Happy New Year! Let’s kick off this first Speedy Tuesday feature with some amazing photographs done by our own special Bert Buijsrogge. We got the Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase “Blue Side of the Moon” as of late, and we figured it is amusing to show you some details.

Blue Side of the Moon

It began with the Dark Side of the Moon in 2013 , a great and astonishing piece coming from Omega at that point. Utilizing their in-house created chronograph development (type 9300) in a full earthenware watch. The achievement was astounding. In addition to the fact that it sold well indeed, it was likewise a lot of valued by the collector’s community. An extreme group, as you know.  What occurred next is that Omega began to make a wide range of adaptations ( grey , white , a entire bundle of variations ). Reasonable from a business perspective without a doubt, yet to me, the Dark Side of the Moon is fairly ‘the original’ and the one I would in any case purchase today. I never did, as my spotlight is a touch more on the hand-wound Moonwatch models. I need to say that the Gray Side of the Moon likewise sings to me, incorporating the model with the Sedna gold components and shooting star dial . Be that as it may, yet, the Dark Side of the Moon from 2013 is the model I like, with typical clasp (no collapsing clasp).

These ceramic models were obviously founded on the – in 2011 – delivered type 9300 Speedmaster chronograph, which I audited here  long time ago.

Not excessively quite a while in the past, in 2016, they presented the Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase dependent on this model ( click here for our point by point survey of that one ).

Last year, Omega concluded it was the ideal opportunity for another ‘X Side of the Moon’ form, presently dependent on the Moonphase model. Formally, Omega actually utilizes ‘Moonwatch’ in the authority name of these 44.25mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer models, however I won’t do as such. Doesn’t bode well and it is mistaking for individuals who are new to this and need to have the first ‘Moonwatch’. Thus, in any case, this is the Blue Side of the Moon release of that watch. With a genuine moon stages complication. A Dark Side of the Moon watch with moon stages marker was something I would have anticipated at some point or another, however Omega astounded with an all blue ceramics adaptation instead.

Bringing It All Together

This Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase ‘Blue Side of the Moon’ with reference 304. utilizations a minor departure from the type 9300, to be specific the type 9904. This METAS ensured development has, other than a chronograph, additionally a schedule and moon stages pointer. You could say that Omega has installed a high number of their new developments all together in this Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon. The Co-Axial escapement is something that they’ve been utilizing since 1999 obviously, yet the Master Chronometer assignment on the dial is very later. These developments are not just chronometer confirmed by the COSC, after the packaging of these developments, the watch is scrutinized (once more) and formally affirmed by (Swiss) outsider METAS. On the off chance that all works out positively, the watch is confirmed ‘Master Chronometer’. Implying that it keeps legitimate time (0-5 seconds deviation each day overall) in the wake of being presented to attraction (up to 15,000 gauss), water, in various phases of a loosening up spring, subsequent to being presented to stuns, etc. There are 8 distinct fields of testing during this program, and if all worked out positively, the watch is confirmed and ‘released’. We did a review on the full METAS program here , in the event that you are keen on this.

The Speedmaster Professional with hand-wound model (likewise accessible with a moon stages complication), is none of this and is really being made in a more good old manner. It is being reflected in the cost of the looks also obviously, where the Speedmaster Professional with Moon stage has a retail cost of €4900, the 44.25mm Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase begins at €9500 (in treated steel). These are various watches, the situation, development, development of the watch and so on They just seem to be comparable, you could say. Omega is redesigning the entirety of their assortments, however are extremely hesitant to contact the first Speedmaster obviously. So for the individuals who are searching for a cutting edge piece with best in class particulars, with a moon stage and don’t mind whether they have ‘the original’ or not, these Speedmaster varieties are an ideal offer. The gathering that inclines toward the hand-wound Lemania based Speedmaster Professional has the advantage of the lower sticker price, yet ought to understand that it is essentially similar watch as 50 years prior. I need to say that I have a slight inclination for the charms of the good old Speedy Pro with hand-wound development, yet the Dark and Blue Side of the Moon observes certainly are valued. I could see myself wearing it as an advanced piece, as these are completely appropriate for consistently use, in any event, during sports or campground holidays.

All Ceramics

Besides having the best in class Omega type 9904 development, the other thing about this Blue Side of the Moon is that – as the name recommends – everything is in blue ceramics. The case, crown, pushers, bezel, dial and even the Moonphase plate is made of artistic. The all over sides of the Moon are on the clay dial utilizing LiquidMetal innovation, similar as how the tachymeter scale is applied to the ceramic bezel. As you would have speculated (and expected, let’s face it), the collapsing catch is likewise made of clay. Fired over titanium, for adaptability and strength. Putting this Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase ‘Blue Side of the Moon’ on the wrist is a unique thing. The presence on the wrist is astounding, and particularly in sunshine, the blue is truly.. well.. blue. Inside, or in where the light isn’t as splendid, the blue turns somewhat more obscure. I need to say that I am more partial to the dull ish tone of blue it gets in the shade or inside, than the exceptional shade of blue that it has in splendid daylight. Yet, to every his (or her) own obviously, I unquestionably recommend to attempt this watch first before you get it unseen.

A Dial With Details

The dial of the Omega Speedmaster ‘Blue Side of the Moon’ is loaded with decent itemized, without becoming excessively jumbled. There are two sub dials, one shows the hour and moment recorder of the chronograph (like all type 9×00 chronograph developments), different shows the date and running seconds. The date marker has a red ‘half Moon’ (or croissant, as certain individuals call it). Red can likewise be found on the tip of the chronograph seconds hand just as the word ‘Speedmaster’ composed on the dial. The 18 carat white gold hands and hour markers give a decent differentiation to the blue artistic dial. The best detail, obviously, is simply the moon. On the moon stages opening at 6 o’clock, you see the earthenware moon stages circle that has two Moons (all over side of the Moon), in LiquidMetal. Bert did some large scale shots of the dial and particularly of the Moons. Have a look.

That all said, the sticker price of the Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase ‘Blue Side of the Moon’ 304. is €11.800,- (counting deals charges). That’s a genuine measure of cash, however it is likewise an intense watch. It presumably won’t please a large number of the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ authorities and fans, however the individuals who love a cutting edge wristwatch with a moon stages complication and appreciate the blue tones should check this out. The 44.25mm case is extremely lovely on the wrist and the sapphire caseback gives an extraordinary view on the in-house type 9904 Master Chronometer development. This model is additionally accessible in hardened steel, gold & steel, gold (yellow and Sedna) and platinum ( click here for the article we distributed on the Pt950 version ).

More data, including the authority retail cost for your country, through Omega Watches .