The Sternglas Naos is a beautiful assertion from a youthful German startup company.

Bauhaus is hot in 2019! Except if you have lived in a cavern throughout the previous a year, you presumably have perused some place that 2019 was the year praising the 100th commemoration of the German Bauhaus development. There have been a series of occasions and item deliveries to commend the beginning of the advanced enlivened Bauhaus plan. The watch business is likewise no outsider to Bauhaus plan with brands like Junghans, who have an assortment by previous Bauhaus understudy Max Bill and Nomos Glashütte attracting motivation from Bauhaus to plan their assortment of watches. Pattern likewise honored Bauhaus this year by delivering a restricted release Bau Swatch assortment and top of the line brand Ressence is additionally intensely affected by the renowned moderate way to deal with plan that describes the development that began in Weimar, Germany in 1919. Those are only a couple of the brands impacted by Bauhaus, however it shows that the Bauhaus style is a lot of alive 100 years after it started.

Another youthful watch company that has become famous utilizing the Bauhaus configuration impact is Sternglas. Sternglas is a generally new company that acquired force like so many of today’s new watch companies by fund-raising through a crowdfunding effort in 2016. They are based out of Hamburg, Germany, and have made a consistent assortment of reasonable Bauhaus enlivened watches that you likely have seen some place on the web or via web-based media. The brand invests a monstrous energy into getting their name out there by investing a ton of time and cash in getting the online crowd acquainted with their image. The assortment presently holds four distinctive model reaches with the Naos, Topograph, Zirkel, and the Sinja being the women’s line of watches. None of the Sternglas models has a retail cost of more than 400 euros, and each model comes in a wide range of arrangements to ensure there is a watch appropriate for everybody that is intrigued. In this survey, we will zero in on the Sternglas Naos Automatik to see whether the Sternglas story is one of style or style and substance.

The Design

Let’s start with the vibes of the Sternglas Naos Automatik. The principal thing that comes to mind when taking a gander at the Naos Automatik configuration is that it looks moderate. In the event that you are into Bauhaus plan, this is a plan that feels recognizable and useful, as you would anticipate from a Bauhaus watch this way. The plan is simple on the eyes with its cleaned steel case, even measured crown and white dial with dark markers, and the option of the Milanese arm band adds that hint of refinement to the watch. The white dial includes a ring of meager hour and moment markers imprinted in dark with the hour markers varying in two lengths. The even hour markers are more limited in light of the fact that the dial includes the even hour numerals outwardly of the ring imprinted in an extremely smooth textual style type that fits the general plan of the watch. The dial configuration is completed with the date show at the 3 o’clock position, which is printed fundamentally thicker and greater than the other information on the dial for great readability.

When wearing the Naos Automatik, the principal thing that gets your attention isn’t the dial with all its data, however what quickly draws consideration is the arrangement of thin stick-formed dark hands that demonstrate hours, minutes, and seconds. It makes it simple to peruse the time, which is a major in addition to. The three hands vary in width going from thickest to most slender with the hour hands being the thickest and the second hand being the most slender. The moment and second hand are similarly long with the hour hand being somewhat more limited not surprisingly. In spite of the fact that perusing the time is simple on the Naos, I need to say that a portion of the information on the dial is minuscule and thin compared to the hands, to where comprehensibility is a test. My old eyes might be messing me up, yet I need to zero in on perusing the real words ‘Zeitmesser’ of the logo and ‘Automatik’ on the base portion of the dial. It’s an irregular circumstance on the grounds that the Bauhaus propelled configuration feels adjusted, yet a portion of the information is extremely little, which is a disgrace truly as each unmistakable piece of text on a dial ought to be lucid. Does it create any functional issues? In no way, shape or form, however it’s a detail that can be irritating in the event that you begin zeroing in on it.

Overall, the combination of the 38mm cleaned hardened steel case, white dial with dark markings, and Milanese wristband is a sharp explanation that will pull in a group. I need to say that I like the Bauhaus styling of the watch. In general it is simple on the eye, and perusing the time is exceptionally simple. I figure Sternglas generally speaking made a strong showing planning a The Naos Automatik that honors the Bauhaus style with the appeal to pull in a major audience.

The Build Quality

Next to the Bauhaus plan, it’s additionally great to examine the form nature of this 299 Euro Naos Automatik. Generally speaking I would say the nature of the watch is really strong, particularly in the event that you consider the value point. The 38mm treated steel case is richly molded and feels strong. The case back is fitted with six fastens that hold it spot, and it includes a sapphire gem through you can see the Miyota 821A development. The front likewise includes a domed sapphire precious stone, which is really interesting for watches in this value class. It’s a choice Sternglas made subsequent to asking their costumers what the most serious issues were with their original of watches, and most respondents complained about scratches on the precious stone. That’s when the brand chose to present sapphire precious stone for the entirety of their watches. So generally speaking, the form nature of the case is respectable, and the shape and size fit exquisite on my wrist.

