The new Certina DS Action Diver Titanium is a sprinter up for the “nicest moderate, titanium sports watch on the market” prize. Really awful there’s no such prize…yet.

It appears to be that at long last, Certina has discovered its beat and spot both in the watch business and inside the Swatch Group. Certina thinks about its situation in the Swatch Group however for quite a while, it appeared to be that they were somewhat lost with regards to what is their genuine strength. Like by and large, the arrangement came from the past. Certina has consistently been an incredible diver’s watch producer. Vintage or jump watch fans know this without a doubt. Over the most recent couple of years, they delivered a lot of various watches in their model lines. It was somewhat everywhere. With the appearance of the DS PH200M , it appears to be that Certina has at last discovered the track they need to go on; to offer moderate yet trusty mechanical games watches. Maybe we should trade “sports” to “dynamic” if that makes more sense.

DS Action Diver Titanium

Certina has four distinctive model lines: Aqua, Sport, Heritage and Urban assortments. I checked on the DS Podium (Sport Collection) a couple of years back however discussed my contemplations in regards to the DS PH200M as well (Heritage). This year the brand zeroed in on their Aqua Collection. They fortified their model rundown with a lot of new watches. We’ll survey some of them. The primary that I will give a more intensive look is the DS Action Diver Titanium. As its name recommends, this is a moderately straightforward watch with regards to design.

On the other hand, in regards to the materials Certina utilizes with it, it’s an energizing piece. The DS Action line comprises of 8 models; 2 restricted releases (stay tuned) and six standard watches. Out of that 6, just one is coming in titanium. This watch, the DS Action Diver Titanium, is the subject of the present review.


One of the most unmistakable highlights of the DS Action Diver Titanium is the material. Titanium is amazingly solid, rust-proof and loads about half not as much as steel. The DS Action Diver Titanium is 128 grams (as per my kitchen scale). Be that as it may, the featherweight doesn’t come in a little bundle. The watch is 43mm wide and 13.6mm thick. Because of the lightweight, it doesn’t feel massive on the wrist. Despite the fact that it merits adding that I have a huge wrist and even on me, it looks pretty noticeable. Now and then titanium watches can appear to be somewhat obsolete, yet not the DS Action Diver Titanium. The 120-click bezel is anodized dark aluminum. The pearl on the bezel has a similar Super-Luminova mark as the dial. The crown is screw-down, much the same as the case back. Discussing which includes the Certina diver watches’ celebrated turtle symbol.

Grey on grey

While the turtle on the back is a gesture to Certina’s broad plunging legacy the dial and all in all the front of the watch is pretty much present day. To coordinate the dark tone of the titanium case, the general shade of the DS Action Diver Titanium’s face is dim with a hint of silver and white. The little date gap is at 3 o’clock, the files are throughout (with the exception of the 3-6-9-12 markers). There are no numerals on the watch face just on the plunging bezel. Each record has a slim silver diagram and loaded up with Super-Luminova simply like the bezel. For improved readability, the second hand is splendid red, while the hour and moment hands are similar tones as the remainder of the dial. Every one of them have LumiNova decorates. The DS Action Diver Titanium’s gem is sapphire with covering on both sides.

An old acquaintance

If you read what’s over 6 o’clock on the dial, you’ll see that the watch is water-impervious to 300 meters. Is water-obstruction pertinent to the development? Not in the least, it’s simply there. Like the words Powermatic 80. On the off chance that you are a dedicated peruser of Fratello, this is a term you can come across often. Pattern Group brands, for example, Certina, Hamilton, Rado, Mido or Tissot all utilization this development often with little changes, for example, a silicon spring or COSC confirmation. In the event of the DS Action Diver Titanium we are discussing the “fundamental” model. A programmed ETA type, the Powermatic 80.111. It has 23 gems, as long as 80 hours of force save and a ticking rate of 28,800 vibrations each hour. This type is broadly utilized by Swatch Group brands and which is as it should be. It is solid, dependable and generally simple to service.

Four pushers

What is a titanium watch without a titanium wristband? On the off chance that you consider getting the Certina DS Action Diver Titanium, you will not at any point need to know this. The wristband, which has 21mm wide haul size (I don’t know why), is pretty much as tough as a games watch arm band gets. The overlap over catch has two wellbeing catches and the name Certina in the middle of them. In any case, as you’d anticipate from a diver, there is a brilliant underlying jumping expansion. This is at the lower part of the catch additionally got with two wellbeing press catches. Deskdivers can utilize the expansion as a miniature change. The framework is quite like the Doxa Expandro catch I discussed here . The wristband fits the watch head; it isn’t excessively thick or massive by any means. One point worth referencing is that the connections have push pins, so the arm band is overly simple to resize.

What we have not talked about

The just drawback of titanium – some say-  is that it gets scratches, stamps, and smears sensibly rapidly. Or then again so you’d think. Wipe the watch with the cleaning material, and it will look all around great. I’m discussing surface imprints. The DS Action Diver Titanium meets the standard which plainly states what is viewed as a plunge watch. The DS (“Double Security”) framework that most Certina watches have is additionally incorporated into the instance of this diver as well. In conclusion, we should discuss the cost. The Certina DS Action Diver Titanium will cost you €975 (830 GBP or $1090) which is still beneath the mysterious €1k mark. To me this qualifies as moderate, particularly on the off chance that you consider what you get for this cash; Swiss made, mechanical watch with 300 meters water obstruction, 80 hours of force save in titanium.

If you’d like to visit Certina’s site, click . Everything determinations can be found below.