This will be somewhat of a disputable survey. When all is said in done, we’re not that partial to watches with extravagant names and quartz developments. So it would have been reasonable in the event that we had passed for the Corniche Heritage Chronograph also. Be that as it may, we didn’t. I don’t precisely realize that why will generally be straightforward, ideally, the survey will make it clear.

Corniche Heritage Chronograph

For examination purposes, I’ve done a little inquiry on my Instagram account and asked what the primary thing was individuals thought about when taking a gander at an image of this watch. The greater part addressed ‘Patek Philippe, reference 5170’ and some said ‘Lange 1815 Flyback Chronograph’. The Patek was the main watch I pondered too when I got the Corniche in my grasp interestingly. Upon additional examination, both the Patek Philippe 5170 and Lange 1815 have roman numerals. The Patek has an alternate arrangement of hands also. The Corniche’s hands are pretty much indistinguishable from the Lange 1815, and this is the place where the Lange answers came from I presume. In spite of these distinctions, it’s very certain that the Corniche Heritage Chronograph emphatically takes after these two exceptionally respected watches.

The Grande Corniche, the Moyenne Corniche, and the Corniche Inférieure

The brand name ‘Corniche’ discovers its underlying foundations in the popular beach front streets, among Nice and Menton, at the French Riviera. The originators of the brand appear to have spent their youth in this area and discovered motivation in that to name their image after these streets. I’m simply figuring, this may have very much been the sparkle for me to do the survey, as coincidently, this is the place where I burned through the greater part of my youth occasions too. For the rest, I can’t feel a lot of warmth for the clarification for the establishment of Corniche. Clarified as a solid conviction that extravagance and flexibility doesn’t need to be compromised (I didn’t realize it was), and endeavouring to make the common uncommon and the regular immortal (doesn’t ring my bell).

Map duplicated from and (c)

Looking at their site, I should concede, in any case, that Corniche very well prevails with regards to moving the sensation of the Côte d’Azur into their watches. What’s more, this might just assistance for anybody realizing that feeling to need a Corniche watch. The video shown consummately clarifies what I mean.

Corniche watches today

Corniche offers three distinctive watch lines today. The 40 mm Men’s-and 36 mm Women’s Heritage, both with Miyota 2025 quartz developments. At that point there’s the Men’s Historique in 37,5 mm, accessible with either a Miyota 2025 quartz or a Miyota 9015 programmed development. What’s more, accordingly the model we survey, the 39 mm Heritage Chronograph with a Seiko VK64, alleged, mixture chronograph quartz development. Other than these normal and general accessible models, Corniche presents some restricted releases also. Models are the Cap Ferrat Prestige, the Heritage Roquebrune and Visage No2, and the Paloma Beach. Of which individually just 250, 399, and 499 pieces will be, or have been, produced.

Three-piece, 5 ATM, hardened steel case estimating an ideal 39 x 11.5 mm

The last thing I need to be is self important. Yet, as referenced toward the start of the article € 385,= watches are not the norm here at Fratello. Typically I wouldn’t begin referencing a watch’ cost prior to composing whatever else about it. Yet, presently I think it’s imperative to do as such. Since it’s really simple to quantify and audit this watch as indicated by our normal guidelines, and that wouldn’t be reasonable. Let’s face it, the cost of this watch competes with the cost of a lash of numerous watches found in our reviews.

Good looking

So, that implies that the Corniche Heritage Chronograph is of way lesser quality? No, it doesn’t! Furthermore, that’s the shock, that’s the great part. A large number of its details, and unquestionably the manner in which the entire watch is done, are far past my assumptions. As can be gained from my little Instagram question, it’s been compared to two of the most renowned chronographs around. The Corniche Heritage Chronograph is an amazingly attractive watch.

Being gorgeous is a vital component in the achievement of a watch, so that’s 10 focuses for the Corniche. A slight purpose of concern is the place where it got that looks from. A few group probably won’t care for a watch which heavily relies on the plan of another watch, unquestionably not if it’s an exceptionally regarded model. The vast majority of us will recall . Their watch plans are largely straightforwardly taken from notable vintage watch models. Or then again the brand Steinhart (I’m sorry no connect to them in my article) utilizing practically direct plans replicated from notable looks also. They may sell, in any case, don’t get a lot of credit from watch fans. Every once in a while it very well may be heard that these sort of watches are tributes to the firsts. Not in my book, they’re simply utilizing a taken plan to light sales.

