Bi-shading was bound to happen. Some say it still isn’t here, yet I don’t think so. The combination of tempered steel and a valuable metal has been ready for action like never before for a couple of years (or was it here constantly?) and I am intensely infatuated with it.

Actually, the principal genuine watch that I got 20 years prior was a bi-shading watch. With no examination on the web or impacted by different fans, I picked this watch. Implying that I just loved bi-shading as of now around then. Since I am past 40, I care minimal about the overall agreement or other’s opinion about the thing I am wearing at any rate. I can envision that in the event that you are in your mid twenties, it is more essential to think often about what’s acknowledged and what’s not, yet I couldn’t care less truth be told. As you get more seasoned, you become safer about these things and you’ve essentially built up your own style and taste for things. It’s part of maturing.

Rolex GMT-Master 16753 ‘Root Beer’, ‘Clint Eastwood’, ‘Tiger Auge’

Now, I additionally realize that this gold and bi-shading inclination of watches is something social. Maybe a bi-colour Rolex Submariner or GMT-Master was in every case broadly acknowledged in Florida for instance (from what I comprehend from Mike Stockton’s stories. That is to say, it is likewise his watch presented above here), yet remember that in moderate Europe, it is either hardened steel or white gold. Wearing a gold watch implies you are either old or have a sketchy calling. I think the time has come to dispose of that inclination and simply wear what you like. Regardless, I have been wearing gold watches on and off throughout the previous few years and I feel pretty comfortable with it. All things considered, that’s still numerous words spent on something I just composed I don’t care about. To spare the nitty-gritty details, I was joyfully astounded to see Rolex presenting this awesome combination of tempered steel and Everose gold for their GMT-Master II.

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR

Here at Fratello, we allude to the full gold Rolex GMT-Master II as ‘The Derrick’ as it was the watch this ober-examiner wore in a large number of the TV shows he did. We covered that watch here . The gold and tempered steel form, regularly referred to as the ‘Root Beer’, ‘Tiger Auge’ or ‘Clint Eastwood’ ( we covered this reference 16753 here ) can be viewed as the archetype of this new Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR. To begin with the minor issue I have with this watch is that this new reference doesn’t have an earthy colored dial. Neither does the full Everose gold Rolex GMT-Master II version , yet I simply consider this to be a botched chance. It would have made them amazing pieces.

The new Rolex GMT-Master II in treated steel and Everose gold is as yet a shocker however and fortunately, the most acclaimed watch brand from Geneve ensured that there was in any event a hint of earthy colored on the bezel. The earthy colored fired bezel coordinates impeccably with the Everose gold, as you can see below.

The Everose material is Rolex’ own amalgam of rose gold, ensuring it will remain rose gold in shading over the long haul. The customary rose gold composite uses a (high) level of copper to get the rose or pink tone, however inevitably, the gold will turn more yellow-ish again because of wear. With extraordinary composites from watch producers like Rolex, the tone is ensured. Everything gold you see on this Rolex GMT-Master II is 18-carat Everose gold. The tempered steel is made of evaluation 904L steel.

The Cerachrom bezel, a unique interaction to combine the (Everose) gold with ceramics, has a 24-hour scale to demonstrate day/night and can be turned to set the timezone. The free hour hand demonstrates neighborhood time, while the smooth gold arrowed hand is for home time. At the point when it focuses to a numeral on the earthy colored side of the bezel, this demonstrates that home time is daytime while the dark part shows evening. It is quite possibly the most helpful GMT watches and I really lament selling my 2005 reference 16710 that essentially worked in the equivalent way.

Despite the case size of 40mm in width, it wears somewhat greater and as comfortable as some other games Rolex. Inside you’ll discover the Rolex type 3285 ticking at 28,800vph. Put it against your ear and you’ll hear the high beat sparkle. It’s unshakable development that isn’t just chronometer guaranteed, it is likewise justified to show improvement over that (- 4/+6 seconds) and it runs – 2/+2 seconds every day by and large, after casing.

Winding and setting the watch is simple with the enormous crown, which additionally has the Triplock innovation installed like the Submariner watches have also. This innovation guarantees better water opposition and can be perceived by the three specks on the crown. Regardless of the Triplock, the GMT-Master II has a water opposition of 100 meters (or 10 bar), however that is presumably enough for the greater part of us.

The Oyster arm band simply comes with one inconvenience, the gold community joins are scratch magnets. Nonetheless, the all treated steel Oyster wristband on the GMT-Master II likewise will undoubtedly get scratches inside the primary long periods of wear, obviously. It is simply something you shouldn’t stress over something over the top. Fortunately gold is generally delicate and with each help stretch you will get it back like new without an excessive number of issues. You can likewise have the middle connections cleaned outside the prompted administration stretches, however ensure you just have the gold place joins done, not the hardened steel parts. What’s gone will be gone, with steel. Gold is simpler to deal with, or have fixed at a later stage.

