A few months ago, I pre-requested a Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet. The Forstner brand was revived and started to create those odd looking cross section bracelets again that could be seen on the wrists of NASA’s astronauts.

These bracelets are regularly otherwise called JB Champion bracelets. JB stands for Jacoby Bender, and they acquired the Forstner brand (in 1963) preceding astronauts started to utilize their “Komfit” bracelets. The two companies were a distant memory already, yet Forstner has as of late been resurrected again. Speedmaster enthusiasts have been reacting emphatically to the new Forstner company, and I have to say that I shared that fervor as well. Some place in October, I chose to make utilization of their pre-request of $100 (after this pre-request period, the bracelets retail for $125) for this “Komfit” JB network bracelet. The same kind of bracelet that Neil Armstrong had on his Speedmaster, for example, see below.

Forstner “Komfit” JB Mesh Bracelet

Neil Armstrong examining a rock sample, wearing his Speedmaster on a JB Champion bracelet.

Just seven days ago, I got my Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet, and I figured it is ideal to give it some coverage here for this Speedy Tuesday. Amusingly, I purchased a veritable JB bracelet a couple of months ago as well, yet it wasn’t the same style as this “Komfit” JB network bracelet. I always had troubles spending such a lot of cash on a JB Champion Komfit bracelet because, in fact, these aren’t the most strong assembled bracelets out there. NASA astronauts had their Speedmasters on these bracelets because they would be easier to break than the original Omega bracelets. On the off chance that something would stall out between the bracelet and the astronaut’s wrist, NASA rather had the watch lost (or damaged) than the wearer having to lose his hand. So instead of going for the original Omega bracelets, these Speedmasters were put on the JB Champion cross section bracelet. This is the information that Petros Protopapas (Head of Brand Heritage) shared with us more than once about these lattice bracelets. Anyways, with the high market costs of these original JB Champion bracelets, I never could get myself to purchase the “Komfit” network model. So the new re-presentation of Forstner is an exceptionally welcome one, as they can offer the “Komfit” JB network bracelet for $125 USD.

Another valid statement is that the original JB Champion cross section bracelet was in 19mm (and the original Forstner Komfit in 18mm), which wouldn’t accurately fit today’s 20mm Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. For this article, however, I chose to put the new Forstner “Komfit” JB Champion bracelet on my Speedmaster’57 60th anniversary watch, which has 19mm drags anyway. NASA never utilized the CK2915, however started with the CK2998 (privately purchased by Schirra and Cooper). The NASA astronauts utilized the 105.003, 105.012 and 145.012 during the Apollo program, Armstrong wearing the 105.012 during Apollo 11 (and in the image above).

Fitting the bracelet

The Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet comes in a long rectangular white box, with a velvet pad and two elastic bands that kept the bracelet in place during the delivery. Also inside, you will locate a little foil with eight small round defensive stickers on it. I missed it from the start, however my colleague Daniel (who also requested a bracelet) brought up them to me and asked me on the off chance that I planned to utilize them to secure within the carries for the end bits of the bracelet. I advised him probably not, yet when fitting the bracelet, I chose to utilize them anyway.

The end bits of the Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet are adaptable, which means they can be utilized for various carry widths (somewhere in the range of 16mm and 20mm). You can fit them between the carries without utilizing a device, however since they are adaptable, I chose to utilize the drag defender stickers as the end pieces may move a piece and cause unnecessary scratches within the hauls. It is an easy task to get the bracelet fitted, however it still doesn’t hurt to watch the that Forstner put online with some easy and short instructions.

Sizing the bracelet

Once you put the bracelet on the watch, you need to estimate it for your wrist. In the event that you are not familiar with the original JB Champion cross section bracelets, you will probably have to mess around a piece or watch the on Forstner’s site. It is quite easy actually, simply release the bracelet first, by sliding the small ‘button’ backward. The clasp ‘opens’, and you will have one last detail and can move the bracelet through the main manager. Just underneath the hauls, there’s also one fixed part (stamped ‘JB’ on the sides), from which you released the clasp. You will locate a small ‘flip lock’ that you can release with your fingernails. Presently, you can move that part here and there the bracelet as well. By pushing the flip lock towards the bracelet again, you will have it fixed again. Thusly, you can estimate your bracelet rapidly without having to utilize special tools.

Perhaps also critical is that the Forstner Komfit bracelet is a mm more extensive than the original JB Champion bracelet (16mm instead of 15mm). Forstner did this to make it a superior fit for today’s Speedmaster (Professional) watches (with a drag width of 20mm).

Wearing Comfort

The Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet is really light-weight and wears entirely comfortable on the wrist, basically as most cross section bracelets do. The quality of the bracelet is far superior to I anticipated that it should be (given the cost of $125USD compared to the cost of the original Omega bracelets). It is certainly not the same quality as original Omega bracelets, but rather neither were the original JB Champion bracelets, so in that regard, it is all fine. In any case, I was happily shocked to see that the bracelet is actually so all around planned and thoroughly considered. Although the bracelet can slide from left to directly on the end pieces, it won’t ‘hit’ the carries, so no danger of damage there. The bracelet no place feels sharp or unpleasant and feels very strong in spite of the light-weight. Releasing the clasp may require some practice, yet in addition here, you won’t locate any sharp parts that will hurt your fingers. The clasp and its mechanism is very much planned and feels hearty. In short: the bracelet is more pleasant and ‘more’ than I anticipated that it should be. It is a cool alternative to the original Omega bracelets, especially on the off chance that you are keen on the NASA history combined with the Speedmaster watches the astronauts wore. It is a pity I don’t have my caliber 321 pre-Moon Speedmaster at home, otherwise, I would have fitted it to that watch, as it makes a historically ‘better’ fit than this Speedmaster’57 60th anniversary.

Price and Availability

I think the new Forstner worked really hard with the “Komfit” JB network bracelet. They convey a preferable item over I expected at the $125 USD cost, and the cost is exceptionally supported, as I would see it. I also think this value point is exceptionally smart, as it is something ‘fun’ you can add to your Speedmaster. It is something other than what’s expected than adding the XXth leather strap or NATO strap to your Speedy. Obviously, you can also fit this “Komfit” JB network bracelet to one of your other watches, as a portion of the astronauts did as well. You can locate some accommodating OmegaForum threads on the original cross section bracelets and .

I think this Forstner “Komfit” JB network bracelet is an easy decision for any Speedmaster fan out there, especially in the event that you are – like me – not prepared to put down a couple hundred on the original JB Champion lattice bracelet. There are two renditions of the bracelet, a short one and the original one. The short one can be estimated somewhere in the range of 11cm and 20cm and the original one somewhere in the range of 14cm and 23cm.

You can arrange yours via the official Forstner .