Both have a similar distance across and have similar developments. The plan is the thing that they contrast in. Which one will win your love – the blue-ish Skipper-like Cresta or the eye-popping white and red Bernina?

When I saw the recently delivered hand-twisted chronographs by Farer, I had a prompt desire to look at them. While considering which one to request, I quickly scratched Moritz, the third musketeer from the arrangement. I consider it excessively exhausting and conventional. I didn’t give it any further idea, I just compared the other two models and chose to survey the Cresta. Just when I showed the news to my watch smart spouse, she said I need to get Farer Bernina as well. So I did.

Cheating on the Farer Cresta

When I was unpacking the incoming Farer watches, I nearly required shades as the Bernina was so white and glossy. It was a Saturday morning, and true to form, the Cresta arrived on my wrist while the Bernina went to my better half. We went out to complete our week after week shopping, and each time I took a gander at the Cresta on my wrist, I promptly ended up comparing it to my better half’s Bernina. I realized something was going on.

Falling for Farer Cresta

And what precisely was going on? After we got back home, I put the Bernina on my wrist, where it remained all through most of the testing time frame. On the off chance that you hear gentle crying, it very well may be the rejected Cresta laying on the end table. To my protection, I went through the standard change of numerous Farer fans. In the first place, it resembled drinking sharp milk, yet the taste became on us all. In the event of an individual gathering, this method heightens quickly. How about we dive in deeper. 

Headliner Bernina

The Bernina addresses the highest point of the new hand-wound chronograph line. It likewise turned into the authority timing watch of the 2019 Bernina Gran Turismo, a notorious race across the renowned Bernina pass in the Swiss Alps. As I haven’t been there myself, I acquired a couple of words from that he once composed for : “Countless bends test even the most prepared drivers’ grit as they move up or during any time of the year, yet for this one unique end of the week every year, the coordinators of the occasion facilitate with neighborhood specialists to completely close the pass down to make quite possibly the most evil, dazzling, and fulfilling slope climbs anyplace in the world.”

Bernina under the radar

Who would plan a totally white dial, including the telemetric scale foundation, the Super-LumiNova hands, and even the bezel in white? What’s more, I neglected to say that 90% of different components are in hustling red. Each and every time I set the Bernina on my wrist last week, I realized I was in the company of a couple of similarly invested individuals. It is so extraordinary on such countless levels, yet adhering to the bedrock directors of a tasteful chronograph.

The bezel is a gamechanger

I am certain that the bezel is the battle or flight detail, catapulting the Bernina into its interesting classification. The smooth white clay bezel is set apart with a challenging red tachymeter scale. I couldn’t say whether it is my eyes just, yet it creates a shadow-like impact around the numbers, similar to ink dousing and vanishing around letters on paper. Moving towards the focal hands, you come across a full red telemeter track, minute track, and shockingly little measured Arabic numerals for hours.


The hour numbers are on the whole complete. Not a solitary one is cut off by the splendid white emblazoned top twin sub-dials or the last 12-hours counter that is straightforwardly printed on the level matte grayish dial. One thing I like about Farer is their typography choice. As I loved the text style determination on their head watch GMT Barnato four years prior, and their first programmed Beagle the year after, this Bernina shows their great insight with regards to typography.

Busy or not?

Before testing the watch, I figured it would be a bad dream to peruse the time or chronograph on the Bernina. I actually have no sane clarification why, yet following seven days on the wrist, I need to say that this isn’t the situation. I recall when first seeing the Bernina on an image, thinking: “Excessively occupied!” That’s the reason I changed my thoughtfulness regarding the Cresta. Also, in the event that I see them one next to the other, I would in any case call the Bernina busier. Yet, not less legible.

Farer Cresta under the loupe

Dark blue tastefulness, good bezel, the dial took from all the repetitive energetic scales. Yet at the same time, investigating that large white eye, so gleaming on the all-blue matte dial, you need to perceive the trying Farer soul. The hours appear to be written in a similar text style as in the Bernina, and it just multiplied in size. The numbers ‘2’ and ‘4’ are somewhat sliced off to accommodate the impressively greater moment counter. Interestingly with the Bernina, each of the three sub-registers sunk into the dial, giving the Cresta a more develop, or on the off chance that you like, a more vintage look.

Common ground

Both the Cresta and Bernina cases are made of  316L tempered steel and got done with a round brushed top and level brushed side. The case back is cleaned and has an individual number engraved.  The case fits totally on my wrist and measures simply 44mm drag to-haul and 12.9mm in tallness (counting a domed box case front crystal).

Pushers and crown

If you take a gander at the Farer webshop to see the product offering up, you will see programmed models with completely bronze crowns. To say the least, a few group were not excited about this. The hand-wound arrangement have a crown made of cleaned steel with a bronze cap. As a devotee of vintage watches, I need to stretch out a virtual high five to the cleaned covered recessed pushers made in impeccable steel.


Taking into thought how rapidly Farer moved from quartz, to programmed and afterward to hand-wound developments, I would not be astonished to see an in-house development from them later on. For now, you can appreciate an altered extension with an engraved Farer monogram checkered games design through the sapphire gem case back. The watch is fueled by the Sellita SW510 BH development. Planned in Britain, made in Switzerland.

Shotgun notes

The 12-hour counter on the Bernina is especially pleasant. The equivalent can be said about the cleaned help Farer logo. The race-style ties have snappy delivery pins, making it simple to trade them for different lashes. I got the two watches matched on differentiating lashes, however I changed them to fit the dial more. I recommend this in the event that you think about buying one of these watches and don’t know on straps.


Comparing to what’s out there in a reach (marginally) under 2000 Euro, you have some lovely (current) options. In the event that you are enamored with this particular case shape, you ought not disregard the ETA fueled Tissot Heritage 1973 Chronograph. Balazs as of late audited a 1990,- Euro re-version here . In the event that you need something more modest, the Yema Speedgraph with a Seiko development may be yours for 1.499 Euro. Is it true that you are as yet inclining towards one of the Farer watches valued at 1.850 Euro? We should wrap it up then.

Final thoughts

Never previously, I took watches from a similar assortment for a comparison audit. I may have wound up with the Cresta only and most likely would have been content with my decision. In any case, my better half made me request the other one too, and look what occurred. Looking into both simultaneously has made me twist the knee to the Farer Bernina.

As they are both estimated the equivalent, I would pick the Bernina. It is more alluring, individualistic and I guess additional time-safe as far as plan. Then again, I see why a few clients would feel the Bernina is a bit over the edge and would favor adhering to the more tasteful Cresta. Which one do you vote for?

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