Another week, another re-release. This opportunity it’s coming from Tissot. At the point when we visited the Swiss brand during Baselworld 2018 , we previously wrote about this watch. Despite the fact that the dial configuration changed somewhat, the fundamentals of the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde remained. A sub-second white dial dress watch with Arabic numerals and manual breeze development. My closely-held conviction on the watch is that it’s somewhat of a hit and miss. It is an extraordinary looking watch with a lovely case. The presentation case back showing the development is simply glorious. The dial is rich and clean. It’s a tad excessively huge, I think. Particularly on the off chance that you consider that I have a 7.5″ (19cm) wrist. All things considered, I was anticipating the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde and when I got it, I was not frustrated in it by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary.

Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde


Let’s move the contention directly to start with. At the point when Tissot at first showed us the watch it actually had “Antimagnetique” on the dial. It looked more vintage with “Antimagnetique” on the dial, however that could’ve been the lone motivation to keep it on there. In light of the fact that the watch didn’t fulfill the authority guidelines to be called antimagnetic. Tissot disclosed to us that the word is just a recognition for the first watch from 1943 that they utilized as motivation for this new delivery. Let’s face it however, it resembles making a watch that we name “Water Resistant” and not endure a light summer shower. Along these lines, in the end result, Tissot eliminated the word and renamed the watch. Try not to get it curved, some different brands adjust watches after Baselworld too. Since large numbers of the watches we see, there are still prototypes.

Original 1943 index page showing the watch (in focus) that filled in as motivation for the Petite Seconde Photo credit: Tissot

Petite Seconde

Antimagnetique or non-Antimagnetique the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde is an excellent watch. The dial is basic, spotless and exquisite. The numerals look current particularly considering the way that they are precise of the first watch’s numbers. It simply shows what forward-looking like this plan was back in the mid 40’s. Everything is imprinted on the dial, no applied files or logo here. The tone is white with a slight silver sparkle and vertical brushing. Because of its size, the face is fairly huge however the sub-second dial (where the watch got its name from) fills in the lower territory. It has a conspicuous size with a roundabout example. As the Petite Seconde is a heritage piece you can’t discover lume on the dial. It is against present day principles however so is the hand-wound system. To complete the vintage, look the watch has long and slim, dark leaf hands.

Case and back

I contacted this subject toward the start of my article; I feel that the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde could’ve been somewhat more modest. The case is 42mm wide, notwithstanding, because of the long hauls, it is 52mm from drag end to carry end. The thickness is 12.1mm even with the generally high sapphire gem that isn’t really awful. I feel that on the off chance that it was around 39-40mm this would’ve been awesome. Having said that, even at this size I didn’t have an issue wearing it. The face is not difficult to peruse, the case fit under a coat sleeve pleasantly. The sides are brushed while the top and base parts are cleaned much the same as the sides of the inclined hauls. While the highest points of them are cleaned too. Because of the watch being manual breeze, it has an enormous crown with the Tissot T in the center.

The case back is one gigantic presentation window. To such an extent, that there is practically no metal part. The screw-on steel case back is about 2.4mm thick the rest is only the glass window. Most likely, this permits us to have the ideal perspective on the development. You don’t see this frequently at this value point in ordinary creation line watches. Maybe from Haute-Horlogerie pieces however it’s unquestionably not a custom from Tissot. Around this slight steel outline you can locate the standard data that watches have; water obstruction (50m), reference number (T119.405.A, etc. The enormous presentation back is uncommonly pleasant as through it you can perceive how the watch comes to life when you begin winding it. Obviously, it likewise implies that the water (- or besides the antimagnetic) opposition will be less. All things considered, as a dress watch that isn’t Tissot’s most prominent concern.


We presently showed up at quite possibly the most captivating highlights of the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde; the development. Inside the watch, you can discover an ETA 6498-1, a 17-Jewel hand-wound pocket watch development with 46 hours of force save and 18.000 vph. One could allude to this kind of development as a “savonnette” or “tracker” pocket watch development. Savonnette-style pocket watches can be held in the correct hand so the top that covers the face could be opened by the thumb pushing the crown. Thus these types have the crown at 3 o’clock and a sub-second at 6. Because of the situating of the crown, marks regularly use it in wrist watches, much the same as the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde. Here, the entire surface of the ETA 6498-1 has Cotes de Geneve enrichment while the screws are all blued.

Black or brown

The watch that I got from Swatch Group Germany has a dark calfskin lash. the size is 20mm on the drag side and 18mm on the clasp end. While I reprimanded other Swatch Group brands for their utilization of a modest glancing tie before, this one is in reality pleasant. It is fairly upset however doesn’t look too vintage. The tie is delicate and comfortable, and it has a touch of cushioning towards the top. An ideal fit to the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde, if you were to ask me. You can pick between dark or earthy colored cowhide lashes, no metal arm band choice for this watch. To have greater security when on the wrist Tissot added a deployant clasp to the lash. Some call it butterfly catch, I call it twofold deployant with press catches. The clasp is brushed and has Tissot composed on it in a vintage font.


All in all, the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde is a decent watch with incredible wrist presence and vintage feel. On the off chance that you like heritage watches and can live with its size and that reality that the lume is completely absent from the dial, it is a watch to consider. I previously shared my musings on the size, and the missing lume isn’t an issue for me. I likewise love the full presentation back and the huge Unitas/ETA development. Tissot worked effectively with the Petite Seconde however I genuinely trust they’d consider making them a tiny bit more modest one year from now. The cost (in Germany) is €980 including charges. However, taking everything into account, the sum (under 1,000 euros) is alluring for the Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde.

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