Omega as of late added two new dials for its fruitful Seamaster Aqua Terra assortment. One in blue, and one in green. While blue could as of now be found on past Aqua Terra models, green was just utilized for subtleties, as on the PGA release of the watch.

An totally green dial is new for the Seamaster Aqua Terra assortment. Also, very amazingly, I should say it looks damn great. I was at that point very intrigued by the green accents on the Aqua Terra PGA release ( which we checked on here ). As far as I might be concerned, those accents made it perhaps the most alluring watches in this assortment. Furthermore, presently, half a month prior, Omega began to convey these green (and new blue) dial Aqua Terra watches to its boutiques.

The brand commenced conveyance before the public statement hit our inbox. An uncommon move, however one that will, I’m sure, be valued by those wanting to get one on their wrists. You’ll frequently figure out a long while between a delivery being reported and it ending up in the window. Omega had the green Seamaster Aqua Terra prepared for us, so we could go active with it and offer a few considerations with you. Right away, let’s have a nearer look.

Seamaster Aqua Terra in Green (

This new Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra in green is basically indistinguishable from all the flow models in 41mm. It utilizes the Master Chronometer guaranteed type 8900 development while the 38mm width Aqua Terra models utilize the Omega type 8800. There are a couple of little contrasts between these types, similar to the force hold for instance (5 hours less) and the elements of the development. Tastefully, it is equivalent to the wide range of various Aqua Terras, with a wonderful teak deck theme on the dial and a date gap at 6 o’clock. The date at 6 o’clock is entirely overall quite most likely a gesture to the early Seamaster Calendar watches from the 1950s. Those were the ones with the celebrated guard developments that had the date situated at the equivalent position.

The hands are somewhat of a combination, yet plainly discover their starting point in the 1957 “Professional” models that Omega presented: The Seamaster 300, Railmaster, and Speedmaster. They are moderately enormous, glowing, and expertly faceted. Indeed, even without the lume, they are completely meaningful in low-light conditions. The equivalent goes for the applied bolt formed numerals, which I likewise find on the vintage Constellation and Seamaster from the 1950s I have in my own assortment. Obviously, the case configuration has likewise been intensely affected by those 1957 models with lyre lugs.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra collection

The teak deck theme has been utilized for the Seamaster Aqua Terra assortment since 2008 (the Aqua Terra assortment was presented in 2002). In 2008, Omega began to utilize their in-house type 8500 development for these watches until 2017, when Omega refreshed the whole assortment with new dials and new developments (type 8800 and 8900).

Meanwhile, Omega additionally presented Seamaster Aqua Terra models with a yearly schedule, world time complication and GMT complication. Goodness, and let’s not disregard the Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light , directed at proficient sportspeople who are in the requirement for a light-weight watch. We distributed the whole history of the Seamaster Aqua Terra assortment back in 2017 in this article on Fratello  when it was the 15th commemoration of the Aqua Terra.

Strap or Bracelet

The two new Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches, with blue and green dials, come in two forms each. One with croc lash in coordinating tone and the other one with a tempered steel wristband. For this article, we utilized the Seamaster Aqua Terra in green with the (dull) green croc strap.

I’m unquestionably an arm band fellow more often than not. Regardless of this, I should concede the gator ties by Omega are truly comfortable and their accessibility makes the Seamaster Aqua Terra a significant adaptable watch. The distinction in cost between the gator lash and tempered steel arm band is €300. That’s adequately low to settle on the arm band a simple decision for me. I would add a green crocodile tie later on. A croc tie from Omega can likewise handily interfere with you €330 (the cost of the Omega crocodile lash for my cherished Globemaster ) and afterward you’d need a collapsing catch too (presumably around €250). Nonetheless, getting a treated steel wristband, later on, interferes with you somewhat more than that.

If you’re not an arm band individual, the lash is the best approach. Have confidence, the quality is stunning. Putting it on a wristband makes the watch a touch more flexible however. It makes the watch reasonable for both formal and casual occasions. Those who are after getting one great watch for themselves (maybe in any event, for the remainder of your life), and bring a watch into the water sometimes the wristband is the best approach to go.

Caliber 8900

And looking at having one watch for the remainder of your life, the Omega type 8900 is unquestionably capable. Not a lot has transformed, I need to say. At whatever point I pick one of my vintage Omega Seamasters or Constellations up from the protected, they quickly begin to run (those are fundamentally type 5xx developments). They actually run fine, even after each one of those many years. The cutting edge Omega developments are, obviously, better as far as construct quality (more tight resistances), accuracy, and against attraction. That makes me extremely certain that a type 8900 development is an accomplice forever (and your children’s lives). There’s hardly any composition out there on the developments, yet they are really all around made, yet in addition delightful to notice by means of the sapphire caseback.

Certified by METAS

The completing is extremely lovely, with its Geneva waves in Arabesque on the extensions and on the rotor, blued screws and red filled etchings. In fact talking, in this type 8900 development, you’ll locate a free-sprung balance wheel, silicon (Si14) hairspring, and a Co-Axial escapement.

This one is further developed than the absolute initial ones presented in 1999. The watch is Master Chronometer guaranteed by METAS (a free outsider), implying that not just the chronometer development has been tried and affirmed, yet the whole watch (in the wake of packaging the development) has been tried against amazingly exclusive expectations for accuracy, hostile to attraction, stun obstruction, and water opposition. All data about these tests by Omega and the certificate by METAS can be found .

Incredible Value

At €5,400 (on the arm band) this watch offers great worth. It outperforms the majority of the competition at this value point. The Seamaster Aqua Terra is an ideal all-rounder. It has sufficient water obstruction for ordinary use (except if you’re an expert jumper), it includes the Omega type 8900 development with free hour hand (valuable for regular voyagers), and it is an elaborately flexible watch that’s wearable under any situation (formal, sports, and everything in-between).

Of course, this has been the situation since 2017 when Omega refreshed the whole Seamaster Aqua Terra assortment. The new green dial doesn’t change this by any means. Yet, it is a welcome tone for a watch this way. This green variant would be my pick for an Aqua Terra. I incline toward it much over the golf release of the Aqua Terra with green components. Reference (on the lash) is €5,100. I would joyfully dish out €300 more for reference on the arm band. More data by means of Omega .