A journalists’ dear, it appears. I’m discussing Grand Seiko. Regardless of whether it is here, or on any of the other on-line watch magazines and sites, when there’s a notice of Grand Seiko you hear violins playing out of sight. So much, that it becomes unrealistic maybe. Notwithstanding, a couple of months back we took a portion of our perusers with us to Japan to visit their makes and by the day’s end, they were completely chomped by the Grand Seiko bug.

Although it may come across accordingly, we are not paid by Grand Seiko to disclose to you these things or compose these audits. What’s more, no doubt about it, there are several things we might want to see unique in relation to Grand Seiko. Their valuing and circulation for instance. It makes me tragic that the costs here in Europe are a lot higher than the retail costs in Japan and Asia all in all. The watch I have here today has a sticker price of €6900, including deals charges. Is that excessively costly for this watch? Not on the off chance that you compare it to its friends from Swiss and German brands, however the superior that should be paid outside of Japan and other Asian nations look bad to me.

Now that this is of my chest, let’s have a more critical glance at the Grand Seiko SBGH263.

Boutique Special – Grand Seiko SBGH263

Now, it would appear that I am complaining before I even began, yet that’s maybe 1) since it is one of only a handful few things to condemn about Grand Seiko 2) their abnormal evaluating procedure makes these watches (barely) far off for individuals who truly love them. There is little correspondence from Grand Seiko about this specific reference, the Grand Seiko SBGH263, or SBGH263G formally. This watch is to be specific just made for the (Grand) Seiko Boutiques. So it is a store only unique. Its creation is restricted, yet not numbered or covered at a particular number of watches. At any rate not communicated by Grand Seiko.

A 39.5mm case, no crown-monitors, gives the watch an exemplary appearance, maybe a piece affected even by the principal Grand Seiko models from 1960. There’s no indication of the later explicit Grand Seiko configuration code, which probably won’t be to everyone’s taste at any rate. What truly separates this watch is the dial in combination with the gold hands and Arabic numerals. The differentiation, particularly from specific points or light sources, is essentially staggering. Hard to catch on pictures, yet maybe you can envision the look when the cleaned numerals and hands are moved by (Sun) light.

This all occurs on the dial that is alluded to as the ‘Shironeri’ dial. The Shironeri tone is best depicted as white shined silk. It is viewed as a customary tone in Japan, that gets from making the yellow-ish crude silk into unadulterated white. A holy tone in any event, as per Japanese tale.

At 3 o’clock you will discover the date gap. Conveniently finished with a gold casing that coordinates the Arabic numerals and gold hands. Truth be told I figure the watch would have even looked better without the date gap, particularly as a result of the staggering Shironeri tone. Yet, hello, you can’t have everything. Presumably half of the purchasers out there needs to have a date on their watches.

As you know, Grand Seiko is presently treated as a different substance from the Seiko Watch Corp in Japan. This implies that ‘Seiko’ likewise vanished from the dial since this year. This watch is the same, just Grand Seiko recorded as a hard copy and the applied GS logo at 12 o’clock. Between the middle pinion and the 6 o’clock hour marker you will discover the phrasing ‘Automatic’ and ‘Hi-beat 36000’. 36000 alluding to the vibrations each hour of the development, a technique that (Grand) Seiko has been utilizing for quite a while, similar to Zenith for example.

The programmed development is the Grand Seiko type 9S85. A high-beat development that can be appreciated through the sapphire showcase back of the watch. The weight mass has been engraved and gold-loaded up with the Grand Seiko phrasing highlights a stripe complete thus do the scaffolds. The development performs well inside chronometer principles, despite the fact that Grand Seiko has their own, more severe, rules of – 3 to +5 rather than – 4 and +6 seconds out of each day deviation by and large. The Grand Seiko SBGH263 has a force save of around 55 hours.

I saw that in October, the Wako retail chain (claimed by Seiko) had an uncommon version for their 75th commemoration, that looked fundamentally the same as this Grand Seiko SBGH263. Same case and development, aside from an alternate dial (an entrancing blue tone with various Arabic numerals). Just 30 of these were created and sold exclusively by means of the Wako retail chain in Tokyo.

So for individuals who passed up that one, and who cherished the case plan and Arabic numerals, this may be an extraordinary other option. Or on the other hand in the event that you haven’t seen the Wako model, this could be a pleasant Grand Seiko regardless. It is an exceptionally exemplary looking watch, however because of the size of 39.5mm entirely wearable as a day by day piece also in my opinion.

The Grand Seiko SBGH263 is conveyed on a delightful dark tie that comes with a hardened steel collapsing clasp. As you can see on the photos, the lash has all the earmarks of being gator yet one of the pictures plainly shows ‘calf’ on the covering of the tie. My supposition is that this has to do with the Cites stuff that brands need to experience when sending out watches. As this was an example piece, they may have put it on a crocodile grain tie rather than a certified gator lash. I’m persuaded that Grand Seiko conveys this watch on a certifiable croc lash, additionally considering the sticker price on this watch. As there is no press data accessible on this piece, make a point to enquire about it in the boutique.


Does this watch satisfy its hopes? The Grand Seiko SBGH263 is an awesome piece and the degree of finish is the thing that you can anticipate from a watch in this value range. I said enough previously regarding the estimating procedure, yet Grand Seiko sets the bar high and I would handily rank this watch close to a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master. A watch from a Richemont brand that is situated in a similar value range. Maybe that’s a striking assertion, yet we are managing a watch here that is just disapproved of by some since it doesn’t have the Swiss Made or German Made composition on the dial. [tip] If you’re not put off by this, and need to have a great deal of value for the money, proceed to look for a used Grand Seiko that likewise still bears the name ‘Seiko’ on the dial. You will be astonished. [/end of tip]

Go to Grand Seiko on-line for more data on (this Grand Seiko SBGH263 isn’t on there).