Don’t judge and quit shaking your head. Since there’s a genuine measure of yellow gold looking straight at you, you needn’t leave this page. Simply listen to me for a piece. In the event that you read auto magazines, the present component is likened to that one article about a fascinating that the vast majority of us won’t ever at any point have the option to bear. Perhaps, quite possibly, we say that regardless of whether we had the cash, we’d never obviously devour such an article since it would simply demonstrate so impractical. All things considered, live a little and excursion with me as we go big-time with a gander at the gold Omega Seamaster 300. Trust me, you’ll need to stay nearby…

The Gold Omega Seamaster 300 is Over the Top

A plunge watch, for example, the gold Omega Seamaster 300 should characterize one of the watch world’s most ludicrous specialties. Strike that, it’s the most preposterous – except if Casio ought to choose to showcase 5-figure gold G-Shocks with relative consistency. The gold plunge watch is the embodiment of a “flippant” watch. It’s a watch that is on the double so valuable yet strangely similarly as able as its modest steel partner; consider it a definitive ironic expression. And afterward, who the hellfire purchases these things? Is it simply the uproarious machismo characters who experience trendy things like tissues? Or then again, is it the dried up character living in the Keys who brought in his cash doing genuine work and has now chosen to treat himself with a definitive retirement watch that can likewise deal with a periodic dunk in the pool, sea or hot tub? Is it for that individual who feels that a gold watch is a definitive in accomplishment, however who could do without a dress watch? It’s probably a touch of every one of the three with some others blended in, yet it’s not really a gathering of standard watch buyers.

The Gold Omega Seamaster 300 in London

Travel back to this past October at Salon QP in London and Blaise, Robert-Jan and I chose to continue with what has now become a revered practice while there: visiting the Omega shops. Presently, typically, this isn’t that energizing for me since I know the brand’s arrangement and a store is a touch “predictable”. Indeed, this time, we chose to invest some genuine energy taking a stab at a portion of the brand’s less examined models. We spun through the co-pivotal moonphases, a strong gold (with precious stone dial) Constellation, lastly wound up at the gold Omega Seamaster 300. Strike that, we had two of them out of the presentations – the yellow and rose gold adaptations. It was here that I halted. The rose gold was overall quite warm looking, yet it was simply a bit excessively feminine for me and I rather favored the fairly obvious, hard appearance of the yellow gold. Indeed, the yellow gold was the one for me – and it must be on an arm band. Blaise wasn’t so certain I had sufficient chest hair to pull it off (at any point seen my wrists??), yet Robert-Jan endorsed – heck, the person shakes a pinky ring from time to time. Along these lines, we plotted to have Omega send me one for test – and they at last did.

The Rolex Submariner 1680/8 (photograph graciousness of part DrStrong on the discussion PuristsPro)

The Modern comparable to a Vintage Sub?

I don’t have a clue what’s befalling me. Possibly the reality I turned 40 a year ago and my preferences are changing or perhaps this is the earliest reference point of a type of emotional meltdown. Whatever it is, I’ve ended up nonchalantly perusing eBay, chrono24 and different destinations to investigate 1970’s – late 2000’s’ gold Rolex Submariner 1680/8’s and 16618’s.

The Rolex Submariner 16618 (photograph kindness of

It’s strange, insane, and minimal unnerving – simply ask my better half. Indeed, there’s only something about these exemplary Submariners with their rich, finely etched, gold cases, warm dials, and cleaned focus joins. You’ll take note of that I halted in the last part of the 2000’s, as this is when Rolex presented its present maxi case (2010) for the Submariner line. As far as I might be concerned, this case has disturbed the equilibrium of the Sub: giving it substantially an over the top secluded look. Thus when I at last looked at the gold Omega Seamaster 300, with its slim drags and matured dial, it was similar to being moved once more into time.

The Gold Omega Seamaster 300 – a “hit” at the office

Omega, after a smidgen more than the ordinary solicitation messages (they needed to check whether a gold Omega Seamaster 300 was in the example gathering), sent a watch for survey. I actually recall it showing up at the workplace since it appeared a day later than ordinary… and I was genuinely concerned. The crate was huge however it contained some genuine mass. After opening it, I thought “damn, this is not kidding” and furthermore that I expected to show it to certain partners. Notwithstanding, this was an unusual day where individuals where out of the workplace. I figured out how to show it to one partner and she was overwhelmed with the weight. All the more essentially, however, she was dumbstruck when I disclosed to her the price.

Raid your bank account

The gold Omega Seamaster 300 costs 28,500 Euros. Let that hit home for a piece, will you? Indeed, that’s twenty 8,000, 500 Euros. This implies that when I peer out the window into the parking area of where I work in Germany – and I think Germans drive great vehicles all in all – this watch retails for more than the business cost or exchange estimation of most vehicles out there (really, Germans addressed a stunning normal cost of 32,000 Euros for another vehicle in 2016). Also, once more, we’re discussing a plunge watch here. So indeed, this Omega is one genuine piece of pack. Also, damn, it is genuinely weighty. That is to say, it was substantial to the point that when I slipped it into my concise case prior to heading home, I could truly feel the difference.

