The dressiest jumper you can get. Restricted version Christopher Ward C65 Trident with an in-house development that runs for five days.

It looks as amazing on pictures as it does when perusing the specs. Sufficiently great to cause me to ask the Christopher Ward delegates to send us one of the 150 restricted release pieces for an involved survey. They sent one and following fourteen days on the wrist, I am similarly as impressed.

Christopher Ward C65 with a force reserve

Since I can recollect that I’ve been entranced by the force save complication. Indeed, some should seriously mull over the complication somewhat extravagant or potentially shallow. Some inquiry its importance in a programmed development. I also have stages where I disregard my friendship towards the force save. Yet, each time a recently delivered watch or vintage watch with it comes up, I am indeed completely devoted to its. It’s just been over these previous fourteen days wearing the Christopher Ward C65 Trident that I completely acknowledged why I like force save observes so much.


Alarm, yearly schedule, day or date, moonphases, chronograph, time regions, every one of them share something for all intents and purpose. Something that you will not discover in a force save likewise called the réserve de marche. All recently referenced will reveal to you data that you could undoubtedly check somewhere else. All in all, various methods for innovation, like the effectively open cell phone, have traded the need for these complications for eternity. What I find truly beguiling about the force save is that nothing else can reveal to you how much energy there is left in your development. From this viewpoint, the force save on the dial stands firm on a remarkable foothold in comparison to other complications.

What precisely is the Christopher Ward C65 Trident?

Let’s face all the doubters’ protests head-on. For what reason would someone put a force hold in a jumper watch? Indeed, I get what you’re saying. And yet, I say, is there any good reason why you wouldn’t on the off chance that you can? The architects at CW clearly felt free enough to do as such. The outcome is, with a hand on my heart, at any rate reviving. There is something to this watch I actually don’t know that I’ve decoded completely what it is. What I can say without a doubt is that when I take a gander at it at the present time, my eyes dominate the watch with energy similarly as the first occasion when I saw an image of them.

Bezel and crystal

I can’t dispose of the sensation of seeing a Ressence watch when I take a gander at this C65 Trident. I know how insane that sounds. I get this is a direct result of the level gem that is isolated from the tight, however strong bezel by another slight ring. It’s not really obvious interestingly, you don’t understand it’s there. The bezel, ring, and precious stone appear to be so compact like you wouldn’t have the option to push a solitary atom through them.

Magic aquarium

The Ressence flashbacks come to mind also because of the dial that feels shallow and truly near your eye. It is most likely the lovely and somewhat magnificent blue tones and the consequences for the precious stone edge that causes the dial to sit up exceptionally high. If not for the date, I was unable to oppose feeling like the space between the gem is loaded up with some sort of an uncommon fluid. For certain watches, I have favored points from which I like to take a gander at them. With this C65 Trident, it doesn’t actually matter. Full frontal or from the sides, the view and impact in every case gather 10/10 points.

Busy or not?

In the past, Christopher Ward has taken a few beatings on gatherings and conversations for being occupied or putting their logo in some unacceptable spot and in some unacceptable size. I didn’t follow. I generally make my assessment before I read the surveys and more often than not I loved their style. I concede there is still a great deal going on the dial in 41mm case. Be that as it may, do I mind? No, I don’t. In the fourteen days’ time, I didn’t feel pestered or upset one single time. Time perusing is speedy, the equivalent about the hold of the development energy. My decision: not busy.

Date and subregisters

Kudos for the date usage. Gap is practically imperceptible; the date resembles it’s imprinted on the dial. I additionally like that the window doesn’t have the standard direct shape. The plan and molding of the sub-second and force hold are extremely definite and pours some more fuel to the Ressence similarity. The two subs are marginally sunk into their situations, with their individual tracks being isolated from the inward coating structure. Once more, from perusing the depiction it may sound somewhat over-done, however it is perfect. Specifically light conditions, the reflections make an impact that the internal covering is moving freely from the sub-register track. A decent touch.

Thoughts on the dial

The long and slim stick files are just about as straightforward as the moment track. I like the more extensive square over the twelve. The files coordinate the hand luming. I like how the sub-register hands duplicate the focal hand’s style. I likewise like that the force hold didn’t get a more respectable hand, yet utilizes a similar hand as the sub-second. They look utilitarian, in any event, highlighting a meager lume. On the off chance that there is one thing that I am not completely certain about its the focal hands set, a monster clone of the sub-register hands. However, by the day’s end, I don’t discover them upsetting. They consider amazing time perusing. It is presumably the differentiation of the brushed focus and cleaned sides.

Long-time crush

Christopher Ward moved high up on my dynamic follow list when they presented their . It’s been two years I actually like it. Other than other plan follows, this watch conveys a similar weaponry base under the dial as the present restricted release C65 Trident.

SH21 development technicals

How numerous more modest brands without history traversing many years offer in-house developments? Begin naming. Furthermore, presently you can begin including the manners by which the SH21 comes fascinating. Has it been created in-house, yet it likewise directed to COSC exactness with a resistance of – 4/+6 sec for a day. The force hold counter doesn’t show hours, however days. As long as five days altogether, because of the twin-barrel framework. That is quite noteworthy, in the event that we understand we’re discussing a 2.000 euros watch. Since first experience with the watchmaking scene in the late spring of 2014, the SH21 hasn’t got as much acknowledgment as it merits (yet we examined it here and referenced here ).

SH21 development feeling

I am apprehensive it is just a short time until the SH21 lands in my assortment. Turning the rotor on the wrist wants to have your very own merry go round. It is so uncommonly charming to put one’s wrist on the table and feel it turning joyfully. Like there was no gravity and rubbing. The rotor begins turning at any irregular hand development for a considerable length of time for you to understand that it’s there. Simultaneously, you feel the gravity place hauling down on your wrist delicately. The sound of the circling rotor is for your ears as it were. Exceptionally addictive. It makes me need to unscrew the full case back, sit on the rotor, close the top behind me and pivot with it.

The case

The C65 Limited Edition Trident jumper isn’t the most slender watch yet stepping looking into it and case back functions admirably. On the off chance that you take a gander at the case profile from the side of the carry, you will perceive a small space-transport shape, slanting pointedly all over from the middle. This non-standard bending brings about somewhat of a bare and uncovered crown setting, particularly when looking from the base. The bezel, which is marginally more extensive than the case curiously duplicates the state of the crown and makes another unordinary detail. The crown is sufficiently wide and makes twisting simple and satisfying.


I must be cautious while picking a 41mm measurement watch to wear. On the off chance that you lean toward more modest sizes like me, I can guarantee you the C65 trident actually considers a ‘GO’. I quit the wristband and dark calfskin, requesting that CW send both camel cowhide and crossover blue. As I incline toward delicate cowhide, the camel tie was the one that got the most wrist time. In any case, I need to disclose to you that the blue crossover additionally has the seeks bite the dust for. It would be my favored decision on blistering summer days.

Final thoughts

Christopher Ward figured out how to assemble a dressy jumper freak with a force save that is difficult to say no to. Over the fourteen days, I never got exhausted with it and wore it more seriously than different watches that have come in for a test. It is flexible and accommodates my jumpers as much as my newly pressed shirts. The standard CW sticker price, an in-house development with a 5-day power hold and a restricted run of 150 pieces make me consider selling one of my vintage chronos to make some space for this matt blue oddity. In the event that you are not a jumper watch perfectionist and like a touch of sleeve to be included, the CW Trident C65 may be the ideal choice.



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