Two previous planners of Audemars Piguet began their own image Gorilla in 2016. Affordable watches with a novel plan and an intriguing decision for materials. We covered them before a couple of times , so I would prefer not to dive into detail a lot in regards to the tale about the brand Gorilla. Sooner or later you need to quit doing this I presume. This time it is solely around two of their new watches, the Bandit and the Mirage.

Fastback GT Bandit and Mirage

Part of Gorilla’s Fastback GT collection are this new Bandit and Mirage watches. Motivated via vehicles and watches, Gorilla took their motivation from the 1977 Firebird Bandit for the Bandit watch and the Ford GT 40 for the Mirage watch. The Ford GT 40 is celebrated for its triumphant second at the Le Mans of 1968. The Mirage is restricted to 250 pieces just, the Bandit is standard creation in the Gorilla collection.

Gorilla Bandit

And to begin with the non-restricted adaptation, this watch was presumably intended to be less well known by the makers of Gorilla, however the new passing of Burt Reynolds may have caused a slight blast in sales, I don’t have the foggiest idea yet it is only a guess.

The Firebird Bandit likely turned out to be most acclaimed overall due to its appearance in Smokey and the Bandit. One of the promotion vehicles (never utilized in the actual film) was sold in 2016 by for an incredible $550,000.00USD. A couple of years prior, Burt Reynolds unloaded for $490,000.00USD, it was skilled to him by the creation company however it never showed up in the film yet he possessed and drove it thereafter. Later on, he purchased another, had it reestablished and sold it once more (for $181,900.00USD) however this vehicle was uniquely in his ownership for about a year. One thing is certain, he cherished that Firebird Bandit. The 1977 Pontiac Trans-Am was presumably a banner in many child’s rooms in those days and in the event that you can’t bear the cost of the vehicle, this Gorilla Bandit may be an extraordinary and affordable alternative.

With colors that are unquestionably a gesture to the 1977 Firebird Bandit, the actual watch is the run of the mill Gorilla Fastback plan. An enormous case that comprises of multiple layers of produced carbon, a rose gold colored anodized aluminum pinstripe, a ceramic bezel and a titanium case back. A striking blend of materials, that have – in principle – little to do with the Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird. At 5.30 on the dial, you can observer the equilibrium wheel of the Miyota 90S5 development. Albeit the layered-dial may showed up very occupied from the outset, the watch is truly readable. On the dial you will likewise discover the Firebird Bandit shading plan: dark, white and rose gold.

The hour sign isn’t a hand, yet a circle, which fundamentally makes another ‘moving’ layer on the dial. Or on the other hand liveliness. The Arabic numerals are in rose gold tone, giving a decent differentiation with the dark foundation. An enormous rose gold rehaut with blacking printing of lists and the Gorilla logo makes a touch of additional profundity. The moment hand is likewise in rose gold and matches the numerals and rehaut consummately. You will likewise see that the white tip of the seconds hand nearly contacts the rehaut, pleasantly done.

According to the details, the case distance across is 44mm, however don’t be fooled by this. 44mm is really the size from left to right of this square formed watch. At the point when you measure from the upper left corner of the bezel to the lower right corner, it is approx. 53mm. From left to right, including crown-watch, it estimates 48.5mm. Drag to-Lug would be 56mm. In any case, eventually, it is about what it looks like on the wrist. It is still enormous, yet let me rapidly add that the Gorilla Bandit is an incredibly comfortable watch to wear. Like any remaining Gorilla watches, that is. The elastic tie is kind of coordinated with the case, implying that it is pre-molded and falls consummately ‘finished’ my wrist. I can envision that on the off chance that you have little wrists, the watch isn’t sitting effectively constantly. By and by, that would disturb me, however since I don’t have little wrists I don’t have a clue how it really would wear. I have 18cm wrists and it would seem that it was made for me. Presently, typically I would say that you need to evaluate a watch like this before you get it, yet for this situation, that will be intense. Gorilla is just available in a restricted selection of stores, and not in Europe or the United States so you’ll need to buy one on the web. Regardless, I would guarantee myself that you approve of wearing an enormous watch on the off chance that you have small(er) wrists. In the event that you have enormous wrists, it truly is no issue.

