Simple yet strong. On the off chance that you esteem the story and creativity more than the development inside your watch, REC watches should remain on your radar. Today we investigate their recent arrival of the REC RJM Bluebird, a restricted run of 334 pieces.

Your watch shouldn’t be endorsed by a watch producer that was established 200 years prior to have quite a story to tell. Also, on the off chance that you like WW2 stories, I wager your eyes won’t remain dry subsequent to watching the video about the REC Bluebird.

My eye on REC Watches

I needed to look in my post box to find that I initially pursued the REC bulletin more than two years prior upon deciding on what their next watch ought to be produced using. I recollect it unmistakably – I decided in favor of a Jeep Willys. The concept of REC watches is really basic. They locate some old metal parts that used to be of a brave item. Sort of a religion that resonates for quite a long time. The two Danish business people, Christian Felix Mygh and Jonathan Kampstrup have up to this point discovered their way to a couple of iconic Ford Mustangs , , and the present suspect, an amazing Spitfire. As their following stage, this couple of youth mates changes a portion of the mass of these legendary articles into watches. Pretty genius.

REC on Kickstarter

The folks guarantee that all through the whole assembling measure, they save however much of the material’s unique appearance as could reasonably be expected. We can avoid the early quartz days and quick forward twelve months to 2015, the time of dispatching their first mechanical arrangement, the P-51 Collection. Dials recycled from a rescued Ford Mustang were planned by widely acclaimed Swiss plan organization, Studio Divine. The model was effectively dispatched on Kickstarter and raised almost $500,000. As a major Porsche Classic aficionado, I was searching for the second mechanical collection, . Kickstarter once more, almost $650,000. Nonetheless, I wound disliking the REC Porsche plan so a lot, so I passed on the purchase.

A public decision on the following REC watch

The REC organizers cleverly connect with clients, likely clients, and the overall population to assist them with choosing what story comes straightaway. The Spitfire won the survey from April 2017 and crushed my up-and-comer, the Jeep Willys. On the off chance that we make a few calculations, it was almost 18 months until the REC RJM hit the market toward the finish of the most recent year. There were three models presented toward the start, recently followed by a restricted edition of 334 pieces with a blue dial and blue woven lash propelled by the iconic RAF uniforms.


Spitfire story

All four REC RJM collection models consolidate rescued parts from a Spitfire Mark IX airplane chronic number PT879. The PT879 was among the roughly 1.118 Mark IX Spitfire airplanes conveyed in Murmansk as a feature of the Allied Forces Lend-Lease help strategy to help the Russian war exertion. It left the plant at Castle Bromwich on the fourth of August 1944 and slammed during a dogfight in Spring 1945 with only 29 hours of broadcast appointment. It was recovered off the Russian tundra by an anonymous farmer.

Spitfire PT879 on arrival.

Interesting facts

This specific Spitfire was recovered in Murmansk in 1998 as a complete airplane. The authors say that this is the only Spitfire airplanes at any point to have gotten back from its administration in Russia. Today, the PT879 is going through a full restoration in the UK by Peter Teichman, an accomplished pilot that has made it his labor of love to reestablish exemplary warbirds to their previous wonder. He had made no compromises in reestablishing the PT879 to similar principles as when it left the production line. REC figured out how to rescue the wings that were not reasonable for restoration and delicately cut the around 4000 bits of untreated aluminum for the RJM collection directly from them.

Spitfire taking all things together magnificence on a file picture. Picture source: Wikipedia

Comparison to past REC RJMs

The shading tonality and dial styling of past RJM models strongly looks like WW2 pilot’s watches. What I like about the Bluebird RJM-04 restricted specifically is that the authors made it more exquisite. The marginally sunk center piece of the dial disposed of any surface construction, printed tracks, lines, or letters you could discover in RJM 01, 02, or 03. The likeness to vintage aviation and military watches is more unpretentious, and the watch inspires that questionable however charming inclination where you realize you like the watch, yet can’t by and large pinpoint why. However, I surmise taught watch devotees can see it.

Broad bolt perfection

The expansive bolt on the highest point of the level external dial ring is coordinated delicately to such an extent that you consider it exceptional to the watch plan. Admirers of the supposed Dirty-Dozen, a bunch of 12 watches commissioned by the British Ministry for warriors battling under the British crown, can quickly recognize the wide bolt. It is often seen on military dials and case backs, and it is the traditional stamping for the property of the Crown.

Dial thoughts

The external level dial ring is somewhat elevated with the hour markers, and numbers cut into it. Creators accomplished an inconspicuous, breezy impact with luming obvious through it. The luming makes numbers and refutes the typical job of only being fractional filling material. It impeccably coordinates the focal REC brand name, the little MK IX markings, and the first airplane sequential PT879, both set in unordinary places. From the start, I was somewhat upset by the enormous level hour hand as I considered it somewhat exhausting. Be that as it may, following seven days on the wrist, I discovered it impeccably legible.

The high quality and untreated aluminum dial is cut directly from the wings of the PT879 MK IX Spitfire aircraft.

The Spitfire part

The striking organized casing over the six strongly helps me to remember vehicle brake cushions because of its shape yet is none other than the untreated piece of Spitfire aluminum. As of now, you see a step like design uncovering four layers. It makes a delightful slice through impact as though you could see profound into the sunk constructions of the watch, with a date circle on the base. Another approval for executing the RJM Automatic sign and energetic red bolt nailing to the privilege date.

The case and case back

The profile see from the crown side is a welcome blessing. The long crown watches help us to remember wings with the crown assuming the part of the confident airplane nose. You feel like the Spitfire is flying directly towards you. In the event that you need to evade a collision, turn the Bluebird around. The case-back fixed with five screws holds a 24-jeweled self-winding Miyota cal. 9015. The most awesome aspect for me, a resigned scale modeler, is the rotor decoration motivated by the Spitfire metal bolt construction. I think that its one of the better rotor decoration plans, spiced up with extraordinary detail. Each and every bolt on the donor PT879 MK IX Spitfire airplane was eliminated by hand to re-use as a significant part of the aluminum in the restoration cycle as possible.

Shotgun notes

Of the roughly 20.000 Spitfire airplanes worked between 1938-1948, under 100 unique planes are right now assessed to be operational and in airworthy condition. The tail of the seconds hand on the REC RJM Bluebird is roused by the propeller cutting edges of the MK IX. Each RJM watch comes with a searchable Story Card, taking new watch proprietors directly to a video reporting the story, account, and beginning of the particular plane that turned out to be important for their RJM watch.

Last contemplations on REC RJM

The concept of utilizing an extraordinary (crude) piece of material into a watch isn’t new. However, these Danish folks made it part of their image DNA. Taking a gander at their portfolio now, five years after the primary dispatch, we see a dazzling line-up. There is another model effectively in the pipeline however with a ban on the specific part to be utilized. Don’t feel remorseful in the event that you generally think about a common red recording image and see some video-production company when detecting the REC brand name. The folks intend to stay for quite a long time promising that REC will in the end be related with fine watches and exceptional production stories only.