Last week, we showed you press shots and gave you a overview of the new Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition. To recap, Doxa decided to reissue an uncommon yellow Divingstar model that contained the Poseidon logo on its dial.  Poseidon, as a boost, is a longstanding creative plunge hardware from Sweden.  The first pieces from 1969 probably number in the modest bunch range, yet Doxa is giving us 500 of the re-edition.

At Baselworld 2018, we got the opportunity to plunk down with Rick Marei, General Manager at the brand, and we had the chance to see some beautiful fabulous future thoughts (sorry, we’re committed to mystery for the present) and we had the option to go active with the new Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition.

As of the hour of composing, the Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition is almost sold out – something like 30 pieces stay out of the run of 500.  The piece will retail for $2490 and the pre-deal cost is a sensible $1990.

I’ll be straightforward, when I initially saw press shots of the watch, I was skeptical.  It felt somewhat like “here we go again with another re-edition”, however the watch is amazing in person.

Aside from the expansion of a helium valve on the left half of the case and a marginally bended sapphire precious stone, the new Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition is almost indistinguishable dimensionally when comparing to a 2nd age Doxa SUB.

Balazs brought along his vintage Sharkhunter and you can see that the new piece is nearly spot on.  Color-wise, the yellow is far hotter face to face than the press shots suggested.  It has some orange in it and varies from different ongoing Divingstars that Doxa has delivered in the course of the last 5-10 years.

Overall, the new Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition is exceptionally wearable because of its 42mm case distance across and short lugs.  Plus, the dots of rice arm band is adequately light to emit an attractive vintage vibe.  If you’re a Doxa fan and were wavering about the Poseidon Edition, it’s a victor in the metal.

Oh, and on the off chance that you were pondering about the uncommon adornment (like the Aqua Lung blade made for the new Black Lung), Poseidon is chipping away at an amusement of a vintage plunge belt to send close by the buckle.  If you’ve requested the watch, anticipate that shipments should start in May of this year.

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