Although I haven’t come to it yet, I favor the Gorilla Bandit over the Gorilla Mirage. The Ford GT40 shading plan is flawless, however I feel it is all in all too ostentatious for me. In spite of the fact that I have a polo shirt in precisely the same shade of the watch, that wouldn’t be a purpose behind me to wear it. Maybe it would be the purpose behind me NOT to wear it in combination with that shirt actually. I’m not the kind of fellow that has a scope of various glasses just to coordinate my outfit, coordinating up shoes and belt is the extent that I go with regards to extras. The Gorilla Bandit is a smidgen more versatile as I would see it, because of the dark and rose gold. Indeed, even the dark elastic lash has a beige covering so it coordinates the rose gold a piece. A titanium pin buckle can be found on the two renditions, in spite of the fact that I wouldn’t have see any problems a rose gold PVD buckle on the Gorilla Bandit.

Gorilla Mirage

Now that I am referencing it in any case, the Gorilla Mirage is the other watch that Gorilla author Octavio Garcia delivered to us for this audit. Blue and orange, the commonplace Ford GT 40 shadings assume the primary part in regards to this watch. The particulars and estimating are by and large equivalent to the Gorilla Bandit watch. It is all simply a question of inclination. You will locate a woven example on the manufactured carbon part of the case, which is new for the Gorilla watch. The two watches likewise have a sapphire case back, where you can see the programmed Miyota 90S5 development. The Gorilla Mirage has an uncommon etching working on it back however, demonstrating that it is a restricted version and the novel number of the watch (xxx/250). Maybe fascinating to specify is additionally the hacking capacity of the development, that numerous people appear to appreciate.

According to Gorilla, these watches weight 110 grams. Putting them on my kitchen scale, they are more around 119 grams. In comparison, my Royal Oak ‘Extra-Thin’ weighs 105 grams and the 47mm Officine Panerai PAM00424 on leather is 130 grams (these watches were around my work area). I don’t know what this implies or should say however, I can possibly feel that the AP Royal Oak is lighter when I grasp them, the rest feels pretty much the equivalent to me. They feel right, not excessively substantial (which I don’t care for) but rather unquestionably not as light as a full titanium watch (which I don’t care for). Maybe I am somewhat abnormal with this, yet I truly could do without weight specs with regards to watches.


The fun thing with these watches is that for the Gorilla pieces, for 80 Euro excl charges you can blend and match with various available tones. Not certain on the off chance that it would fit a the Gorilla Mirage for example, as that watch should be in blue (and orange). In any case, that is altogether up to you. The lash is mounted with spring bars so these are not difficult to swap.

Both the Gorilla Bandit and Mirage have a screw-down crown to keep water from entering the situation when you use it in or close to the water. These watches have a water opposition of 100 meters (~10ATM) which permits you to really swim with it. The elastic lash is likewise totally appropriate for this of course.

Is there anything I don’t care for about these watches? Indeed, the shape is exceptionally specific and you need to like it. So that is extremely close to home. Other than the feel, the lone thing I can think about that I am not especially attached to it the commotion of the rotor. I think this is on the grounds that the development doesn’t wind bi-directional. This implies, much the same as the ETA/Valjoux 7750 for example, that the rotor possibly winds the origin when it turns a single explicit way. The other bearing is a free-turn which causes the commotion. In the event of the 7750, you will likewise see a wobble when the rotor gets in the free-turning mode. Yet, the Miyota 90S5 fortunately doesn’t have this.

The Gorilla Mirage and Gorilla Bandit are evaluated at 960 Euro, barring charges. .

*Wristshot by Gerard Nijenbrinks, who has smaller wrists than me.