The design

I wouldn’t go that far and place Corniche in that equivalent association however. Propelled by the beginning of chronographs and taking a gander at everything from early Longines with the 13ZN developments, to right on time and new Patek references and Lange’s surprising chronographs, Corniche couldn’t come up with vastly different than their current design. Positively the dark dial takes after the Patek and Lange a lot, notwithstanding, there will be various tones soon too which will give it very surprising looks.

Another matter which impacted the plan of the Corniche Heritage Chronograph is the decision of development. Corniche needed to keep the cost of their chronograph south of $ 500.=. That precluded a large portion of the programmed developments, aside from some Chinese. After some examination, it turned out to be clear, nonetheless, that there truly aren’t any great ones while as yet holding the cost down. Furthermore, in the wake of hearing shocking tales in regards to dependability issues from partner watch makers the decision was made for the SII (Seiko Instruments Inc.) VK64 solid crossover development. This development has a format which resembles a duograph, albeit the register on the correct side of the dial, indeed, isn’t a chronograph work however a 24-hour time indicator.

Commemorating Corniche’s fifth anniversary

Case configuration, hands, and hour markers are taken from Corniche’s time-just Heritage 40. This to keep the family bloodline clear. The breadth was somewhat changed however. It descended from 40 to 39 mm. With a more bustling dial than the Heritage 40, and in light of the fact that the chronograph is to some degree thicker, the watch would become too cumbersome in 40 mm. The Corniche Heritage Chronograph is commemorating the fifth commemoration of the Corniche brand. The case back has Corniche’s customary pine tree engraved. The pine tree’s notable outline is an exemplary along the rough shores of Southern France from where the brand roots from.

Hybrid Chronograph

A short note on Seiko’s VK64 Hybrid Chronograph, also known as mecaquartz movement. In my ears ‘hybrid’ sounds something like ‘almost seamless’. Is it a quartz development, or is it not? While the timekeeping system to be sure is basically quartz, the “meca” part comes into play each time you reset the  . With components taken from Seiko’s own in-house mechanical  , the   hands are separated from the quartz engine and are snapped back to nothing, which means you don’t get that clear back to zero that is delegate for standard quartz chronographs. Or maybe, you get a watch with the unmistakable look and feel of a mechanical 

Mecaquartz types aren’t new, they’ve been around for quite a long time. Jaeger-LeCoultre presented it’s type 630 toward the finish of the eighties. A notable watch utilizing this development was IWC’s Pilots Chronograph with reference 3741-001. Nonetheless, these developments were flawlessly assembled and designed and intended to be very good quality. Seiko adjusted the chiefs in any case to create a reasonable chronograph, still, with kind of a mechanical feeling.

What’s not to like?

A gorgeous watch with hardly doubtful amazing measurements. A strong three-piece treated steel, 5 ATM, case plan. Brandishing sapphire gem and a pleasantly scratched case back. A snappy delivery croco-print cowhide lash with collapsing clasp. Everything provided in a delightful box with sufficient booklets and endorsements. Also, that all at € 385,= sent – what’s not to like?

Not much. I would have cherished the tie to be to some degree milder and more adaptable. Yet, hello, with a tie I preferred better I might have effectively added an additional portion of the cost of the watch. So what else to whimper about? The solitary thing I truly found somewhat irritating, and not comparable to the remainder of the watch, is the manner in which the chronograph pushers are fixed. Albeit square, they’re ready to pivot somewhat and that just doesn’t look and feel right. Nothing impacting the usefulness however, that’s awesome. It simply looks somewhat unusual, I trust the photos here above will clarify what I mean.


With the Heritage Chronograph, Corniche gave themselves a great fifth commemoration present. For individuals not being terrified by a cross breed quartz chronograph development, and not being frightened by a plan which clearly takes after other famous chronographs, at € 385,= this is an ideal watch.

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