The part of the watch I am less dazzled with is the Milanese tie and the catch. I need to say the watch wear entirely comfortable as a result of the Milanese lash, however it’s not the best quality. The snappy change-framework makes it simple to supplant the superfine lattice tie with a calfskin tie, and eliminating the lash additionally gave me a simple opportunity to look at the quality somewhat better. In any case, for me to eliminate it, I needed to utilize a considerable amount of power which made me somewhat reluctant on the grounds that I didn’t need to harm anything. In the wake of attempting tenderly for a piece I wound up eliminating the lash with a ton of power. The main thing that stood apart was the way that the tie isn’t woven altogether straight. Despite the fact that you will scarcely see it when wearing it because of the resilience in the tie, you can feel it’s not straight when investigating and particularly when you fix it you can feel it’s a piece off.

The catch is likewise messed some up after some time. While changing the fasten to the size of your wrist, you need a little device like a little screwdriver or blade to have the option to deliver the catch and move it. The danger is that by utilizing a touch of power, you will distort the pin that’s before it. Also, I can reveal to you that it wasn’t simple delivering the catch, so the pin experienced that. Therefore, the fasten didn’t close immovably any more. Generally speaking the form nature of the case is extremely strong, and, shockingly, the nature of the lash and the catch are unacceptable with that. Likewise, the fast switch framework didn’t perform up the 10-second standard the brand communicates each time we attempted it. By and large you won’t notice these things when wearing the watch day by day, however there is opportunity to get better to raise the quality to an acceptable level with the form nature of the case.

The Movement

The Sternglas Naos Automatik is controlled by the Miyota 821A programmed development, which is an entirely dependable and notable workhorse.  The 821A depends on the Miyota 8215 development, with the main contrasts being an improved completion and a pattern rotor rather than a strong half circle. The 821A highlights hours, minutes, focal seconds, and a speedy set date at 3 o’clock. The speedy set date is gotten to by hauling the crown out midway and changing the time should be possible by pulling out the crown.

The development is obvious through the straightforward case back, which is anything but a vital component while thinking about the allure of the 821A development. The just ‘modification’ done to the development is the etching of the Sternglas Zeitmesser logo on the skeletonized rotor, and for the rest, the development is standard. It runs at 21,600 beats each hour and has a force hold of 42 hours with an exactness of – 20/+40 seconds out of every day. In general the Miyota 821A will get the job done as a solid and vigorous mechanical development for watches at this value point. We are certain this development can be tweaked for higher accuracy, yet that would an affect the price.

Thinking of the transparent case back, albeit the development isn’t anything extraordinary in its appearance, for a brand like Sternglas, it’s a method of showing their clients their programmed development as a stage up to the quartz form of the Naos. Also, most likely, there will be a gathering of potential purchasers that are pulled in to the mechanical variant of the Sternglas Naos and love seeing the development at work. At this value level, there are various principles and various reasons why you would show a mechanical development. It has more to do with the verification and enchantment of a mechanical development as such than showing the specialized brightness and the excellence of the completing of a development as is common in the higher sections of the watch business. Also, I comprehend that appeal for individuals that are not used to wearing a mechanical watch each day.

Final Thoughts

Overall I need to say that the Naos Automatik is all around planned and an entirely comfortable watch to wear with its 38mm case and the Milanese lash. Sternglas additionally offers the Naos Automatik with an assortment of calfskin ties, and there is likewise a variant with a dark dial. Despite the fact that I discover a portion of the data on the dial somewhat little and the form quality could be better in certain zones, I should concede that I wore the Naos Automatik more than I had anticipated. I love a delightful Bauhaus watch, and that’s additionally what took me back to the Sternglas Naos two or multiple times. Does that mean I would recommend this Naos Automatik for individuals that are searching for a watch with a greatest cost of 500 Euros? In the event that you are not explicitly searching for a moderate Bauhaus watch, there are more choices out there that offer better quality inside the 500 Euros value range. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable Bauhaus roused watch, this could be a generally excellent alternative for you. Sternglas has come up with a pleasantly planned watch with a strong programmed development and sapphire gem for under 300 Euros. It is an extremely solid recommendation and will presumably draw in a major crowd. On the off chance that I needed to settle on a decision when purchasing the Naos Automatik, I would incline toward it with a cowhide lash to evade a portion of the quality drawbacks. At that point the Naos Automatik is a truly reasonable and classy statement.

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