand about the plan and finish of this watch, MeisterSinger just made a pleasant exemplary looking watch with exquisite lines.


Moonphase watches are cool, there’s no uncertainty about that. MeisterSinger made an exemplary looking 40mm watch with a moonphase pointer that truly sticks out. I’m uncertain about whether I incline toward a decent gold applied moon or this photograph sensible moon for a dress look as can be seen on the MeisterSinger Lunascope Automatic. A photograph reasonable moon in any event guarantees the watch isn’t excessively old style, so maybe interesting to a more youthful crowd. The exquisite case is exceptionally satisfying and the size is likely ideal for most men (and ladies). Lashes appeared on the watches in this article would not be my decision, frankly, yet MeisterSinger has a decent online chance to for all intents and purposes attempt various ties to see what’s best for you. The blue Lunascope on a dim blue croco tie would be my pick. MeisterSinger likewise offers calf ties, calf with croco print lashes, gator ties, cordovan lashes and Milanese wristbands. Enough to pick from.

Price of the MeisterSinger Lunascope Automatic is €2990,- (counting deals taxes).

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