Early May, Tudor and retailer Bucherer uncovered the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue watch. This watch is essential for Bucherer’s Blue Editions, a cooperation among Bucherer and various watch producers. Just accessible at Bucherer Boutiques, yet we had the option to get one for half a month to perceive how it wears. Right away, our active Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue review.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

According to Bucherer, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is an ideal fit for their Blue Editions assortment as Tudor has been quite a while client of this tone (since the time their 1969 Submariner 7021). We expounded on these vintage Tudor Submariners previously ( click here ) and obviously we likewise covered a number of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay models ( here  and  here  for model, or here ). This Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue isn’t vastly different from the ordinary Black Bay Bronze model from 2016 ( click here ), however comes with a blue dial and blue bezel. An excellent combination and it has an unexpected allure in comparison to the earthy colored dial and bezel from the 2016 introduction.

The earthy colored dialed Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze

Bucherer Boutiques

The Bucherer shops are notable and are situated in various European nations. Established in 1888 via Carl F. Bucherer (indeed, the name that is additionally on the dial of their own image), so one year from now they will commend their 130th commemoration. The Blue Editions praise the extraordinary relationship of Bucherer with their choice of watch brands, utilizing the shading blue as a topic. Brands like Audemars Piguet, Carl F. Bucherer, Chopard, H. Moser & Cie, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Panerai, Piaget and Tudor, made uncommon releases for the Bucherer diamond setter. These versions are just to be found in one of the Bucherer shops in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Denmark.

Tudor Heritage BBBB On The Wrist

In all genuineness, the Heritage Black Bay is one of the watches I considered getting multiple times (and still do). I think it is an intriguing suggestion and an ideal ordinary go-to watch. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze and Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue models are 43mm where the tempered steel forms (counting the PVD model) are 41mm. Both sizes fit me consummately, however I am certain the 41mm would be a smidgen more comfortable for an ordinary watch. The 43mm isn’t too enormous for my wrists however, yet it involves preference.

I love the bronze instance of the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue, the brushed finish and the wonderful features on the drags make this watch an eye-catcher without a doubt. The blue dial and bezel combine consummately with the bronze hued components. Indeed, even the imprinting on the dial coordinates the bronze color.

The warm shade of bronze, similar to gold also, is extremely decent on the wrist. I need to concede that I’ve become a sucker for gold and bi-shading watches over the most recent two years and I was glad to see that Tudor likewise has offering in bi-shading this year ( click here to peruse my excited story on Tudor’s bi-shading Heritage Black Bay ). Bronze is no gold, however it additionally has this wonderful warm tone to it. After some time, the case will get some patina because of the response from dampness to bronze. On the off chance that you don’t like this kind of maturing, you can generally clean it obviously, however you should rethink buying a bronze watch since it will happen moderately quickly.

Under low-light conditions, this Tudor empowers you to impeccably peruse the time because of the lumed files and hands. The watch has a water obstruction of 200 meters, yet make a point not to wear it on the cowhide tie when you take into the water.

All the subtleties on this watch, like the marked crown, aspects on the carries, delightfully planned dial and so forth are extremely satisfying. Tudor has invested a great deal of energy in getting things right and as a proprietor of this watch, you will positively appreciate this degree of details.


This Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue comes with two ties. The vintage looking earthy colored cowhide tie, and the blue & bronze striped texture tie. The calfskin lash is decent, very much made and comes with a bronze catch. It doesn’t tighten, so it is 22mm all over the place. I happened to establish it very ‘present’ on the wrist because of its thickness and width. Particularly during warm days, it begins to become somewhat uncomfortable. It very well may be insightful to change to the second lash on these warm days, the blue texture tie with a bronze-hued stripe in the middle. The texture lash is obviously a lot gentler, yet it additionally appears it isn’t 22mm yet 21mm in width. There is a little hole between the texture tie and the carries. It doesn’t trouble me much however (recall the little NATO tie on Bond’s watch in Dr No?).


Tudor began utilizing in-house created developments since 2015, and this Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is the same. It utilizes their caliber MT5601, an emphasis of the primary Tudor in-house development from two years prior. It has no date (fortunately, as it would break the spotless dial configuration a piece), however makes them interest different highlights. For instance, every one of these in-house Tudor developments are chronometer guaranteed by COSC. Implying that they will have an appropriate precision, tried and confirmed by an authority outsider who checks this (COSC). Regularly, this would mean they have a normal deviation of – 4/+6 seconds of the day (greatest) under a few conditions (temperature and position). The force save of this development is 70 hours and a silicon balance spring guarantees hostile to attraction and durability.

The Tudor MT5601 development isn’t obvious, as the caseback is shut. The caseback makes them etch on there (Bucherer 1888), and leaves a ‘bigger space’ for conceivable etching by the purchaser of this watch. As you can see on the picture underneath, a touch of patina is now showing up in the lugs.


This diver’s watch in bronze ticks a great deal of boxes, maybe significantly more so than its earthy colored dialed sibling that was presented a year ago. I end up discovering blue a smidgen more immortal than earthy colored (yet that is close to home obviously). The joint effort with Bucherer is pleasant and it may become a collectible without a doubt later on. With a retail cost of 3800 Swiss Francs I don’t think this watch is over-estimated with its in-house development, perfectly completed case and dial and the wide range of various subtleties. It is a strong purchase for anybody searching for a Tudor games watch with that piece of ‘extra’. In the event that you don’t care about the bronze or cooperation, the 41mm treated steel models may be the best approach for you, and they are more reasonable as well.

That said, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue was a pleasant companion for the most recent weeks and a watch I appreciate taking a gander at. Not being my solitary watch, I could live with the 43mm case for this intense looking games watch. The way that the case will get some patina soon is a decent thing also, it will give it a touch of extra ‘vintage’ look & feel as I would see it. Albeit the cowhide tie is very thick and has a 22mm width, it looks decent on this watch. On the off chance that it is altogether too much for you, the texture lash is an answer. It makes the watch less present on the wrist and really wears truly comfortable. The nature of Tudor’s texture lashes are basically incredible and I still can’t seem to discover another texture tie that comes close as far as comfort.

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The Black Bay Bronze has an abnormal carry width of 23mm