A infrequently seen or examined diver

When the gold Omega Seamaster 300 (ref. was delivered in 2014 at Basel, it was delivered close by 15 variations. Everything from platinum, titanium, two-tone gold and steel, steel, rose gold and models with wristbands or calfskin lashes balanced the arrangement. The steel models, normally, acquired all the press, however we’ve investigated the two-tone piece also. The 300 arrangement was intensely cherished for its exemplary looks – it mixed ascribes from 50’s and 60’s Seamasters – and new tech, for example, a ceramic bezel and the cal.8401 co-hub programmed development. At 41mm with 20mm drags, it hit a sweet spot size-wise and, moreover, made the vintage swarm look carefully because of the shortfall of a date wheel. The watch line has been a hit for Omega, however there’s been little said about the valuable metal variant… until now.

Yes, there’s so much gold

When I brought the gold Omega Seamaster 300 home, my first thing to take care of was to resize the wristband. This wristband, which is made of strong gold, comprises about 40% of the all out expense of the watch. It’s huge and one glance at the catch – additionally unimaginably strong and tremendous – gives you a clue regarding how much gold is in this goliath. The spring-stacked fasten contains the push-worked wetsuit change inside and here once more, the whole component is created from, you got it, gold. Indeed, even the little arm band change screws – which I absurdly chose to connect with after my customary finish of-week negroni – are gold. In this way, it was really the following morning that I estimated the wristband. 😉

Once done, it was unfortunately still somewhat free on my thin wrist, yet this watch doesn’t look half awful with a little hang. The actual connections are cleaned down the center and brushed on the sides. Some could do without this look and I’d typically concur, however I really imagine that it gives the watch some pleasant differentiation and a few scratches would add some close to home character. That being said, the cleaned surfaces show proof of fingerprints at almost a glance.

The Seamaster is intense yet so well executed

I’ll admit that I didn’t wear the gold Omega Seamaster 300 a great deal. To begin with, I felt somewhat awful about conceivably scratching a particularly wonderful watch and I do accept that it would scratch significantly simpler than, say, steel. Second, and this is a pertinent idea, it felt a touch of glaring. That wristband doesn’t keep the Seamaster on the “down low” and I was somewhat unsure. In any case, when I picked to wear it, it was a marvelous site on my wrist and a lovely damn substantial one. In the event that I needed to complain about anything to the brand from Bienne, it’s the well established comment that the co-axials are thick.

The 300 was huge all around; it was tall, the carries were for quite some time (exacerbated by strong end interfaces that reach out past the case), and the catch was almost the length of the lower part of my wrists. Yet, I actually adored it.

Omega got a great deal of flack when the 300’s appeared because of their utilization of matured Super-LumiNova. I can comprehend the analysis for misleadingly maturing a watch, yet let me advise you, it looks stunning on the gold Omega Seamaster 300. The lume shading streams truly well with the gold hands and even serves to help me somewhat to remember the old areola dials found on the previously mentioned 70’s and 80’s Submariners. The dial design is totally awesome, just like the hands, and the clay bezel (Ceragold) is a stunner.

The bezel contains gold numerals and is lined, on the external edge, by knurled gold and within with a level surface of the valuable metal. The enormous, marked gold crown is not difficult to work too and by contacting such a lot of darn gold, it gives the proprietor a lovely remarkable experience.

A Seriously Capable Diver

If I have one hamburger with the gold Omega Seamaster 300, it’s the situation back. Certainly, the 8401 development is delightfully completed, however I would have favored significantly more on the gold subject with a strong case back and the old seahorse logo. All things being equal, we get a sapphire case back with a great deal of phrasing on the back that reveals to us about the innovations utilized inside the watch. We see the 300M-profundity rating, the utilization of Ceragold, and the antimagnetic rating of 15,000 Gauss. It’s every one of the a minor issue on the grounds that, as we generally say, who takes a gander at the back? However, I like my jump watches to permeate a block strong quality and that lines up with a strong case back.

Yes, I love it…

If you haven’t had the option to tell, I’m truly intrigued with the gold Omega Seamaster 300. The quality and scrupulousness is superb – as it ought to be with a watch of this cost. Beside choosing whether you like the shade of this metal or not, and in the event that you have the way to get one in any case, it’s genuinely stupid to attempt to get your head around the cost of confirmation. No, there isn’t 20+ thousand worth of gold in this Seamaster to legitimize its sticker price over the spotless model, so metal worth alone will not do it. What you’re truly purchasing with such a watch is a degree of restrictiveness that exists for scarcely any. Peruse that as pomposity in the event that you wish, however I like to consider it to be one more brilliant peculiarity that exists inside the watch market. The best thing about a gold jumper from a brand like Omega, however, is that it isn’t window dressing. There’s a genuinely competent plunge observe once you move beyond the 18-karat grandeur.

Coming back to one of the first assertions inside this article, I place that most, in the event that they had the openly accessible assets, would not accepting a brassy watch, for example, the gold Omega Seamaster 300. Would I? I figure it would just rely upon where I resided, regardless of whether I had a sense of security wearing it, and on the off chance that I decided to go vintage or new. On the off chance that vintage, an old Sub would be the solitary combatant, yet in the current domain just the Omega introduces itself as a jump watch that is both, immediately, wonderful and hugely competent.

If you’d prefer to peruse more about this lovely jump watch, head to Omega’s site .