As you can see over, the Oyster wristband has the collapsing Oysterlock fasten. The treated steel is likewise grade 904L like the case. The Everose gold can likewise be found on the fasten and the flip lock. The catch has a ‘Easylink’ framework, where you can stretch out the arm band by up to 5mm. The fine-change framework is exceptionally valuable when wearing the watch particularly during warm late spring days when the circumference of my wrist is diverse at night than toward the beginning of the day. At that point, it is entirely comfortable to change the arm band without utilizing toothpicks, screwdrivers thus on.

Some Thoughts on the Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR

Even while composing this article I am wearing a bi-shading sports watch and I need to add that the more seasoned GMT-Master II 16753, the later 16713 and even the 116713LN are extremely enticing to add to my unassuming assortment. As of recently, I have just had all steel 1675 and 16710 GMT-Master watches in my assortment. In any case, Midas has gotten to me and I need to flavor it up with some gold. Before I will impart some last contemplations to you on this new GMT-Master II 126711CHNR, let’s immediately go through the bi-shading GMT-Master timeline.

1675 – 1675/3 – 16753 – 16713 – 116713LN – 126711CHNR

The bi-shading GMT-Master returns to 1970/1971, when the reference 1675 opened up in a combination of steel and yellow gold and was  accessible with a bi-shading Oyster or Jubilee arm band. Around 1975, the reference number got another designator, 1675/3, where ‘3’ represents ‘yellow Rolesor’. Rolesor is Rolex’ own pointer for two metals. This watch was underway until around 1980. In 1979/1980, Rolex presented its replacement, the reference 16753, underway till 1988. This reference had a printed coronet on the dial another development (3075) and a quickset date. In 1989, the reference 16713 was presented. This was the principal Rolex GMT-Master II in bi-shading, where the hour hand could be set independently because of the utilization of the new type 3185 development. So far, these watches were as yet accessible with one or the other dark or earthy colored dials. At that point, in 2006, some extreme changes were made: the presentation of fired and another case plan with greater hauls. The gold and steel GMT-Master II reference 116713LN was conceived and is a watch that is as yet underway today. This article’s new Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR is simply added as a ‘Everose’ choice. The yellow gold Rolesor 116713LN was not refreshed with the new type 3285 development for instance, so that likely will undoubtedly occur at some point.

Rolex GMT-Master II 116713 The Rolex GMT-Master 16753

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR

You wouldn’t say as much (I wouldn’t in any event), however what all these bi-shading GMT-Master (II) watches share practically speaking, is the case breadth. From the 1675(/3) until today’s 116713LN and 126711CHNR, they all measure 40mm in distance across. The fresher models, obviously, do wear somewhat greater because of the thicker case and obviously the new style carries. Wristbands have become strong over the long run, so the cutting edge GMT-Master II watch wears heavier too. In the event that the gold, pink or yellow, is a lot for you, all the referenced GMT-Master models are accessible in steel too. However, on the off chance that you, similar to me, are chomped by this bi-shading bug, there is no retreat it appears. I have been hoping to add one of these Rolesor looks for quite a while now, and with the GMT-master II 126711CHNR it has become considerably harder to resist.

What I don’t trust, and don’t think frankly, is that this GMT-Master II 126711CHNR will have a similar destiny as the tempered steel GMT-Master II models. The Batman, the all dark form and about some other hardened steel sports Rolex is essentially not accessible at approved sellers. Rolex had no authority answer to this, yet it appears they either diminished creation or have another technique in not stocking their approved seller or if nothing else not here in Europe. As indicated by the [authorized] sellers I asked, it was on the grounds that the interest is unbelievably high and Rolex doesn’t increment creation along these lines. It appears to be a move against the dark market to me believe it or not: improving hold on the thing is being sold and ensuring it isn’t to dim market sellers. The Rolex letter that is available for use where they are building up vendors to offer just to end shoppers, eliminate every defensive sticker and not leave the guarantee card clear is a gather surrender. It is acceptable that Rolex fights the dim market, yet it likewise brings about troubles purchasing a watch from them thusly. Nonetheless, I have great expectations that the gold and steel sports watches will keep on being fairly simpler to buy as the interest is a piece lower on these than for the all tempered steel models.

Having that said, the Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR is unquestionably high on my list of things to get. The retail cost of the watch is €13.000,- (counting 21% deals charges in my market). In comparison, the 116713LN has a retail cost of €12.050,- . For the distinction, you fundamentally get the more current Rolex development and Everose gold. You can’t turn out badly with both, or one of the vintage models, however the 126711CHNR is unquestionably my choice.

More data by means of Rolex .

Technical determinations – Rolex GMT-MASTER II 126711CHNR


Type 3285, Chronometer,  Self-winding, 28800VPH (= 4Hz recurrence), 70-hours Power Reserve


Breadth of 40mm, 100M water safe Oystersteel (904L) & 18-carat Everose case, Scratch-safe sapphire precious stone, Two-shading dark and earthy colored artistic bezel embed


Shellfish arm band, Oystersteel (904L) & 18-carat Everose, Oysterlock collapsing wellbeing catch and Easylink 5 mm comfort expansion interface framework


126711 CHNR


€ 13,000

Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR