Between the presentation of another watch and the real conveyance to the market can be a long while. Weeks, months and once in a while significantly longer than a year. It is perhaps the greatest dissatisfaction of watch consumers.

In a few cases, it is justifiable that it may take somewhat more, when explicit materials are utilized or when a watch is completely hand-constructed and hand-wrapped up. The Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00692 I have here today is a watch that has a place with the principal classification. It utilizes BMG technology, another light-weight metal that comprises of various combinations. After this watch was presented in 2017, it took some time before it hit the market. We as of late got the Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00692 for survey, so right away, how about we have a nearer look.

Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00692

I’ve consistently been to a greater degree a Luminor fellow, including the Luminor Marina. The Submersible I discovered too huge, maybe a tad excessively misrepresented by and large. All things considered, I can’t generally audit those watches I extravagant myself. Along these lines, with a solid portion of suspicion, I consented to have this Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM0092 borrowed for an active survey. Presently, I have this peculiar propensity for imagining that I am really more modest than I am. Implying that I generally will in general feel that everything over 44mm doesn’t exactly measure up for me. Yet, actually I am 1.90m tall and the weight scale focuses at around 90 kilograms. A 47mm watch ought to thusly not be an issue, you’d say. What’s more, without a doubt, when I got a crate from Richemont Group with this PAM00692 inside, I really was astonished that the Submersible in 47mm doesn’t look terrible on my wrist. It shows that you can’t generally confide in details, you need to see it live on the wrist. An issue that should be addressed once we are on the whole requesting on the web as opposed to purchasing from physical stores.


At least before, Panerai had the propensity to publicize with their legacy, having a set of experiences with the Italian naval force. Despite the fact that narrating is significant for most brands nowadays, more significant than any other time it appears to be founded on our new SIHH visit, I feel that Panerai ought to communicate a smidgen more on their technical accomplishments. At the point when I visited the – at that point – new production in 2016, I was astounded by the measure of work that Panerai places into growing new materials. You can peruse that assembling visit report here .

The BMG-Tech material depends on “Mass Metallic Glass” that has a specific design that makes it very impervious to consumption, stuns and attractive fields. This construction is accomplished by utilizing a high-pressure infusion measure at a specific (high) temperature, trailed by a chilling off interaction for a particular (brief) span. As per Panerai, this outcomes in a material that has a cluttered nuclear construction. It is this construction that gives the Panerai PAM00692 made of BMG-Tech material this heartiness and insurance against attraction. It likewise guarantees that the watch will keep its appearance after some time. Our audit time of half a month with the Panerai Submersible BMT-Tech was altogether too short to test this, obviously. Be that as it may, to be sure, the watch searches useful without a doubt and is light-weight, particularly for a particularly 47mm piece. The case back of the PAM00692 Submersible BMG-Tech is made of titanium. Titanium is likewise one of the materials that are essential for the BMG-Tech compound (comprising of zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel).


Inside the PAM00692 we discover the Officine Panerai type P.9010 development. More slender than the P.9000 that was recently utilized and comes with a twofold extension for its equilibrium wheel, offering greater security. Obviously, the P.9010 inside this Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech offers 72 hours of force hold. It highlights hours, minutes, seconds and date. The date is situated at 3 o’clock on the dial and the seconds on the 9 o’clock subdial. What I for one like about this new age development is that the hour can be independently set, without moving the moment hand. Helpful for those of you who go regularly to various time regions. This development has been created in-house and fabricated in the (great) Panerai creation office in Neuchâtel. To set and wind the watch, you simply need to open the licensed Panerai crown defender and pull the crown.

Blue Dial

What I like about this Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech is the extravagant looking dull blue dial. It likewise utilizes some lighter tones of blue, for the little seconds hand and the BMG-Tech sign on the dial. The hour markers are white and loaded up with Super-LumiNova. Being a legitimate jumpers’ watch, the PAM00692 utilizes an alternate shading Super-LumiNova for the dab on the uni-bearing plunging bezel and the moment hand. Along these lines, jumpers can without much of a stretch recognize their leftover plunging time. The nature of the imprinting on the dial is stunning and holds up significantly under a large scale focal point without showing any blemishes. On the picture underneath, you can see the shapes of the applied luminova on the rectangular/oval markers on the little seconds subdial. With the unaided eye, it is barely visible.

Case and Uni-directional bezel

On the bezel you will discover markers for the initial 15 minutes of the scale, and the ’15’, ’30’ and ’45’ are demonstrated with a circle with the number inside. Any remaining 5-minute markers are engraved circles. As should be obvious, the bezel and case have an incredibly pleasant brushed completion. The etching on the titanium caseback is pleasantly done and contains all the data you need to think about your PAM00692, just as the Firenze 1860 logo with the human torpedo, likewise alluded to as Maiale. A three feet high and 23 feet since quite a while ago monitored submersible, with 2hp and ready to convey a 300kg warhead. Despite the fact that I would prefer not to sound PC, it generally strikes me as bizarre that Panerai centers around these sorts of things, while the Italian Navy wasn’t by and large battling for the great purpose during WW2. At any rate, it is important for history as are the Panerai watches that were utilized by the Italian naval force. It is an approach to show how solid and dependable these watches were, for sure.

Anyway, back to the actual watch. The 47mm case sits moderately comfortable on the wrist. I say generally, on the grounds that despite the fact that I can pull off a 47mm case, it is still huge. That is likewise the idea of these watches, however for comfort, I would presumably agree to the 42mm rendition of the Submersible. The thing is, that the 42mm isn’t accessible made of BMG-Tech material. There’s one in Carbotech (PAM00960), however the vibes of that watch don’t coordinate the PAM00692. So except if you are into that, or into red gold, you’re left with the normal steel Submersible in 42mm. On the positive side, the cost of a steel Submersible is more amicable than the retail cost of the BMG-Tech model. In the wake of wearing the Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech for some time, I saw that during the day I am absolutely fine with the 47mm case. It improves the clarity, for instance. In any case, I saw that following a working day the principal thing I would do was removing this watch. That is not my ordinary propensity or conduct, so by one way or another the 47mm size has its cutoff points. I’m certain it is likewise a matter of becoming acclimated to it, maybe I didn’t have the watch adequately long, however particularly when you have another watch, it ought not be the situation that you’re anxious to take it off.

The lash on this Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00692 is entirely comfortable, and certainly helps wearing a huge watch like this in the most ideal manner. The size between the carries is 26mm and tightens to 22mm at the delightfully engraved buckle.

Conclusion – PAM00692

After wearing the Submersible, I needed to change my assessment on this model a piece. As a matter of fact, it changed a ton for me. I imagine that in the event that I would be in the market to buy a Panerai watch (and I used to a few Luminor models), I would pursue a Submersible. I’ve have attempted the new 42mm models during the last SIHH which make – to me – more sense to wear as a day by day watch, however on the off chance that you have – like me – a humble assortment of watches you will turn at any rate. The cost of €12.900 is very steep, yet you do get a watch that has been created from a fascinating and imaginative combination that will guarantee your watch will be in (or near) a similar condition the day you got it. This year, in 2019, the Submersible BMT-Tech (PAM00799) was likewise given a bezel made of Carbotech. Another material that Panerai has been boosting since some time. This expansion the cost to €14.900. The steel (316L) variant of this watch, is reference PAM01305 with a retail cost of €8.900.

More data through Panerai .

All referenced costs are including 21% deals charge and dependent on the data for the Dutch market. Costs for your own market can be found on the authority Panerai website.