We require significant investment with the Rado Golden Horse 1957.

If you’re tracking with here at Fratello, you’ll note that this is the second survey of a Rado inside a fairly short time of time.  Recently, I audited a green-dialed Golden Horse , a watch that I finished up would make an extraordinary every day wearer.  I’ll continue to say this until the impact wears off, however it’s truly ideal to have Rado in the blend of brands that individuals such as myself (whatever that implies) would really consider for a purchase.  Yes, the brand’s advanced watches are certainly turning in the privilege direction.  Today, however, we’re going firmly retro as we investigate the restricted release Rado Golden Horse 1957.

The Rado Golden Horse 1957 – A Limited Edition Dress Watch

We’ve said it previously, yet it was the restricted release Captain Cook jump watch that launched things for Rado a couple of years back.  It was very generally welcomed and Rado even came out with another variant of this 37mm jumper this year; this time with a greater amount of a matured looking dial color.  Thankfully, however, with the renewed introduction of the dressier Golden Horse line, the brand indeed thought back upon its set of experiences and chose to commemorate the occasion with an exceptional model.  Actually, there are two yet we will make reference to that later.  The watch is the Rado Golden Horse 1957.  It’s at present at a bargain and being delivered in a progression of, you got it, 1,957 pieces.

A Gutsy Release at 36.5mm

Making a retro dress watch in what could in any case be viewed as a smallish 36.5mm is somewhat of a gutsy move.  Come to consider it, it’s a very specialty watch and presumably not the sort of thing that generally partner with the Rado brand.  But when something is this pleasantly executed, I nearly feel like it’s my obligation to spread the news there so that individuals really search it out for a “take a stab at” at the neighborhood AD.  Yes, we did a “ Hot Take ” on this watch when it initially came out, yet I was glad to get the opportunity to wear it on and off for a couple weeks.

Highly Wearable – Lug to Lug of 40mm

Look, I get it that a few group basically will not think about a watch this size and there’s nothing that I’ll say to change that.  So, I’m not annoyed in the event that you wish to proceed onward from the article.  For most of you who stay, I’l simply say that I think you’d truly appreciate this watch.  The Rado Golden Horse 1957 is one of those watches that simply fits so nicely.  With a haul to drag simply over 40mm and a thickness of just shy of 11mm, it’s fond of the wrist.  The treated steel case is a slim 10.8mm thick, however it’s upgraded with a domed sapphire precious stone that, at the same time, gets a retro vibe and every day durability.

The case additionally sports thick cleaned hauls that give this moderately dainty piece definitely more presence than numbers would suggest.  I referenced that the case completing on the standard creation Golden Horse was acceptable, however some way or another felt a touch cheap.  I’d reverberation that assessment here as the case sides include vertical brushing that has somewhat of a delicate progress to the cleaned portions.  It’s in no way, shape or form a major issue, yet this is a case where one gets a clue about Rado’s position in the Swatch Group pecking order.  But we should proceed onward on the grounds that we’ve yet to examine the most awesome aspect of this watch: the dial.

A Beautiful Fumé Dial

If you do some burrowing on vintage Golden Horse models, there’s a decent possibility that you’ll come up with a wide range of dial variants.  I, for one, battled to come up with something as appealing as the smoke dial found on the Rado Golden Horse 1957.  If requested to come up with single word to summarize it, I’d go with “gorgeous”.  The dial begins with dark at the edges and helps up to a burgundy somewhere near the deepest edges of the applied chrome indexes.  It’s no Moser, but on the other hand it’s presumably under 10% of the expense of one of those stunning creations.  The 1957 contains a date window at 3:00 that is likewise encircled by a chrome box.  The date wheel is white with red textual style and I truly like it.  Some will no uncertainty complain about the consideration of a date, yet it harkens back upon a period while having one was likely still somewhat of a privilege.

We likewise get the Rado “anchor” at 12:00 (it’s additionally on the crown) and applied gold ocean ponies at 6:00.  Chromed knife hands and a straightforward range hand balance what is a fine-looking watch.

ETA C07 Underneath an Adorned Case Back

Covering up the normal ETA C07 (Powermatic 80) programmed is a steel screw-down case back.  Similar to the retro Captain Cook versions, the Rado Golden Horse 1957 has a case back embellished with three ocean ponies that was utilized to tell proprietors that there watches were “Super Sealed”.  Here, water opposition is 50 meters.   We likewise see that the watch isn’t separately numbered, however just one of 1,957 pieces.

A Black Strap with a Subtly Cool Buckle

The Rado Golden Horse 1957 is fitted with a decorated dark cowhide lash that puts forth a valiant effort to look like crocodile or alligator.  It’s not awful, but rather it was excessively long for me.  I found that astonishing as this is a more modest watch, however I basically fitted an alternate 19mm strap.  The pin clasp is unobtrusively cool with some pleasant calculating and the Rado signature on one side.  No, it is anything but a serious deal, yet I like the little touches.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

I need to say that I truly appreciated wearing the Rado Golden Horse 1957.  The dial alone is near making the 1,710 Euro sticker price worthwhile.  I showed the watch to individuals and they truly cherished it.  Some even gotten some information about it without my prompting.  So, indeed, it appears to be that Rado has a minor hit on their hands with this one.  Now, I needed to get to the inconceivably improved Rado site for some fundamental data on this watch and I discovered a .  And while it doesn’t include a remarkable striking dial, it has what resembles a furrowed dark version.  More critically, however, it has a beautiful looking dabs of rice wristband and the evaluating is just 100 Euros more at 1,810.  So, in case you’re on the lookout for a dressier watch and you’d like something particular, exemplary and to some degree restricted, I’d truly recommend investigating the Golden Horse 1957.  It’s such a great deal better compared to the vast majority of the careless three-hand “business watches” that I see on the wrist of such countless individuals every single day.  Rado put some idea into making this watch and I’d presumably say the equivalent regarding the individuals who at last choose to purchase one.

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